Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX Headphonessearch
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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX Headphones

Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX Headphones

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for the love of everything good update us on the may purchase
Has anyone that purchased in May received an updated ship date and or received their pair?
Still waiting for any updates on my purchase in May too :/
Taking forever
I joined the previous drop. As for a DAC / AMP Combo, my #1 option is the FX Audio DAC X6. Also got great reviews as well. But i heard that HD 6XX loves tube amps. So i'm also looking for a tube amp that wouldn't be too expensive. I'm eyeing on the SMSL T2 and Nobsound MS-10D MKII (with bluetooth).
Any feedback from those Tube Amp or recommendation for other cheap Tube Amps? TIA
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Oh heck, yeah, I didn't factor in the possibility of you being outside the US. The Massdrop CTH (Cavalli) looks pretty incredible, though now you're over $300.
Yeah, that's not going to work. I'll get REKT by wifey.
so i hit join drop but it still has the button for join drop on it. did i mess up?
That's ok, i have the same thing, but it should be on your profile under drops. (i joined the previous drop btw)
yeah i noticed i have a transaction and got an email but didn't know if it worked lol
Why it cannot send to my country ?? what should i do ?
use a proxy service like jpn-depot or something
I don't want to buy something that takes two months to ship, especially in the midnight blue frame that Sennheiser used for this drop since that color doesn't sell well retail and they're offloading it. If I wait till September when these are shipping, can I still join the drop?
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someone will flip it here in discussions. not me, cause i wanna use em. but someone will sell em to you.
The blue color is a Massdrop exclusive and is not a retail option. Please check your facts before offering a negative opinion ad it helps no one.

When looking to improve the sound of one's headphone set-up, selecting 'good headphones' and 'the maximum-attainable volume level' are not the only factors that must be taken into consideration.

For music enjoyment at home, the HD 6XX are probably the best available headphones for under $200. But while plugging them into a computer or phone's headphone jack (DAC/amp) might sound loud enough, the quality of the sound will be lacking substantially compared to how they can potentially sound.

The HD 6XX/650/600 scales (improves) with more power on tap from the amplifier used. With more power available, the headphones will exhibit increased dynamics and improved bass solidity. Generally speaking, a good DAC will increase overall clarity, imaging, and sound-stage width. Tube amplifiers, equalization, and a balanced connection can also improve the sound of the headphones. While a separate DAC and amplifier can be used in conjunction, a combination 'DAC/amp' unit will suffice - and may even be preferable - for most people.

Two excellent value portable DAC/amps:
The FiiO Q1 mkII ($100) would be an excellent choice for less power-hungry headphones. (Only use this model with the HD 6XX if you can take advantage of its balanced-out.)
Otherwise, I recommend the more-powerful iFi nano iDSD Black Label ($200). In direct comparison to those models, the Micca Origen+ DAC/amp sounds murky.

TL;DR: When looking to enjoy improve your headphone listening experience, the model used and the volume level they can reach (with your device) are not the only important factors to consider. No computer or phone can drive the HD 6XX (or any high-impedance headphone) properly. To hear them anywhere close to their full potential, a DAC and amplifier are required.
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I'm going to clear up something for people that are listening music on computer too.
A good software which compensates the audio compression (if you're listening mp3 files for exemple or youtub or any website that's not specialized in audio quality) gives better results in audio improvments than a DAC at 500$. Alot exist the most famous one is Fx Sound.
From an electronics perspective having increased power allows the amp to accurately create transient voltages (peaks in particular). A lesser amp may manage a similar average power and sound as loud - but is actually smoothing some of the peaks and reducing the accuracy of the output.
A more 'demanding' load in this context requires the amp to deliver more current to reach or maintain a given voltage - with less power available the amp's voltage may droop. It may be able to hit the voltage initially, but can't maintain it.