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Hey everyone,

We’re excited to announce we’ve worked with Sennheiser to continue production on the HD 6XX and launch more units! We will likely be able to open up a couple of limited quantity drops over the next few months.

The first of these runs is available today, with 1,000 units (until 42,050 units sold). The estimated ship date for this production run is August 13.

Thanks to everyone for helping us make the HD 6XX a success!
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I keep getting more and more addicted to my HD 650, ha! Though I stopped for lunch and dinner, I literally wore mine for like 8-9 hours yesterday!

This said as someone with more headphones than is reasonable for one person to have. The HD 650 does not get all my head-time, and it’s not my top headphone either, but I love it and enjoy the no-fuss musical nature of it :D
Schiit stack is in and set up, now I wait to get my 6XXs. Ah the humanity...
This update is for members who joined the HD 6XX drop from November - January.

Updated 3/9
I’m happy to announce the third (and final) batch of HD 6XX has arrived at the warehouse! The headphones are going through quality control checks and will soon be prepared for shipment.
We’ve emailed those of you who are in this final batch, and we expect your headphones to start shipping next week.
Thank you all for your patience throughout this fulfillment process. We’re glad to be shipping these headphones ahead of schedule, and we hope you enjoy the HD 6XX!

Updated 3/6
The second batch of headphones has arrived at the warehouse and is now being prepared for shipment! This batch is about 3,900 headphones and we’ve sent an email to those who are in this second fulfillment.
As of this morning over 1,800 headphones have shipped, and the third (and final) batch is expected to arrive at our warehouse by the end of next week. I’ll provide an update next week with the current fulfillment status.

Updated 3/2:
Hi Everyone,
We have an update on the shipping status of the Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX Headphones. Sennheiser will be shipping the headphones to our warehouse in batches. Once each batch arrives it will go through quality control checks, and will then be prepared for shipment. We will be shipping out the batches based on when members joined the drop.
We’re excited to announce that the first batch of headphones has arrived and is now being prepared for shipment! This batch is roughly 2,000 headphones and we’ve sent an email to those who are in this initial fulfillment.
The next batch is already on the way and is expected to arrive at our warehouse by the end of next week. I’ll provide an update next week with the current fulfillment status.
We are on track to have all units ship by our estimated ship date of March 28.
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You just might have a more sound-absorbent head than other folks--who's heads are likely harder, and therefore tend to bounce more sound back into their surroundings! Your's is the more desirable trait ;- )
Your 'watchbox' idea works pretty good. It fits in my drawer, but there's one slight but not so slight problem. It only works when the headband is on the smallest position, otherwise the box won't fully close. It's kind of a chore to put the headband in the right position every time. I'm not yet sure how I will solve this.

Edit: Actually I tried the initial idea of just using the foam now, and wow. It fits EXACTLY in my drawer. It's very snug and it looks super clean (sorry for the crappy photo).
OK. I will chime in hear and then disappear as I have some serious listening to do! Mine arrived via Fedex at 11AM yesterday. WOW!!!! Upon initial listening, these cans are simply amazing! It took a long time (even though they id arrive 3 weeks prior to scheduled shipping date) but with the superb listening experience that awaits, it was all worth it! Take care folks and enjoy yours.

If you are reading this and you are on the fence...GET YOURS NOW!!!! You will not be sorry.
is the Schiit stack Magni 3 and Modi 2 any good for these headphones? o recently ordered the stack and wanted to know if i chose right
I just received my HD6xx today. Wow! I couldn't be happier! Thank you Massdrop for providing such an amazing value! I also own a HD700, Audeze LCD-2, Hifiman / Massdrop 4xx, and AudioTechnica ATH M50x headphones. Are these the best sounding? Debatable... BUT dollar for dollar, at this price point, this is an amazing set of cans. Between this and my LCD-2 ( which cost a HELLUVA lot more!), I have found my headphone endgame.
Just got mine 6xx today. I read the forum and saw that you have to pay import fees so i expected around 40 euro. But when the package came in today i had to pay nothing so that's very nice! Have had a little bit of a listen. They sound very analytical. You can hear every little instrument or sound in the music, great! That's what i need!
RE: HD 6XX vs HD580 50th Anniversary Jubilee Edition
I received my HD 6XX Headphones! I believe I ordered these back in December with an anticipated a ship date of March, so right on time! First, thanks to Massdrop for doing this. My transaction went flawlessly. If you are thinking of ordering from Massdrop do it without hesitation. I've wanted to upgrade to the HD650 for years but found the cost prohibitive. For clarification, this review looks at the Massdrop HD 6XX vs the original '50th Anniversary Edition' of the HD580 Jubilee and NOT the new Massdrop HD58x Jubilee product.

I acquired my HD580 Jubilees' back when they were first released in 1995. For the most part they have sat in a box with under 20 hrs of use and are like new. When I found the Massdrop HD 6XX at such a screaming deal my thought was to get the HD 6XX's and sell the Jubilees' on ebay. Thus, getting what I assumed was a better set of phones that is also not so 'exclusive' as the HD580 Jubilees (much easier to replace a pair of off the shelf HD 650s than #247 of 4000 HD-580 Jubilees' made).

My system consists of an Onkyo DX-7555 CD player w/super clock used as a transport feeding a bel canto 'DAC 1.1 DAC ( R2R PCM1704) for processing, and then into a Musical Fidelity M1 HPA for amplification. While not super esoteric, I feel the combination is pretty musical (the bel canto DAC1.1. is an absolute gem if you find one you wont let it go). My musical taste favors small ensemble jazz recorded on tube gear in the 50's and 60s. Think Getz/Jobim/Coltrain/Holiday/Fitzgerald/Monk/Evens etc. Basically I listen to elevator music. It's my musical Prozac. Moreover, I rather enjoy feeling like I'm living in Woody Allen film but that's another issue altogether. In a nutshell the HD 6XX's arrived in impeccable packaging. I was slightly disappointed in the flat gray/blue color scheme. The Sennheiser silkscreen on the top of the headband is black (not white as shown in pics) and seems to blend in too much to the flat gray/blue. Its just a bit.... flat looking. The finish doesn't vibe quality like the HD580 Jubilees or other HD models but they do seem to be quality made in overall materials and craftsmanship... err I mean, 'craft-person-ship' (don't get EOL for gendercrimes). Overall, you should feel confident that your HD-6XXs are a real pair of HD-650s.
In comparison with the 50th anniversary HD 580 Jubliees', if you own a pair don't think about selling them. They really are something special. Unfortunately, mine are already on ebay as I can't justify keeping both. There's an intoxicating airy-ness and delicacy to the sound of instruments and voices when listening to HD 580 Jubliees' that is unfortunately missing from the HD-6XX. Imaging on the Jubliees' is more 2nd row and seems more natural while with the HD-6XX you basically feel like the musicians are in your head. The HD-6XX do have a bit more bass but it to manifests as more of a chesty-ness on male vocals. Good news is that this seems to be dissipating as they break in more.

While I might sound critical of the HD-6XX the sound is most excellent, and I'm keeping them. While I prefer the sound and presentation of the Jubilees' the audio cheapskate in me says HD-6XX are good-enough. And, in the grand scheme of things good-enough, is very good indeed, especially for the $200 price. A used pair of original Jubilees would be two/three times that, and that's if you can pry them off someones head. I also feel the Massdrop HD-6XXs' are resolving enough that I'll be doing some mods to the M1 HPA for better sound quality rather the looking for better headphones. Like they say, "garbage in garbage out" don't neglect whats feeding your headphones.

For my ears the Jubiee's really the the best of the 580/600/650 series that is if you can find a pair. If not, then I recommend buying two pairs of the Massdrop HD-6XX. One set for a backup or for a second system or perhaps to surprise someone special in your life and share your love of music.
~The Massdrop HD-6XX are just a too 'good sound' of a deal.
Just got to open these yesterday and try them out a bit. I am currently only using a Fulla 2 while I wait for my LCX to be built and didn't have high expectations with this cheap dac/amp. However, these headphones sound just brilliant! I've been using Beoplay H6 lately, which are not bad cans but these just blow them out of the water. GG Massdrop, I love these things.
Right so DHL says my package is delivered, but i've seen nobody comming, i was home all day waiting for them.
Customer support is closed. yay
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Pfft sucks man... i'm not sure if mine got stolen or if DHL still has my package but i'll find out monday when i call customer support i guess.
Actually just got a call from the apt office, they delivered to wrong door and a other tenant brought it to them. GL with yours, hope you find it!
Just got those, quick question.
Anyone else able to drive them just fine using a smartphone? I expected them to be insanely hard to drive (300 ohm) but I don't really find that my amp brings anything to the table with those.
Just plugged them into my Phone 6s for you. I find they require /nearly/ full volume to run at a normal listening level. My Fulla 2 gives me a significantly better sound, but they work better than expected without it.
Depends what phone...for example the iPhone 6 puts out less than 1 Vrms which is not enough while an LG V20 puts out 2 Vrms which is the recommended minimum voltage for the HD6xx.
I absolutely love my 6XXs! They are even better than I expected them to be, totally blowing my old HD 558s out of the water. Really nice construction and sounds fantastic with my Fulla 2. Thanks a lot for getting them to me 3 weeks early!
Hi there! I should be receiving my hd6xx hopefully in a week time. This is gonna be my first pair of headphones. Im planning to use it with my desktop so wondering if anyone has any recommendations on a dac/amp for my desktop? Budget would be nothing more than 200 at the moment as I wouldn’t want to spend so much as Im just starting out on this.
I would recommend a Schiit Modi 2/Magni 3 stack. I would also advise that you not try to save a couple of bucks if you come across an older Magni (1/2/2 Uber) for a discounted price. The Magni 3 sounds so much more open and far, far less constrained than the earlier versions. And the stack looks great on the desktop!