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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX Headphones

Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX Headphones

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Does anyone know of any good upgrade pads for these/600/650/660? The foam is a tad harsh. I'm looking for something similar to what is on the 598CS, mostly with memory foam, with either velour or the micro suede from the 598s.
Received my HD 6XX's and am very pleased with them. ...except....does anyone have a "best way" to make them less tight on the ears? My head isn't that big but they still have too much pressure for me to spend much time without taking a break. Thanks for any suggestions that might work.
Need a sanity check. I have a Fulla 2 and need to go to at least 3 o'clock to get a reasonable volume. Plugging in directly to an Iphone 7 at one notch from full volume is the same as 5 o'clock on the Fulla.

Does this seem right or is my Fulla defective? In other reviews and discussions it seems like no has to go this high.
I just received mine, my moto g5 plus gets them very loud around half volume, but I think it clips the amp within the phone trying to power them. My O2 odac is about at 2 oclock on low gain for these to get to the volume level I'm used to. I think you're okay lol.
I gave schiit fulla to someone else.
So I paid $15 extra for 2 day shipping on September 18, supposed to arrive at my place in 2 business days, and it's not arriving until the 28th. Literally what the hell is going on, Massdrop?
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I can understand that estimates change, but mine is shipping through FedEx, and FedEx lists it as way that is getting to me in two days.
Got an email saying there was a mistake with the shipping for the order and that I should get a partial refund and a $15 credit. I got the credit and my receipt shows a partial refund but nothing has posted to my card yet. I'll give them till Monday to post the refund to my card then I'll contact them about it.
Just a heads up for anyone else who has an old apogee interface lying around - these sound fantastic through the One (and would consequently the Duet/Quartet). Almost jumped and picked up an amp when I got these, glad I didn't.

They've also put out windows drivers for some of those a while back (gen2+ on the one), so if you jumped ship it's worth blowing the dust off yours and giving it a spin.
Fucking great. I orfered this and Eune x1s on june. Got the Eune a few months ago but 6xx got stuck in mail. I paid both of the taxes. Got only Eune but 6xx was sent back to massdrop. Lost 200€+50€ tax and got nothing. Fucking great.
Can't you chargeback with paypal?
i’m happy that i ordered these headphones , i’m wondering what things do i need to get a good experience.
Amp DAC etc... and what is the best and latest Amp DAC or setup for these headphones ? at a different price ranges
thank you very much :)
kind regards
Hello everyone
I'm going to get my HD6xx in couples of day. I'm searching for a compatible headphone amp for it. Please recommend for me a head amp average 500$ to pair with HD6xx. Thank you very much
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If you want clean sound: Topping D50 (Dac) $250 or wait for it to drop again for $200 + shipping. Schiit Magni 3 (Amp) $100.00 + shipping
topping D10 with Magni3/Objective2/auneX7s or just get the dac/amp auneX1S
Hey everyone - the first batch of units is now sold out, and we are working with Sennheiser to get more headphones in stock. Stay tuned!
When will next drop approximately happens?
Last drop was around 3-5 weeks ago
When will this drop end? Or will it continue indefinitely?
it's inactive