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Massdrop x AKG K7XX Red Edition

Massdrop x AKG K7XX Red Edition

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Okay this has obviously been asked before but I've come across so many differing opinions on this subject that I might as well ask.

How good is this headset when it comes to competitive gaming (Xbox) for games such as PUBG, Halo, Gears, CoD? I'm mostly into being able to hear where enemies are and positioning them. I would like a little bit of bass to kind of "feel" explosions but mostly concerned with pinpointing enemies in games.

My options are K7XX, HD58X, HD6XX, HE4XX
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Yeah totally understand that, don't plan on having them that loud and I was planning on getting a ModMic which I would assume has some noise cancelling properties.
My best guess k7xx or he4xx but probably k7xx for what you're looking for. I don't recall perfectly what the He4xx do well (sorry >.>) so just keep that in mind. side note: i only own k7xx and 6xx and I use k7xx more than 6xx. k7xx flop around on my head more (which affects how they sound) but for some reason I prefer them generally more than 6xx as the daily driver.

6xx best for reference quality sound/music. hd6xx are often described as having a smaller sound stage. A very good stage with amazing imaging, but small. I believe 58x is similar.

A large sound stage helps with locating sound origins. Kind of like spreading an image across a second monitor to see a larger picture. K7xx are among some of the largest sound stage headphones in this price range. However, personally to me sometimes things sounded smeared or stretched but that may have more to do with the audio source (movie/tv show). Shoulder shrug. I really don't play shooters all that much anymore so can't really rely on my experience gaming with k7xx.

K7xx are more of a reference sound frequency response (not heavy on the bass but present). Perhaps you've heard of the term bass lite in the gaming headphone world. What I mean to say is getting heavy bass headphones will hurt your performance. Bass is hard for us humans to locate origins -> meaning bass could just fill up the sound space and affect your ability to hear other things you actually can locate.

With that said, bass really helps bring things alive. So it's hard to give up. I think he4xx would be best for that (funner sound signature). I actually don't remember what the sound stage is like for he4xx so perhaps try to find reviews talking about that for them. he4xx does seem to have more quality control issues than k7xx. I hear zero quality control issues from 6xx.
Bought these during the summer and replaced my HD598'S due to some slack in the cable and just generally wanting to get into the more "high-end" headphones.
I was worried that the K7xx wouldn't be so different from my 598's and boy was I wrong. I can hear heaps of differences. Pairing them with a Sound Blaster Z and from time to time a Magni 3.
How are these compared to Sennheiser HD 558s?
It's been forever since i've heard the 558's but I'm pretty confident in saying there's way more clarity in the k7xx's - especially in the bass. However, k7xx didn't have as much bass and is harder to drive. The sound stage on k7xx was trippy to hear for the first time after using 558's for years. That's about all I can remember >.<.
11 hrs left, i use a voda crossfade... how does it compare to this?
Hey I bought an AKG K7XX Red several years ago. My cable broke, what sort of cable can I buy to replace it?
amazon has replacement ones for akg headphones i think
Quick question all. Whats the sound leakage like. Ok for outside use?
They're open back cans. They leak like crazy. That's why they sound so spacious. Best for use indoors where it's quiet.
they are open back, so expect to look and sound obnoxious outside.
What is different between the red version and the stock?
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Exactly the same headphones. Just different colors.
one is red.
These are available on amazon for cheaper.

AKG K7XX Massdrop Limited Edition Headphones, Black
same stuff?
Anyone know the actual product dimensions (not the box, just the headphones)? I want to buy a case before it arrives thanks
Hey guys, I need some help. I have a Blue Yeti which I use as a mic and as a "soundcard" with my Bose QC35 for gaming and editing. I know this isn't the perfect scenario, but can it power the k7xx ?
It will work but probably won't be as satisfying and tight in the bass as it would be with a headphone amp with lots of power on tap. I use a JDS Element with the K7xxs and it sounds great . Try it though, you may be OK with your setup if it sounds good to you,
I recently made this tube/mosfet hybrid headphone amp, and there's a very definite difference between the sound from just plugging these into my computer or having that amp between:

I'm not an audiophile by any means, but I was gently surprised by the difference. Didn't find these to be too great right from the computer.