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This is an extremely cheap version of antlion audio's modmic. Buyer BE WARE
So this is like not worth to replace a microphone?
The worst product if you ask me. I regret buying them. It's been a long time since I purchased these and was sent a replacement, but I've never used them because of how crappy they are. Save your money and invest it into something better.
got sick of waiting for massdrop to offer better fasteners, and being stuck in NZ there aren't many suppliers of the 400 stuff, so bought some Scotch Extreme fasteners for like $6 NZ, they also come in black. They look about the same as the set that came with the mic, but the adhesive is much stronger, and by cutting a piece larger than the circle attachment you get more surface area to attach so it has a much better hold, would recommend.

Can you use this mic with an external audio interface such as Focusrite Scarlett? Thanks!
i may not be able to tell left from right but the focusrite Scarlett only does xlr and trs inputs. This mic has a 3.5mm jack. Second question why would you be buying an audio interface to buy a mic like this????
Does anyone know if this will work with a GoPro? I am looking for a microphone for motorcycle vlogging and am wondering if this would connect with an adapter of some sort.
Does anyone know the specific fastener that is used? I've used all of the supplied fasteners and I'm looking to mount it on more headphones.
Exactly what I need to know...
Hello guys, I just received my Minimic it's working great in windows recorder but in discord my friends says that the quality is shit... I can not see why, I reset my settings and change the quality in windows but it's the same thing... If someone had this issue, I would love to know what you did to fix it ! And by the way, I'm using it with the senheiser hd6XX and the return audio I hear is pretty good compared to what they're describing me... Thank you !
Since the problem is only in one app (Discord) settings to adjust are in Discord, not Windows.
I know that but, even if i change everything it doesn't change what the mic sound like, from my friends "it's sounds like you're in a box"... Thanks for the help tho
Important note about using generic cables: The stock cable is has the tip and ring wires shorted to each other. If you plan to use your own cable (like when the absolutely shit tier stock cables die) you will need to find a way to short those two connections. This can be done by cutting open your cables splicing the wires together, or by putting a little piece of aluminum foil on either connector to cover the rip and ring contacts.
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Unfortunately this does not work either since almost all computer microphone jacks are mono (TS) and contact the plug at the tip and sleeve locations. The minimic contacts the plug at the sleeve and ring locations, so you'll just get a shorted mic using a mono cable. What you'd need is a mono cable like this...
My guess on how the slider works...

Oh, I see it now and it's pretty disappointing that they created such an odd compatibility problem. Thanks for the patient explanation.
I am curious if this would work for the sony wh-1000mx2, id love to be able to directly plug it into the headset but if not then to the headphone jack on the laptop would possibly work too Thanks
None of those options work, lol. You need a microphone input or microphone -> USB adapter. It definitely won't work on the Sony in any capacity though.
Thabks :-)
Hi everyone,
I received my minimic yesterday and was playing with it since then. To all fairness the build quality is not as good compared to my modmic 5 but sound quality is OK. My friends on discord found me sounding better with the minimic then my modmic 5. but with recording modmic 5 is better. After one day usage i am satisfied, but we will see coming weeks ;). The adhesive does it job but thinking of upgrading the it with 3m dual lock velcro 400 since the one i received is 250 witch has less lock mechanism. - The good is u can move it around easy compared to the modmic since that one sticks like a tank. - The bad build quality and the velcro should have been the 400.
All around satisfied since its a third of what i paid for my modmic 5.
Everyone is complaining about the adhesive and I can also add that it's not very good. It won't stick to my headphones. The mic isn't all that awful but I've only tested it a little bit, there's a tiny bit of hissy static but the directional sensor is great and it doesn't pick up my semi loud cherry mx brown switches. It does pick up faint traces of my open backed sph9500s headphones though, not a deal breaker but I'll have to see how they last over time.
I tried to cancel my purchase 2 days ago. Within an hour after I purchased it. As of right now there is 10 minutes left, I got a message that the drop was shipped, and a bit after that a message that the drop closed and there is nothing they can do. B.S.!
Even if this is some other drop of the same product (of which I highly doubt), there is no way they can refuse cancellation that was requested an hour after the purchase. What can I do? I do not want this item.
Bought one, my dog chewed the cable, even tho I really tried to fix it (open it, reattach the little wire inside), couldn't get it to work again. Since the mic itself was good and the headset that we were using with it is really good but doesn't have a mic, I bought another one. And today, it just stopped working. No clue why. Cant make it work on another computer. The cable is a little bit flattened at one place, but not chewed, nothing.
2 months each. Wont buy another one. Should have bought a headset with a mic instead.
The mic itself is ok, but the adhesive is awful. Be prepared to glue this sucker to your headphones.
Just realized Massdrop is still selling this thing. I should have listened to all the people in this discussion who told me not to buy this, it is complete garbage. I figured for $25 I would give it a shot because it filled a use case for me, and that maybe the people with negative reviews were just a loud minority that weren't using it right or were unlucky enough to receive a bad mic. Nope.
Like everyone says, the adhesive/velcro thing does not work to keep it stuck to headphones. You will think it's working at first because it will seem secure only to wake up a day or two later and find it has fallen off and the adhesive is not nearly as sticky as it was. The sound quality is terrible, worse than a built-in mic on a webcam or laptop. The little volume slider throws feedback at anyone you're talking to loud enough to make their ears bleed, and also is just terrible, crap quality. The wire, while long, is not braided and will start showing wear pretty fast.
My ownership experience went like this: After a few days it detached, subsequent tries just didn't work. For a few weeks I used it as just an external mic, stuck to something on my desk. But the quality sucks so I stopped using it and went back to swapping to my headset for video conferences with work and phone calls. Then about a month later I accidentally sucked it into the bottom of the vacuum and when I shut the vacuum off and retrieved it the wire had ripped off of the mic. Honestly I did myself a favor since I tend not to throw stuff like this away, and at least that got me to toss it in the garbage rather than my drawer of outdated computer cables.
Hardly worked when i received it. This mic had trouble picking up sound when I first tried to use. Now it does not pick up any sound whatsoever. The 3.5 mm connection where it detaches close to the mic end also fails to stay connected. I had to use some tape. I was expecting more from this mic. It was a waste of money.
Mod mic 5 owner here.. The mod mic has its problems too - there is a low hum on PS4. This is talked about as a common problem around the internet if you look. The minimic doesn't have that hum.
The minimic I ordered was perfect - ordered another one... Need a $5 usb adapter to use the modmic or this mini mic on PS4. You can search that on Amazon.
total waist of money. cable is so bad, it's picking a lot of interference or probably poorely soldered on this mute control. now using mic built in old webcam - works so much better!!!! don't buy
Worked good for a couple weeks, then stopped working for no apparent reason, very low quality not impressed. one star
Didnt read the discussions page til after I joined the drop and my money was already gone. I wanted this mic after watching the randomfrankp review on em. I am HOPING that the mic I ordered wont give me any problems. Am I going to regret buying this mic? =(
Where can one buy more of those adhesive pads? I tried looking at home depot and Amazon with no luck, and highly doubt Walmart would have them. I wanna change what headphones it's connected to, and the system works great for me.
I bought one of these mics last June, and a year later, I have to say that I regret wasting the $25 on this piece of junk that I could have put towards a ModMic instead.
Just a disclaimer in case you read my comments and think I'm some sort of neanderthal who treats his stuff like garbage, and that's why I'm having so many issues: Not only do I consider myself one of the more careful and particular people that I know (I get upset when I scratch the finish on anything I own, for example), you can see evidence of the poor build quality of this mic in many of the other discussion posts on this drop, just scroll through and look at the amount of people posting about defective/poorly-constructed products.

Major Issues: - The mounting solution for this thing is garbage: The 3M DualLock pad finger-density was poorly chosen and the pads don't stay together very well. The adhesive on the back of the DualLock pads tends to unstick itself from the pads themselves, which, in addition to the DualLock connection being way too easy to break, makes the mic falling off of my headset an occurrence that's way too common.
- The mic arm isn't stiff at all and any sudden movements will cause the mic to drop, assuming the mounting solution doesn't give way first.
- Excessively long, low-quality cable: The cable that comes with this product is very low quality, and I'm surprised it hasn't failed yet. This wouldn't be a huge issue, except that you cannot replace it with a standard 3.5mm AUX cable, as the connections are different. It's also just unnecessarily long, maybe a design choice that was made so people didn't complain that they couldn't swap it with a longer cord (because it wouldn't work).
- You'd think that maybe the mic's redeeming quality might then be its audio fidelity right? Nope, sounds worse to others than my old, crappy, Turtle Beach X12s with a home-repaired mic, that my Sennheiser HD558s + Massdrop GarboMic replaced. I'm debating going back to slinging the Beach's around my neck and using that mic while I wait for the ModMic I just ordered to arrive, which is what I did while waiting for the Minimic initially.

Minor Issues: - Volume slider instead of mute toggle button: I'd ask why they did this, but I already know the answer, it's a lot cheaper, which describes this mic in a nutshell, "cheap". To make this even dumber, the slider is flipped around from how it should be (you slide it down to make it louder, and up to make it quieter).
- No cable-management solution: There's no included clips to combine your mic cable and headphone cable into one, which isn't a huge deal, as you can simply wrap the cable around your headphone cable to keep it in place, but it's still a complaint I have about the product.

For the price, I could look past most of the issues I stated, and still be satisfied with my purchase, but the main issue I have with this mic, and the reason I'm being so harsh on it, is the mounting solution. It's just so terrible. I remember I hadn't been using it for more than a week or two before I had to stick the DualLock pad back onto the adhesive, because it had already detached itself. Since then, I've used-up all of the included replacement DualLock pads, as, after becoming unstuck time after time, the pads would just stop sticking altogether. So unless Massdrop fixes the mounting solution for this product, I would strongly advise against buying it, and instead saving up for a ModMic.
I loved this mic for the 5 days I had it until it broke. I pulled gently on the mic cord (I'm talking like 1 pound of pressure) and it just pulled right out of the volume switch.
I am very disappointed that it broke and I'm hoping something is done to make it right.

I only used it a couple times and put it in a drawer. Took it out again recently to try and it can't pick up voice at all, only directly blowing at the mic. If I plug in a pair of headphones into the mic jack of my pc it sounds way better then this does. This is the only drop I've ever joined and this was a HUGE disappointment.
When i plug my mic in nothing is even picked up, rip me 40$ down the drain. Cost 40$ because i live in Canada.
did you try turning up the input, the guy says that is an issue when you first plug it in.
Hey so whenever I use this mic all I hear is a buzzing, can someone please help me with this!
So, I bet they made a run of 10K of these, and after they finally get rid of them all, they delete this entire page and all the bad reviews along with it.
Mine has high amount of background static. Massdrop support has yet to get back to me...
I never got my reply back. it was like half a year ago.
massdrop has agreed to send a replacement over a week after my inquiry was made. I have yet to recieve and test it.
I don't own this but for anyone looking for a similar style that's lasted me years, check out AntLion.
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It's been a really great mic for me, worth every penny, but hopefully this one works for you.
Me too, but if the noise pick up is as bad as everyone says my friends wont let me forget about it lol. Crappy thing is i was gonna get an ant lion too. Hopefully i can just return this if its crap.