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Maserin Dynamic Liner Lock Knife

Maserin Dynamic Liner Lock Knife

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Maserin makes some nice knives, but I fail to see how this could possibly be considered a tactical knife. It seems like a slightly safer, less handy Kershaw Shuffle with some mystery screwdrivers. BTW, I'd be interested--maybe--in these screwdrivers, but first I'd like to see them.

And those proprietary screws? You gotta be kidding me. How do you call this tactical when you need a specialized bit/driver to open/service/maintain a 2.2-inch blade? Oy.

Still, if the driver bits are useful, this could be good EDC for someone's kit. It just isn't a tactical blade, as least not by the conventions of the community of knife enthusiasts. This is tactical only in the marketing sense.
G10 and 440 for $60??? Get four Ganzos instead for the same price.
Hmmm ... A "tactical" knife, with a 2.2" blade? That may be a bit of a marketing stretch, but hey .. JMHO :-)
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LOL ... as I type on my tactical laptop :-)
They should raise the price then :)
You say 3 screwdrivers. You show zero screwdrivers.
60$ knife and steel 440 DansGame
It's like the manufacturer is trying to steal your money x2 times. You can get a knife with 440 for literally no money. I am talking about fuckin' 4$ or so .
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I wouldn't buy a 440 stainless knife unless I was looking for a dive knife. Most of mine are AUS-8A and I've never spent more than $60 on one. But you are exaggerating if you say you can get one for no money.
Good size for TSA Canada but what is with a stainless blade?????? For those who do not know, stainless does not hold its edge for very long. The best blades are full carbon steel, at least at a marketable price.
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I already addressed that. Is English a second language for you? Did you not read my last reply?
Michelle, he only meant that it is inaccurate to say that stainless steel blades always hold an edge less well than a carbon steel blade.

He is right, there are plenty of stainless steels that are exceptional at holding an edge through normal use, the most high-profile of them being the M390/20CV/204P family, or mayyyybe S110V, I can't recall if Maxamet is a stainless but it's got a similar use profile to S110V except it's even harder and glassier. There are lots of other stainless steels like S35VN, N690co, XHP, S30V, and Cruwear that are less expensive and still deliver performance that can give even high-tech carbon steels a run for their money.
You can get it for 48.95 on knifecenter.
60 USD for 440 mystery steel? Come on...

Also, why no pictures of the screwdriver bits?
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