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Massdrop Flex Task Chair

Massdrop Flex Task Chair

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Hi Everyone,

The Massdrop Flex Task Chairs have arrived at the warehouse and the team is wrapping up quality control checks. We expect the chairs to ship by the end of this week (February 2).
Thank you all for your patience with this drop. We're looking forward to everyone receiving the first production of the Massdrop Flex Task Chair!
Can't wait, just got my email with tracking number ūüĎć
Wasn't this $99.99 just yesterday 8/13/18? Or am I imagining things?
I think you are. I purchased mine 8/13/18 and it was $199.99
Okay, gotcha. Thank you.
I have this chair that I bought from staples 2 years ago that works pretty well:

Looks similar to this one here on massdrop but for slightly less money. Only issue I have is the neck being a little short. Wish it was a little taller for me. I'm 5'10" and I don't think I have a particularly long neck.
I have one identical to this, minus the headrest and it cost me 99.99 at costco.
Wish I had a headrest though
Why can't I get this shipped outside US? Isn't the "escalated shipping rates" my problem since I must pay it myself anyway?
When Massdrop will start to ship internationally????
quick question - can i just buy the screws to put this thing together? I bought this on the last drop and received everything but the screws so I just have all the chair pieces sitting int he box.
That doesn't sound right -- I think you should reach out to Massdrop support to see if they can send you the necessary screws.
Like the other user mentioned, if you havent reached out to support you should. You received a partial product that is not usable without the pieces that are missing. You shouldn't have to pay for the parts you should have received originally.
For all the people having issues with this chair go get the chair made by Autonomous. It's a legit chair.
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You can find Chinese press releases about the Maratti chair that predate the original Autonomous Kickstarter campaign, such as:

Autonomous does not manufacture anything. Where is their factory?

In fact, after being informed that Autonomous was simply using funds to bankroll their Chinese furniture resale company, Kickstarter conducted a review and canceled funding for the product. Go to the ErgoChair Kickstarter page. You can see that it was shut down.

A user on /r/shittykickstarters went so far as to contact Maratti and managed to obtain confirmation, including photo evidence:

In fact, if you're in the market for a task chair, most of the cheaper models you'll find on the market (Pursuit and Vert chairs by UPLIFT, Raynor chairs, etc.) are just resold chairs that can be found on Alibaba.
I know all about the Kickstarter but in the end it doesn't matter because the slight premium Autonomous charges is fine with me especially since you get a warranty, free returns in the USA if you don't like it and quick shipping. You can't deny me there
Buyers beware: there is NO WARRANTY on this chair. My pitch lever on my chair broke after less than 45 days of use and MassDrop just told me too bad, so sad.

Don't waste your money, because this chair most likely will break on you as well.
The mesh does not appear to be of quality. It is already degrading after the very short period of time that i have had the chair. the headrest is a bit odd, maybe uncomfortable overall. Not a solid chair for long period sitting because of the lack of comfort in the upper back for me. The little lower to mid back support helps, but it is very minor. In addressing this concern, the easiest option was to use my old chair cushion for your back that was made out of poor quality memory foam lol. but it has done a better job for comfort during long hours of use. The locking mechanism works, but it is concerning about the longevity because as you sit against the lock, and as you move especially in the chair, you will notice some popping. So i think it will degrade and break down or stop working at some point. I just left it in locked full upright position as having it even at a slight recline will result in that issue. arms are alright. i like the adjustment of it. I can see it being too short for some people, especially idf you use the cushion.
my rating: 4.1/10
comfort: 6.5/10
durability: 2/10
build quality: 2/10
aesthetics: 7/10

UPDATE: Locking mechanism that locks the chairs back broke after normal use. This is an official highly recommended buyers beware. Have contacted consumer affairs along with a few others. Do not by any means purchase this chair. Massdrop is took the money and ran. It seems they were made aware that these chairs were going to be an issue, implicated from staff interaction, thus not giving a warranty.

Mesh is falling apart for the seat portion after long hours of use and time. Chair wobbles right and left even after trying to tighten the screws more. This chair broke after a few months of use. Was supposed to be a main replacement chair that was intended to last for over a year. After the third problem with massdrop, I am officially done with this company.

I received my Flex Task Chair a few weeks ago. It's quite comfortable and I've been really enjoying it so far. The mesh is naturally quite breathable and I've been able to sit in it for hours without issue. Personally I think the arm rests are a little too far back for me, even when adjusted fully forward, but I think that I've been getting used to them.

My main issue with the chair is that the recline lock has stopped working after only a few weeks of ownership and light use. I'm not sure what happened but the chair no longer holds its recline regardless of the lever's position. I've contacted Massdrop support regarding this and will update when I know more.

Overall I'm generally satisfied with the chair but i need to get my issue solved for me to really feel comfortable recommending it. One of the main selling points of the chair shouldn't stop working after 3 weeks.
About a month in and I'm noticing an indentation in the mesh from me sitting on it, in addition to it being abrasive. They definitely skimped on the quality of the mesh and put the budget in every other aspect of the chair. Hopefully the mesh doesn't keep stretching further and eventually tear. My old $100 Costco mesh chair developed none of these issues after 3+ years.
Thats certainly a concern. Whats the point of a chair if the part you're sitting on is falling apart. Have you notice it degrade further?

I've been thinking the Costco route since if you buy from them, its like a lifetime guarantee on the chair because of the return policy. I asked them how to best use the extended warranty on a motorized trashcan lid that broke and instead of guiding me through the warranty process, they just recommended I return it and get another one.
Two months in and the chair creaks and wobbles left and right when spinning around. Leaning forward makes the seat tilt back and forth. Only reason I'm keeping the chair is because when sitting all the way back perfectly upright, as I ought to be, there are no issues. My skin has "adapted" to the harsher mesh and seems ok going forward.