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Massdrop Minimic

Massdrop Minimic

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Does anyone have some tips for attaching the adhesive to a pair of hd6xx's? I tried earlier and the result was just the adhesive falling off the second i breathed on it.
Do not waste your money on these. Put it towards ModMic instead.
Why there's no rating for this drop? Other drops have a 5 star rating and next to it the number of reviews for the product.
I've had this mic since the very first drop. The 3M lock fastening solution does NOT work. This is my solution...

If you want something that is high quality, look elsewhere. It's an okay sounding microphone for an okay price (actually i think if they lowered the price to 14.99 or 19.99, people might complain less.)

The quality not bad enough for me to get a ModMic while the MD Minimic it's still working, but if and when it breaks, I wouldn't buy another to replace it.
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I see your problem there... Just a bit more tape and you can completely cover the ugliness of that NAME on your headphones lol!
I'm fully aware of the brand stigma, BUT AE2s are the most comfy headphones I've ever worn by far and the sound is not bad. I'm really sad that Bose doesn't make them anymore.

Don't go out and buy a new pair of the "upgraded" models. I've compared the SoundTrues and AE2s side by side and the new ones sound like $20 headphones. They were overpriced new but my work paid full price for the ones I use at the office and my home pair I got used off eBay for $50.

I can wear it forever and it doesn't press on my glasses. I have more expensive headphones that I can only wear for 1-2 hours before I have a headache. I bought a lot of headphones before I tried a friends pair of these and there was no going back... you'll have to pry these my AE2s from my cold dead hands.

The cable is horrible though.
So I got mine in the mail today, pulled out my 6XX and the damn things mount wont sit on the headset, pulls itself down because of its own weight.
Ah, i see you have the same problem people have been having since the original launch. Originally, the drop creator, @yanbowu had said he was going to look into different mounting options.

Instead, he went dark and never replied again, you can't even tag him in this conversation, and they continue to sell this garbage.

I suggest you return it while you can and get a real mic.
Does anybody know if this will pick up desktop fan noise from a pretty average-sounding gaming rig?
This mic pics up things happening in other rooms I bet it would pick up your fan
Does the mic has noise cancelling function ?
Nope, noise enhancing function, due to the long non-replaceable cable and terrible quality.
I finally picked up an actual Modmic 5, holy crap, is it worth the difference in price. Better audio quality, WAY better mounting, just a better product overall. This is like a bad poundland version of a boom mic.
Thanks for your kind words :) Much appreciated! Let me know if you have any ModMic related questions or join our Discord to hang out!
Was great while it lasted (piece broke in 1 month). Other players heard my words, not my breathing. I wish MD would make it more longer lasting than 1 month of heavy use.
Get some super glue because the sticky will fail between the velcro circle thing and the mic. I have no idea why even have the separation but thats that.
Could someone with the Koss KSC75 tell me if this works with it? If it does fit, does the mic add an uncomfortable amount of weight?
If I wish to use a set of the HD 6XX with an xbox controller and combine that with this mic do I just need to buy the Y splitter?
Yes but I highly recommend using an amplifier with it. Im currently using the Mayflower ARC DAC/AMP for the xbox one which requires a few extension chords since xbox party/chat system does not work too well with AMPs. When I get off of work I will send a picture of my set-up to you for my xbox one x. Im using the sennheiser GAME ONEs but im currently waiting on my Audeze Mobius to come sometime in august.
Does it come with more than one attachable mount? I would like to use this on two different pairs of headphones.