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Maserin Fly 383 Folding Knife

Maserin Fly 383 Folding Knife

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If it had a clip I'd definitely buy it.
Once again, the item that MD uses for all but 1 of the pics, including that all important main pic, does not match the price listed. Instead, it’s the upgrade version for $10 more. I gotta thank MD for doing this. If not for shady practices Like this, I would’ve Penn a lot more money here by now.
Was contemplating, wish I bought this when the drop was active. If only massdrop could bring it back again and knock off the shipping like it does on other drops.
how much was this knife when it dropped? I wish I bought it too. Don't know why I let the lack of pocket clip deter me.
No pocket clip makes it a deal-breaker for me.
Which wooden grip is preferable? Olive wood or Palo Santo wood?
Definiately palo santo, the olive wood is lifeless
It looks beautiful.
I just received mine today, and it is a nice, solid knife. My only gripe is that it seems to have Teflon washers in the pivot instead of phosphor bronze. I might have to look into converting it at some point.
I’ve had it for 6 months, broken in. Action is fantastic, dont let the Teflon washer deter you. One of my favorite. Now to just not lose it out of my pocket.
Blade HQ has a photo of this knife closed:
It's a front flipper, meaning the tang sort of acts as a flipper tab which then sits flush in the liner when open. It's also interesting to me that BHQ wants $89.99 for an N690co version (I think it's more resistant to corrosion, but otherwise not as good a steel)
It's interesting that there's no photo of this knife closed.

I'm sure that would give folks a better idea of whatever tabs or surfaces exist to open the knife.

Could we get a photo of the knife closed?
I've read the other comments but I'm still wondering, how do you open this knife? It would appear that you would slide the liner over and quickly flip it to open it. But i'd like confirmation on that. Thanks
Scratch that I'm really tired. I guess there's nothing much keeping the blade in when closed, and I'm assuming you just quickly flip it to open it. I'll miss a thumbstud or hole or a flipper, looks cool though.
This is everything I would want in an EDC, but without a pocket clip it is a no-go.
I'm glad to see this available in S35VN. Great steel. If I remember correctly, this knife was offered in VG-10 in the past? While this is also a great steel, I always felt VG-10 steel felt too lightweight and "hollow" for my tastes. S35VN feels denser and more solid, which makes for a sturdier feel, IMO.

The olive wood in the picture looks great. The only thing that keeps me from springing for olive wood is that sometimes you will get green streaks in the scales, which can be visually disruptive and jarring. I think I'm going to spring for ebony for this one.
No pocket clip breaks the deal for me. 😭
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