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Massdrop Blue Box: Thinksound

Massdrop Blue Box: Thinksound

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did anyone else notice that the first and second bonus items are the same as the third and fourth bonus items? I'm new around here so was wondering if that is how it normally works. I would have thought that they would just progressively go up in quality between the 300 and the fostex instead of repeating the same models.
Hmm the last Blue Box from ThinkSound was a $35 drop... So why the higher asking price this time around?
Probably the on2 being included
I just found out about this yesterday and joined. Good to see all the gamblers are on-board. Pretty sure I'll pee myself if I get any one of the base upgrades or extra prizes. Good luck all.

Question: Obviously I don't know which product I'm getting but since I'm assuming the size is similar with the ms-02, rain 3 and ts-03 I'm curious what size Comply tips would fit these? Do Comply tips fit? Thanks guys.
Holy poop, got the ON2s. I'm pretty new to high end headphones, so I might be missing something. Can y'all help? These sound amazing in the mids.... But I have to admit I'm missing the warmth of strong bass. Also the highs are less than super clear. Is that common with higher end phones? Is an amp required for full bodied sound? Appreciate any advice.
The ON2 is a nice pair but yes they lack some bass where it counts. Sound is a bit warmer than most other headphones. I recently auditioned a pair and was surprised to hear it was lacking in the bass as I have heard they should be the opposite. And I should mention that I was listening through my Dragonfly Black amp as well so they are powered vs straight through the headphone jack in my phone. So my thoughts are they are really good but not great. But hey congrats on the upgrade for the price. And who knows maybe some break in period will open up the sound.
Big help, thank you. This upgrade is going to cost me an expensive new hobby. For the record: these are sounding better and better. Got the same amp you mentioned plus I let them break in a bit.
I got the Rain 3 on an earlier drop, not a bad thing, sounds way more open than the MEE M6pro that I just got, good bass but heavy at times and the lower mids are dull, but the openness and sound stage make up for the short comings and are just more lively to listen to, good volume and doesn't need an amp, the cell phone is what I use iem's for. Blocking the vent holes takes away excess bass but you lose the depth. If only I could get this sound with more mid detail.
Please include more headphones with mics! Big Thinksound fan and would have jumped on this and the last deal in a heartbeat if there was a better than 20% chance of getting one with a mic.
I was really amazed at how terrible and thin they sounded because I had installed the smallest tips. I switched to the medium tips and it was nigh and day. Much more balanced.
50 bucks??? Try again.
Oh my gosh I don't even remember buying this Dropbox cause I asked mummy and she was like nah don't pay $8 for shipping but I guess the wants for new earphones was too strong and I got the ms02, I can't freaking believe it cause the last time something as monumental as this happened I won a silver medal in a ballet recital in like P2 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Anybody get the mic'd version and want to trade for non mic'd version
Ok my quick review of the rain3, mid-range is great, high-end has a short decay almost non existent but good detail. Midbass/low end frequencies are bloated and heavy.
Perfect headphones for me at the gym. I do my listening from an LG V30 combination of high res files and streaming.
It's very much looks like a lot of shills or bots are writing those reviews. It's not good. Well, I guess I learn my lesson.

PS: I wish I could return it for refund... but then again it's not the amazon.
Does anybody know the size of tip the Rain 3 are? Trying to find some triple flange ear tips, but I'm not sure on the size of tip for these. I know that the tip is bigger than the USP1. I got 2 of these packages at 2 different drops. Also, anybody know of a good triple flange replacement? I got some foam eartips from Comply. They're nice, I just want to try something else.
Got rain3. Those are required a good seal but even then it's not worth 89 bucks. 35? well, it does not matter when it sounds harsh. Got succumbed on all that massdrop deal hype.
Got the ts03+mic. I wasn't expecting much, but it's actually good. :)
Yes, got the same, very good surprise.