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Massdrop x AKG K7XX Red Edition

Massdrop x AKG K7XX Red Edition

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Hey guys, I need some help. I have a Blue Yeti which I use as a mic and as a "soundcard" with my Bose QC35 for gaming and editing. I know this isn't the perfect scenario, but can it power the k7xx ?
It will work but probably won't be as satisfying and tight in the bass as it would be with a headphone amp with lots of power on tap. I use a JDS Element with the K7xxs and it sounds great . Try it though, you may be OK with your setup if it sounds good to you,
Started having issues with the right headphone 3 months after I got these. Submitted a request to the support, still waiting on the response to see how to resolve this. Based on several Reddit threads, it looks like a pretty common problem for K7XX, which is related to some loose cable.
i had the same problem, I contacted Harman directly, sent mine out (only had to pay for shipping one way) and I got them back within a week from the day I sent them out. Just have your invoice from massdrop ready and it should be hassle free
So just to be clear these are nowhere near the 712 model, they are a match for the 702, correct?
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the reason I ask is the price of this drop plus shipping cost is approaching pretty close to local price of k712, and I can just walk into a store and bring it home anytime

BTW all the k712s found locally are now from China if that matters
Yeah figured that was the case but just was making sure. In the past I googled 712 and got links to click on showing deals on 712. After following the links the advertised price was actually for 612 headphones....

But yeah, I don't own both but usually heard better things about k712. Granted like I said, I have a sneaky suspicion they're practically the same headphone.
For owners of Sennheiser PC 360 headphones. Full disclaimer, I am not an audiophile or expert when it comes to sound gear.

When I first bought the Sennheiser PC 360's I knew I was downgrading audio quality for gaming headset convenience. At the time things like the Mod Mic or vmoda mic were not available. The AKG7xx is better in every way to the Sennheiser PC 360, there is not one thing the 360 does better than the AKG. Is it worth $200? It depends on how much you value good sound. In the past sound was very low on my list of importance when gaming but after trying the AKG7xx I realize I've been missing out on a lot of immersion when it comes to single player games. I can crank the volume up on the AKG's without encountering any abrasive or uncomfortable sounds which helps immerse you in the game. I'm a gambling man so I got my AKG's used on Ebay and for the price I got them, I would say they are absolutely worth it assuming my headphones don't have any durability issues in the near future. At this point, even if my AKG's were to break, I would only return to the PC 360's if I couldn't afford something else. Even though I play single player games only 1-2x per year I think these headphones will improve the experience enough to justify the cost.

I have a medium-large head and I would say these are slightly less comfortable than the PC 360's which I would rate as very comfortable. My biggest complaint with the fit of the AKG's is that the pads allow the sound driver surface to lightly press against my ears (I have big ears). I might consider getting the dekoni pads if the fit continues to bother me.

I haven't done much testing on competitive FPS multiplayer games because I'm currently only playing Rocket League but if I eventually put in some time with FPS games I will update my comment. I assume sound cues will be easier to hear because I can turn the AKG's up higher without creating uncomfortable sounds

Test rig: Mayflower O2 Amp, Sennheiser GSX1000, AKG7xx Red Edition
I'm using a pair of 10 year old Ultrasone DJ1....... how are those compared to this pair...? Considering getting a set
When the drop end?
Are these worth getting if I already own the HD650 and Oppo PM-3?
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In my opinion, no. I think the HD 650 has more detail and separation. I also think it’s overal flatter, which can be bad if you want more low end. kind of depends on what you want out of a headphone though.
650's are pretty amazing. So "worth", not really. 7xx are side grades sacrificing some things for other things. Both headphones are amazing.

"Worth" though if you're building a collection. I have both and won't sell either one.
Is this ok for gaming ? Witcher 3 , overwatch, diablo3 ? I am comparing this with HD6xx and HD58X
7xx is one of the best for gaming due to the detail and wide sound stage.
omg they are headphones, not a fashion collection. Please quit with the 'colorway'.
There really is no more pretentious word in the English language.
I like liking how my headphones look even if no one else will see them.
Some good looking headphones right here
are these the same as the black ones that are selling for 249? the specs seem identical.
Any recommendations on a good portable Amp to pair with these? Thanks!
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If you have an iPhone then it has enough power to drive these since the impedance is only 64 ohms. Most Android phones limit the maximum voltage out of the headphone socket. There are some exceptions like LG and HTC.

P.S. I am well aware that it is not impedance but sensitivity that matters.
I got my Objective 2 and it's a really good amp, I'm liking it so far. But the massdrop desktop edition that I bought and linked before doesn't have the option to be battery powered, this one does: