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Massdrop Blue Box: Thinksound

Massdrop Blue Box: Thinksound

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For those of you who are unhappy with the sound, these IEMs are VERY ear-tip sensitive... more so than most of my other IEMs. The seal is critical. If not properly sealed, they tend to sound anemic...if the tips are too large, they tend to sound muddy. With the right fit IMO they sound wonderful. On the warm side but with plenty of detail. Great imaging as well.

Thinksound is one of my favorite companies. This drop is a steal no matter which IEM you get.
I love Thinksound. They're always warm and clear with jazz, classical and bluegrass. I always have a pair of Rain 2's in my pocket. Great company and sound.
"Note: This drop is limited to 1,295 units"
and yet ..... "6,034 sold"
so does that mean all the good ones are gone?
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so what is the count on this droP?

I am so confused by this.
Go to the audio listing catalog and the count you see there is the real count. ATM is 261
Anyone from the UK got hit with big charges?.,
last time I did a mass drop, got absolutly stung, virtually doubling the price of my item.

any help appreciated.?
Me too here in the USA, The Bill in the package says $160 for a pair of MS-02s. But I was charged $34.99..
Just received my TS03+mic and so far I'm quite impressed with the sound. Bass is good and the clarity is great. Listening to it on my Note 8.

As someone mentioned below, they placed the MSRP ($119.99 USD) on the package. However, I lucked out on the draw there too as Canada Post decided not to charge me any duties! Whew.
Just wondering, if this is a drop for $35 USD, and the lowest tier item goes for $89 USD, I should definitely join and just sell them if i don't like them?
The 29% items are 89$ but the highest percentage item is 119$.
Word of warning to anyone considering getting this drop: Massdrop, for some unknown reason, stated that the price of the package is the MSRP of the product ($129.99) instead of the price of the Blue Box + Shipment ($45.29 in my case). I ended up paying additional ~$31.42 in customs fees & duties. The main reason I joined this drop is because goods under ~$65 are VAT/duty exempt in my country. If the price of the drop were correctly put on the package I would have had to pay $0 in fees (my expectation when ordering).
Just received my ms02's and i'm pretty happy with the quality for $35.
I have to get an aux cord that is android compatible and has 3 rings on the plug or else it will annoy me because my phone will always think I'm trying to do google voice search or pause the audio. Does all the IEMs have that kind of plug or just the ts03+mic?
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Yeah, only inline on the TS03
So you should be good so as long you don't get the ts03+mic, but that's the risk you'd have to take with this drop.
Just received my Rain3 yesterday. A little disappointed, because this was my first Bluebox from MD, and I was hoping for an upgrade off course. The odd’s where in favor of the MS-02, but that’s the “game”. Shipment (to the Netherlands) went smooth and unlike the MEE’s that are also underway, these managed to slip through border customs 😉.

The sound. Well, I was hoping for a great experience, so my disappointment would instantly go away. So far, as a reference, the only decent IEM I own are a pair of Sennheiser M2 ieg. The rain3 are great sounding IEM’s, especially compared to most stock in-ears. But compared to the M2, not so much. The sound of the M2 to me is cleaner (more detail), fuller and the soundstage wider. I listen to both through my Nu Force uDac5 (which is great by the way!).

Maybe it’s due to the fact that I’m used to the sound of my M2’s. I will continue to listen to the rain3 for a while, to get used to the sound signature. Because despite of the above, they are very nice sounding IEM’s!
The momentums has a V shaped sound where the treble is highly visible. So they sound cleaner. So far from my experience with the ms02 which seems to be the rain3 without the hole. They are more bass heavy.
Just recieved mine today. It was a rain 3.

Frankly I have no experience with the brand. So I am not sure if the IEMs are supposed to behave like this. When something touches back of the left channel it makes a loud clink/rattle . I dont know how to describe it. The same thing happens when the left earpiece moves a little bit while on.

When you are perfectly still, these sound quite good actually.
I got ts03+mic

Will review the sound but I am no audiophile
I wouldn't say the Bass is bad on the ms02. But it is every so slightly leaning towards the messy bass side. It's getting near the area where Monster headphones stay at.

On my Phone: (Huawei Mate 9)
The lows/bass is upfront with the mids showing up next and the highs/treble back.

On my Primary DAP: (Fiio X3 ii | CS4398 DAC )
The bass is still there but the mids are shining through. The treble is very much towards the back.

On my Special DAP: (Fiio X7ii | ESS 9028PRO DAC)
The bass clears up and the treble pokes through.

Songs I've used: Chainsmokers CD(Collage), Daoko CD(Girl), FLOW CD, Pandora APP(Cellphone Only | Trap/Glitchmob/Dubstep)

My other Bassy earphones the IE80 feels far better as it increases the bass without somehow muffling the treble. As I loaded up a song that I find some what trebbly from the Aqours CD and the treble side is muffled.

But this is great for music that electronic based as the quiet parts of the song stays quiet.