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Hey everyone,
I wanted to chime in on a few notes regarding the Massdrop Minimic. We’ve had everything leave our warehouse already and people should be receiving them now.
I’d love to hear additional feedback everyone has and appreciate all the feedback we have been getting in discussion already. Regarding the 3M Lock as a locking mechanism - we’ve done additional analysis on our end and have found some interesting information.
First, I want to address the claim that we swapped for a lower density contact disk during production. This is absolutely not the case. Production and hardware is tricky enough that things can go wrong without these underhanded tactics. In addition, any financial gains doing these type of things will just yield more problems down the line and is short-sighted. We would never swap for inferior components in production.
Second, we’ve noticed that due to the shape of the contact disk and how it’s cut from the sheet - disks will either have 4 or 3 interlocking pairs.

When two 4 interlocking disks are used with each other, the hold is great. In fact, you can hold the entire weight of headphones like the Fostex TH-X00.
However, the hold isn’t nearly as strong as soon as the interlocking pairs are 4 and 3 or 3 and 3. We’ve already reached out to our supplier to get additional contact disks with 4 interlocking pairs made. I will keep everyone updated on the status of these replacements.
For future iterations of this product, we will be working to fix this issue and will definitely be taking your feedback into consideration - so again, I appreciate the thoughtful reviews.
If you are finding other issues with your Minimic, please reach out to support via transactions and they will be able to help you out.
10/4/17 EDIT:
I'm hearing you regarding the stickies coming apart. I'll be checking on that as well. It is currently Mid-Autumn Festival in China at the moment so we realistically won't get answers until next week at the earliest.

10/26/17 EDIT:
Quick update - getting a few new sticker samples from our supplier - we'll see if these prove to be more reliable.
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Can you make the adhesives be sold separately as well?
Overall pretty solid! Upon arrival though the sleeve from the mic isn't glued at all and just slides off the plug...
Just got my mic about a week ago. It sounded good at first. I have to use a usb sound card, which might be the issue, but I don't have any way to test this right now as my laptop only has audio out, with no mic in. Then I didn't use it for a few days, plugged everything back in and I get this "Buzzzzzzzzz" in the background. I can still hear my voice, but it is really loud. I will update this post if anything changes once i can test it on another computer, usb soundcard, and the mobo audio of my pc.

Another issue I have is that the mute/volume switch cuts off audio somewhere around 80%.

Besides that, it seems like my adhesive sticks rather well to my HD 598's (open back ones). The piece is stuck on the mesh "grill" right now and I don't have issues with removing or sticking the headset.
Anyway to buy this without a drop active
Hello i just receive it it sound nice only problem sometimes i get random robotic sounds do i need to do any specific settings? also which should is better to use it and which side should face my mouth when i talk for get less background noise
Got mine in about a week. Put on my K712s (pic). The mic sounds great, as good as my Samson Go Mic in my opinion.
is there a replacement cable for this yet?
Mic is great except for the velcro. Falls off easily and I really wish the velcro could be replaced with a magnet instead.
Got this held to the back of my monitor. works perfect and doesn't bother me like putting it on my headphones. great value.
how much is thee shipping weight for the product please?
Well it took less than a week for the adhesive on the velcro to just fall off when I wasn't even using my mic + headphones, and the metal "sleeve" on the end of the connector isn't even glued on. I was really hoping these issues would've been fixed in the last batch. Come on Massdrop, why cheap out on the cheapest possible parts? I don't want to glue this damn thing to my headphones.

Makes me wish I hadn't been cheap myself and just paid for a ModMic which actually works and sticks to my headphones (I have one already, might just return this and get another.)
If you snap the velcro together correctly the mic stays on just fine for me. Cable is kinda cheap and thin but you can replace it with something a little nicer if you want. Overall I'm pleased with it. Perfect for a budget mic solution with a nice pair of cans. Glad I went with this over the Antlion
Got mine about 10 hours ago, it's buzzing in almost each boom position - I found there is a problem with cables inside boom, because it works only in one position - in each other only thing anyone can hear is really loud buzzing. Checked on other device, with other jack-jack cable and other ports in PC, also checked other mic on the same ports, everything is OK. Ticket to support sent, looking back for response, we'll see.
I got the mic and tried it and and everyone said I sounded like robot/mic was garbled.

Anyone else having that issue? Im probably just going to return it because even if I can fix it somehow Ive never had any issue with my modmic..its always just worked.
Any luck with a replacement cable? Mine broke almost instantly. I've swapped the broken one with a standard stereo cable that I had laying around, and I've come across quite the unexpected result: the mic only works on one channel now, leaving the other one completely silent. It worked just fine with the original cable. Has this anything to do with the smaller mic built in the min/max slider? I'm assuming I can not order just the cable from massdrop.
Will the velcro stickers be sold as well because they it's not really sticking also I have different headsets I'd like to use it on
Received the mic a couple days ago and have been struggling to keep the mic on my headphones. The stick tabs are failing. The problem is the tape is peeling from the harness and not from. the headphone grill. I've gone through one set of tabs already and not confident that this will last.

Otherwise the mic works well.
How long will this be on market? I do not want to order one until my 6XX ships. Thank you!