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Hey Everyone,

Thank you all for making the HD6XX a huge success! It’s been great to see comments and reviews of the headphones start to come in as people receive them.

The remainder of outstanding 6XX orders are on track to ship ahead of the mid-december estimated ship date. For the latest status on shipments for the 6xx, check the thread below:

With that understood, we have another exciting update for anyone who missed out on the previous round. We’re pleased to announce the 6XX will be dropping again tomorrow morning. These units are from a different production batch, so they’ll have a later ship date. The good news is, after working closely with Sennheiser over the last few months, we were able to secure a 3 month delivery timeline instead of the 6 months we’ve had to wait historically.

Tomorrow morning at 6am PT, we will relaunch the 6XX drop with 10,000 units available and an estimated ship date of March 28, 2018.

This will not impact the shipping time for previous orders.

Thank you all for being a part of this drop. We’re excited to be able to have even more members get their hands on a HD6XX.

UPDATE 11/30: The 3.5k units from the drop in November are being processed. 6.5k will still be available in this batch through the end of December. Both are expected to ship around the same time, but members from the November drop will be first in line if we have to ship in multiple batches.
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I can get it about your decision.

I can't wait to put my hands on the O2 and earn my ears with the he and good music.
Out of which $10 was the brokerage fee and $12 - the tax.
Shipping Update for July and October Orders:
Updated 12/11:
Fulfillment for July and October orders is complete (aside from a handful of orders requiring additional attention). Looking forward to you all receiving the HD 6XX!!
Updated 12/7:
We have received the latest batch of headphones from Sennheiser, and we are continuing to fulfill the remaining orders in the July drop. This batch is large enough to complete the July shipment, as well as start fulfilling some October orders.
Shipping out all July orders is our first priority, and as this wraps up there will be some movement in the October orders.
Thank you all for your patience as we work on getting these headphones shipped and delivered by Christmas!

Shipping Update for July Orders:
Updated 12/4:
I have a quick update on the HD 6XX shipment for July orders. About 6,000 headphones have shipped and we are expecting another batch of headphones to arrive from Sennheiser this week. The units will go through quality control checks and will then be prepared for shipment.
We are on track to meet our estimated ship date, and we’ll update you all next week with the latest status. Thank you for your patience!
Updated 11/27:
As of today over 5,800 headphones have shipped, which is about 63% of the drop. We are expecting another batch from Sennheiser to arrive next week. Once this next batch arrives the headphones will go through quality control checks, and will then be prepared for shipment.
We'll continue to ship out the headphones as we receive them, and I’ll provide an update next week with the shipping status.

Shipping Update for June Orders:
The fulfillment for this drop is complete. To view the history of updates you can visit:
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" What, when its in EU it had to wait in 5 different facilities to clear customs? "

yes, exactly that.

we get your point, but it's wrong, maybe if everyone is trying to tell you something you should listen no?

if you google your problem you will see hundreds if not thousands of people having the same issue, the only difference is they are blaming customs and not DHL or Massdrop. I'm sure DHL would love to just deliver the package straight to your door, every time they touch the package just adds more cost on their end.

785,000 results for the problem you are having, again a VERY common problem that has nothing to do with massdrop or DHL.
Hi! Mine are not stuck anymore, they are in my country at customs :). but still havent received them
hey guys, two questions

Does it ship from Ireland to Czech republic? or it has to go to USA first and then here? I dont see any point in this, first its time, unnecessary costs and plus customs (Czech customs are not friendly at all)

Should I get theses or the 58x and why? What are the pros and cons of both? It's my first audiophile headphones.
Hi guys! i would like these but im torn on what to expect from these. I don't have any listening time with any sennheiser product, mostly sony xb950bt, shure in ear (i don't remember the model) and some akg headphones. What should i expect from these LEGENDS i hear about these and the 650hd model? I mostly listen to hiphop, pop and edm, aswell as rock and Orchestral music. Would these be a better to try or something like the HD1 or Vmoda M100?
The HD 6XX are strictly for at home listening, if possible with a dedicated headphone amplifier. If that is what you want, they will be everything you will ever need in terms of sound quality.

If you want something on the move, the HD1 sounds like a good idea, if you get a nice deal on them.
Compared to a pair of Bose Soundtrue’s, is the difference a very noticeable one? Quite tempted to make the leap, since speakers are not feasible right now but I love the clarity and ‘fullness’ of listening to speakers vs the Bose headphones (which sound fine to my inexperienced ears btw).

Magni 3 or Fulla 2 combo?
From the question itself, you can understand that these are my baby steps in this direction.
Listening from a Macbook, so afaik it's a half-decent DAC.
Heard that FULLA 2 is NOT that powerful for HD6XX, and there are distortions at decent sound levels and what-not, Anyone with first-hand experience?
I have read that MAGNI 3 is a good amp and will be enough for these headph, but I just like the portability of the Fulla 2. Yes, I know these are open. Not the topic of the question, yeah? I don't want to be tied to a desk, or a power outlet.

But if the hisses are there, and it's not even powerful enough for the HD6XX (300ohm, 103dB SPL/mW) , I would gravitate towards the Magni ofc, and accept the fate xD.

Any advice?
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Well the design of these cans requires higher voltage to drive them to reproduce higher peak sound levels accurately. This is a given fact. Now, the accepted bare minimum required is around 2 volts RMS but with certain music genres and particularly with respect to high dynamic range music you would need up to 7 volts RMS or so to hear the cans at their best (this also depends on how loud you like your music as well).

I've found that when insufficient voltage is supplied, while they can sound very loud they will distort/clip and in my case become rather fatiguing. Also a general lack of bass with low voltage, which otherwise would be there with higher available voltages.

It's up to you, the Fulla 2 is fine, I think it drives up to 3 Vrms into 300 Ohms. Personally I think it's expensive for what you get...the DAC in your Macbook is a good one and you get a much more powerful amp for your $99 with the Magni...or get the Sabaj if you want cheaper, it's still more power than the Fulla.
It’s not about the amp for SQ it’s the hd6XX that sounds better with more juice. Magni 3 is 10x more powerful than the fulla 2 @ 300 ohms.
How these compare to the Beyerdynamic DT 990 pro 250 ohm ? Are they worthy to replace those ? I got the hifiman 4xx but the dt 990's are still holding up well against them and I use them both so I wonder if these 6xx are worthy of an upgrade from both of those ? So what you think ? Also, as a possible upgrade from my 990's are the AKG 712pro, so if anyone has all of those or at least some experience with some of them maybe can clear this for me and others with the same question. Thank you !
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Didn't expect this lol, thx a lot, really well put.

I guess I will just opt out for something in schiit Fulla 2's range since it should sound better than e10k and will last longer but does not cost as much as the x1s.
:)Well, you don't always know what you will endup writing when is 1 am and can't sleep.

That looks like a good choice untill you're ready for a deathstar :). I was thinking at that time at fulla 2 too but it wasn't locally available.
So if the drop hits 10,000, is there a chance these will ship sooner than the end of March?
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Right, and the sooner that happens, the sooner these will ship?
No, but the ship date may change regardless.

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