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Massdrop Minimic

Massdrop Minimic

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Is this normal ?

I just received my massdrop minimic and the part where the plastic velcro is attached (the one which is supposed to be taped to the headphones) is, I think, misplaced.

As you can see in the picture it is placed around the middle while it is supposed to be at the beginning of the jack connecting the mic.

I don't know if this can be moved, I gently tried and it didn't work. I don't want to break anything so I rather ask here before anything : is this normal and I can move it or was it misplaced during production? Thanks
It was easy enough to get attached and connected (my computer has a standalone mic port), but the adhesive came off the 3M plastic bit between the headphones and the connector... so I have a sticky circle stuck to my headphones, and the mic won't stay attached to it. Quite disappointing.

It's also quite loose in the mount, so it does waggle around quite a lot. It's very adjustable, but once you get it in place it can move around if you move your head. Not sure I'll keep using it.
Can you use this mic for the Xbox one?
Works great, has a super long cord and the adjustably is good.
I just got my hd6xx after holding on to this mic for two months waiting to use it. Well it fell apart. I don't think it was glued properly. No big deal for me, I can glue it, but you all might want to be aware.
Had the same issue, they offered me a refund which I took.
Minimic (compared to modmic):
- Cheaper
- Good sound for its price (very comparable to modmic 4/5)
- Painful 'hiss' or static noise, can be fixed on pc with some simple gain adjustments
- Idk but could be a real issue on console as it isn't as easy to fix.
- Maybe just me cause of my wired cable setup but the mic seems to slowly fall down and not keep its place (very minor but you may notice this and I thought I would add it in).

Has some issues but for its price hard to beat. Unless you are a audiophile (or on console as you cant remove the static hiss) you will not be disappointing. If you are a audiophile why are you looking at a 25$ mic???

Build Quality: 8/10 only a issue when it slowly slides down (very sturdy mic, metal goose neck and strong plastic for the rest)
Sound Quality: 10/10 (for its price and a good 8/10 total)
Static and background noise pickup: 6/10 (hiss is really annoying, but includes a noise suppression option on PC for a easy "fix" more like 4/10 on console if you cant enable this :( #PCMR)
Value: 10/10, Very comparable to a modmic for half the price.

Overall Score: 8/10
Any recommendations on how to get this to work with my Surface Book 2 15"? I don't think I have a 2.5mm mic port :c
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G'Day John,

The mic is connected by 3.5mm. The only issue with the Surface Book is that it only has one 3.5, which is a combine headphone \ MIC. So to you use it with earphones that use 3.5, you will need an adapter that split MIC and headphones, or have a USB DAC \Soundcard (as mentioned by Dioxygen) for the headphones.
The USB headphone amp/dac that I have is a jds labs O2 odac, I don't think it has a mic port either haha. But I guess I would just use a splitter, try to go into the sound settings to change defaults?
I think the second cable is a 2.5mm.... quit yall crying
Does it come with an adapter to add the mic and headphone jacks together
But mine is compatible with any third party cable.
Wait is this the new version of the mic?
"If you ever break the detachable cable, all you need to do is pop in a new one and it’s as good as new" is a miserable lie. What does a company have to do wrong to somehow make a 3.5mm stereo connection proprietary? What kind of shady corner cutting did you people do? I wasted my money for a microphone that is utterly useless without its original cable.
Can anyone for the love of god recommend a replacement cable variety that works? I have purchased 4 different stereo 3.5mm cables with no results, the microphones original cable and the new ones are identical in terms of its poles on the connectors. What am I missing?! Is my mic broken? Is the cable proprietary?

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Please do! I'd certainly like to know. More than once I've come close to purchasing this mic, and each time I'm reminded by the comments that it's a gamble purchase. :\ But I keep coming back, hoping to see the grief and rage replaced by praise attestations of "Holy shit y'all! They fixed the problems and it's totally worth buying now!" Alas. I'm only $25 and 3 days of shipping away from being in exactly your position, so you have my sympathy friend.
Someone with a multimeter said the 3.5mm tip and ring are bridged with the sleeve being the ground. I assume most cables don't bridge the tip and ring. So if you can find a cable with tip and ring bridged or bridge it yourself, see if that works.
Is the mic removable?