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Massdrop x AKG K7XX Red Edition

Massdrop x AKG K7XX Red Edition

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The bass on mine are terrible, anyone relate? They're from a previous order. I'm thinking I might have a defective pair.
They do require some break in time 2-300hrs and a good amp to sound best.
Hi, if I can get the k702 for 30 dollars less and without shipping cost/time, is the k7xx worth the extra money and the waiting time?
@CEE_TEE I think it is about time a new version of this to be deveoped. How about a balanced version?
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Lol. So was it already using xlr 4pin connector? 7xx is still on my list but maybe few months later. Enjoying my 1more headphones for now.
No- K7XX does not use an XLR 4-pin connector, but thank you for requesting it.
Am I the only one who prefers the sound of this over the HD 6XX?
Bought these 2 years ago through massdrop and one ear quit working within the year. Do not buy!
Isn't there a two year warranty? Can't you get it replaced
are these made in china?
Hi guys! Will Hidizs AP80 drive this headphones? It has 75 mW power on 32Ohm impedance.
I really enjoyed these Massdrop AKG K7XX Red Edition Headphones. You can find my review of them here: Massdrop AKG K7XX Review


Before this deal ends, I've a quick question: Do you think these offer anything that my (admittedly somewhat beat up) Sennheiser HD 595s? I've heard they have a good sound stage, so that sounds pretty nice for video game purposes, but I can't imagine it being that much of an improvement. Still, those Sennheisers have a dented grill on the side and the plastic inside the band cracked (which doesn't really do much except maybe make the fit a little looser), so I am looking to replace them, but not if it's a downgrade.
If you game they are a lot better. If you care about music get the Sennheiser 6XXX.
Yeah when I posted this originally I wasn’t really considering the HD6XXs because I didn’t have the means to properly drive them, but since then I’ve irresponsibly splurged on a DAC/Amp and will soon be getting a pair of the 6XXs. I both game and listen to music, but I’ve made do with the Sennheisers I’ve had for gaming and I’d rather focus on music quality than gaming sound stage stuff. I’m sure they’ll work just fine for my gaming.
I lost audio in the left channel. Anyone know how to fix it? This a known issue?
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Awesome! Thank you! You wouldn't happen to have a YouTube video demonstrating how to do this, would you?
I had no problem with mine but i got the K712 pros also those are my daily drivers they have a little more detail in games.
$25 for shipping that takes more than a month is such a ripoff
Anyone got a pad recommendation for these between dekoni's sheepskin and fenestrated?
I don't own these (yet), but I do enjoy me some Dekoni pads. . . The fenestrations allow more airflow, it makes them breathable but it also usually means that they'll sound closer to a velour stock like this. Now, if you want to mod the sound, the sheepskin will offer an improved seal compared to both, which ought to kick things up (or at least around).
Yeah, I do like the Dekoni, but I can never figure out fenestrated or sheepskin-depending on the headphone I usually like one or the other. 58x sheepskin wins, he4xx I like both but find the sheepskin more relaxing, on the 6xx fenestrated all day. I'm hoping sheepskin work for 7xx cause they're a lot cheaper.
What is the difference between these (the K702?) and the K712? They seem to all measure relatively similarly, but I assume the 712 is newer, but what else drives the cost difference? Sorry, never followed AKG much, but these have started to intrigue me. . .
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up to 500? dt1770. I'd still recommend the 770 over it though. As for open/semi I recommend amiron home/dt1990/dt880 all 3 of which are amazing headphones
I meant that the 770s can be purchased for far less than $500, probably less than $200. Haven't heard the 1770s yet but those hover below or around the 500$ mark. Wouldn't consider purchasing those without demoing first, especially at that price.
Im not a fan of velour earpads any chance for leather ones in the future?
go vegan bro.
The sound is very bad
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they need a lot of power compared to other cans I have. Feed them.
A solid dac amp is required to power these well. I love the sound of these, particularly for gaming.
TL;DR: This is the most enjoyable headphones I've used but I had to deal with defects. Working pair are still a bit stiff, but it's everything I wanted it to be. Maybe a bit more distortion than I expected, but in the end it's a really fun set of headphones.
My first pair had scratchy earcups when I adjust them, but the right earcup was worse. I got my replacement pair, and both earcup adjustments are equally scratchy. I would not expect this from a pair of $200 headphones, and I would return them if I thought it would take less than 3 months, but here we are.
They sound really good though, like a less-shouty DT990, which is exactly what I bought them for. Bass transients are super fast, to the point where I thought I put planars on by accident. The headband adjustment and clamping force is too sloppy, especially with the aforementioned scratchy earcup adjustment, but.. Once I get them secured on my head how I like them, overall I'm happy with the sound.
Hi guys, I was wondering if i could use my own 3.5mm cable with this headphone? I have a cable with an integrated mic and don't want to pay for a modmic or a separate mic as that is even more money.
Hmm no one answered so if you're still wondering, this does NOT use a 3.5mm jack. It uses a mini XLR which is rarer but still a standard format. I picked up a few replacement cables off taobao. The stock one is loooong.
I got mine in the July 2016 drop and they have just failed about a week ago. The warranty period is 2 years so they only just lasted that long plus a couple months. I believe the problem is the plug that connects the cable to the headphone unit, the left speaker cuts in and out unless you hold the plug in a certain position.
Anyway it's worth noting if you would like a product that will last beyond it's warranty. This one didn't.
New cable?
I got one not from Massdrop which has SN 8000+ while only 6000+ units were sold... how would that happen😂
I think they sent me a returned unit. Serial was 1747
Edit: I'm dumb, and I read the wrong SN. After checking the headphones themselves, it has SN 009192, which matches the "H-SNo" number on the box.
Okay this has obviously been asked before but I've come across so many differing opinions on this subject that I might as well ask.
How good is this headset when it comes to competitive gaming (Xbox) for games such as PUBG, Halo, Gears, CoD? I'm mostly into being able to hear where enemies are and positioning them. I would like a little bit of bass to kind of "feel" explosions but mostly concerned with pinpointing enemies in games.
My options are K7XX, HD58X, HD6XX, HE4XX
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This is great in gaming and open world. I absolutely love mine for that.
Nobody gave you a good answer. These headphones will have a higher ohm than say a xbox or ps4 controller could power. What that means is they wont be fully powered. So you won't be able to turn the volume up as far as You might like. Now I dont know if that will be an issue but it could be. If youre ok with spending this much maybe try audio technica m50x or v-moda M100. Both would be fantastic for gaming. Turtle beach isn't good for music but they make character footsteps louder than most other gaming headset brands. They're not to be looked over.
Bought these during the summer and replaced my HD598'S due to some slack in the cable and just generally wanting to get into the more "high-end" headphones. I was worried that the K7xx wouldn't be so different from my 598's and boy was I wrong. I can hear heaps of differences. Pairing them with a Sound Blaster Z and from time to time a Magni 3.
How are these compared to Sennheiser HD 558s?
It's been forever since i've heard the 558's but I'm pretty confident in saying there's way more clarity in the k7xx's - especially in the bass. However, k7xx didn't have as much bass and is harder to drive. The sound stage on k7xx was trippy to hear for the first time after using 558's for years. That's about all I can remember >.<.
11 hrs left, i use a voda crossfade... how does it compare to this?
Hey I bought an AKG K7XX Red several years ago. My cable broke, what sort of cable can I buy to replace it?
amazon has replacement ones for akg headphones i think
Quick question all. Whats the sound leakage like. Ok for outside use?
They're open back cans. They leak like crazy. That's why they sound so spacious. Best for use indoors where it's quiet.
they are open back, so expect to look and sound obnoxious outside.
What is different between the red version and the stock?
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Exactly the same headphones. Just different colors.
one is red.
These are available on amazon for cheaper.
AKG K7XX Massdrop Limited Edition Headphones, Black
same stuff?
Anyone know the actual product dimensions (not the box, just the headphones)? I want to buy a case before it arrives thanks
Hey guys, I need some help. I have a Blue Yeti which I use as a mic and as a "soundcard" with my Bose QC35 for gaming and editing. I know this isn't the perfect scenario, but can it power the k7xx ?
It will work but probably won't be as satisfying and tight in the bass as it would be with a headphone amp with lots of power on tap. I use a JDS Element with the K7xxs and it sounds great . Try it though, you may be OK with your setup if it sounds good to you,
I recently made this tube/mosfet hybrid headphone amp, and there's a very definite difference between the sound from just plugging these into my computer or having that amp between:
I'm not an audiophile by any means, but I was gently surprised by the difference. Didn't find these to be too great right from the computer.
Started having issues with the right headphone 3 months after I got these. Submitted a request to the support, still waiting on the response to see how to resolve this. Based on several Reddit threads, it looks like a pretty common problem for K7XX, which is related to some loose cable.
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did they replace it?
no, they repaired it