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Massdrop x Koss KSC75X On-Ear Headphones

Massdrop x Koss KSC75X On-Ear Headphones

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Mic Drop The Koss KSC75X are considered one of the best deals in Audiophiledom. We’ve added more functionality by collaborating with Koss to create the KSC75X, featuring a microphone and updated aesthetic.

Flexibility, Performance, Looks Sound:  Clear & balanced, the dynamic drivers have a titanium coating that adds rigidity and reduces distortion.
Fit:  No headband, doesn’t need to be stuck into your ear, and the earclip is silicone rubber with a metal wire that can be bent to suit your own use (with or without glasses, adjust clamp or to fit your ear). Looks:  Our aim was to create a more modern and sleek look, while still retaining the feel and heritage of the original.

Recognized Modding Platform Mods are amazing. They’re a compliment from the community, saying they love the product and care enough that they want to invest time improving the product. Over the years, people have experimented with: -Different foam thickness or adding a gasket for spacing to dial in bass -“Coin-modding” the foam by cutting a $0.25 coin-sized hole into the pads -Removing the grills protecting the driver (be careful not to push on the driver if you try this one) -“Kramer Modding”, named after a community member who removed the grill and drilled (9) holes plus increased (4) more in order to add even more treble extension.
Search the internet for “Koss KSC75 Kramer mod” to see how people have created lots of mods for these…
You will enjoy these stock, but be sure to post your mods in the discussion!
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I do like the KPH30 - especially in Beige ;-) I was really excited when Koss launched the KPH/GMR pairing, VERY reminiscent of the KTX Pro / UR40 in timing an pairing.
It is however a different driver /tuning and quite a rolled off, laid back sound compared to the Porta and Pora Ti coated 60 ohm variants. Not so much a case of 'instead' but 'also' :)
Well... I wish I would’ve taken my time reading through the comments when I ordered them. I hate treble and am sensitive to highs. I literally just wanted something to use when I watch movies and stuff on my iPad. I should’ve got the ibasso’s like everyone suggested.
Lets talk about these. So they don't sound the same, similar but not same. the Massdrop version is slightly less bassy which makes mid range detail retrieval better. Massdrop version sound has slightly wider sound stage. I prefer the wire on the default version though.
From hereon, this is Porta Pro for me. It’s like a breath of fresh air, after years on the regular one. For music, I’m not going back.
The Koss KSC75X just arrived. Fantastic headphone. I quickly "Headband Modded" it and paired it with my LG V30. Audio bliss to be had.

Swapped my LG G6 for a V40 a couple weeks back. Quad DAC is the real deal! I'm loving all of the customization optinons, though I really only use the equalizer. I swapped these into the headband of some PPX's and made some ear-clip Porta Pros.
The KSC75 Massdrop edition is very disappointing ,, it sound anemic and cheap compered to the retail silver version , the cable they used is thinner and less durable, not recommended at all .
So i just got mine in the mail, and am testing them with my desktop (which requires use of a "small to big" or 1/4 to 3.5mm adapter) and the weirdest thing happens - the audio is all mid channel unless i hold down the mic button, then it will be full stereo. This won't do, as i hope to use these with my home rig as well as on the go. Any idea why? are there adapters that take the 3rd ring on the plug into account and let you use it as intended? P.S. tried these on my phone and tablet and they do sound great in other setups as long as i don't need an adapter, but once that use-case comes up they're kinda borked. Help a moron out, anyone? thanks in advance.
The problem is in the adapter, and there are only certain ones I have that work. The post on the headphones is TRRS and the typical adapter is TRS so things aren't lining up properly and you're getting a short across the mic ring. My first suggestion would be to plug the KSC's into the adapter that's connected to your desktop, turn on the music, and then you twist the post in the hole on the connection and see if that restores the full stereo sound. I have to do this every time I plug my PortaPros or my KPH30i's into my work setup. I have some adapters that work fine after the twisting, but some don't work even after the twisting or they work but will short when moved. I have a couple adapters from some V-Modas and those are the best. No twisting ever. The all metal ones I've purchased never work, but the gold ones with the black plastic ring work well (with the twist). These are the ones.... You can also use this. It'll remove the mic channel, but you'll still need the 3.5mm to 6.3 mm adapter.
Got a shipping notif for these! Excited to get my hands on these. I am a huge fan of the Koss Porta Pros and have the massdrop edition. Looking forward to testing the KSC75X out.
If anyone can reach out to Koss, tell them this would be a great form factor for bluetooth... my new phone One Plus 6T will have no headphone jack... so it would be nice to have a bluetooth version of these
Wireless bullets are pretty clean with complies. Just sayin'
They have several similar bluetooth headphones, although I've never used any of them.
Really sad I missed the first run of this drop. Hopefully, being a Massdrop x Koss product it'll return shortly after the first run. I don't want to have to resort to the grey ones on Amazon!
Cool to see these on Massdrop. I know the KSC75s get a lot of love, but I still think they're underrated.
I did a video comparing them with Koss Porta Pro and KPH30i. Oddly they all have their pros and cons versus each other, and sound surprisingly different so that different people will prefer different sets. KSC75 are clearly the brightest of the three. They're also the lightest on bass, but bass is still really solid. These are like mini Grados...but kinda better.
Looks like the drop made it! Nice. Unfortunately, the revised description on the drop page outlines that the cable hasn't been reinforced:
"A revision of the company’s KSC75 model, this collaboration has the same clip-on, on-ear style, now with a custom midnight blue colorway and a one-touch remote for controlling tracks and taking calls. "
If Massdrop people are listening, please consider the next iteration to either have a reinforced cable or use a MMCX detachable cable. People are willing to pay more for better quality!
I've been looking for a less intrusive alternative to a gaming headset for console.
If I plugged this to my PS4 controller, would the mic work?
Swapping the Porta Pro X drivers with these has me excited, mostly only to match/bring out the tiny bit of midnight blue on the Porta Pro X's headband, besides that lil' added bass a good clampin' gives the KSC's. My KSC75/Sporta Pro driver swap yielded 2 of my favorite pairs of cans, having inline mics and niftier colors is gonna be dope. Has anyone seen a pic of the other side of the remote/mic yet? The side with the button? Seems like the only pics I've seen so far are of the microphone side.
I wish I could get these with a headband. I wore these and put porta pros over them as a sort of clamp, and they sound even better
I read elsewhere that you can snap them into the simple metal headband of the cheapest Parts Express headphones, and already have mine waiting. Also, the Plantronics donut ear pads have been recomended...
Why's this cost more than Amazon, and take over a month longer to ship?
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Ah, I kept googling it with the X and got completely different results.
I guess other than the color, what is different in this drop?
I think an inline mic, but I don't think it's worth waiting that long for a 2 dollar mic
Is the bass on these good ?? Are these comfortable ??
Are these made in Germany ??
I have the standard KSC75s and LOVE THEM. I have felt for years the only thing I wish I could add to them was an inline mic and they would be my perfect go-to headphones. I have a pair I use everyday and another unopened pair as a backup. I recently joined mass drop for another product and was browsing and found these. I immediately ordered them! Totally stoked!
KSC75 MMCX would be perfect. Even for a triple price.
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I think I will do that too, I already have a balanced cable that I use between the Shure SE535 and Onkyo DP-X1A!
What is this sorcery?
Anyone with glasses have experience wearing these?
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I no longer wear glasses, after lasik, but I remember the KSC75 were great to wear with glasses, they are loose enough they'll fit alongside just fine.
They are so cheap and sound like champs, I end up giving them away. I've given pairs to my father and older brother, both of whom wear glasses and love 'em. Similarly, my mother really likes her pair, and she wears them with her reading glasses - she pointed out to me that any glasses case also makes a great headphone case for these ;)
They fit just fine alongside eyeglass arms, in fact they might be _more_ comfortable for eyeglass wearers because we're used to feeling something on there (or the skin is more desensitized at that particular spot). I'm willing to bet whatever few complaints exist about these clips feeling bad to wear on the ears are 99% from people who _don't_ wear eyeglasses. :)
Not surprised that all of the pictures only show the side of the person's head and never from the front. These things are fugly and stick out on your ears. They look much stranger than if you wore full size headphones in public. I keep these at home for the right application for the sound quality and abundance of this headphone, but, yeah, it's hideous.
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I need to do the same with my SHP9500s :)
HD58X and HD660S sound nothing like each other. With the exception of the original HD580 and HD580 Jubilee I own all the cans in the HD6xx series. The only 2 that sound alike are the HD650 and HD6XX (because they are the same), while the rest all have their unique and distinct sound.
I've had too many pairs break to trust that the same won't happen to these. I am concerned that there were no cabling improvements (connection point protection and/or thicker cabling) added to this version given 1.) they did make a change to the cabling with the in-line mic, and 2.) the poor durability of the cabling is a well-known issue.
I see a lot of comments about Apple vs standard TRRS wiring. There are adaptors that work well.
Are these just KSC 75's with an inline microphone?
Yes, and the Midnight Blue Color is a MD Exclusive.
Standard TRRS? or apple bs?
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You can buy adaptors that change apple to standard wiring, like this...
thanks, I appreciate it, the Sony EC250 will do the same, right? (a family member gave him some iphone compat. beats solos, he could use those with the omtp conversion, right?)
Would've been good if they reinforced the cables, but it looks like it isn't the case. Got 2 pairs die on me unrepairable.
That and a better connection between the earphone and clip. Just a higher grade plastic would help. I go through about 1 pair of KSC75's a year for one or the other reason. I've added a small piece of duct tape or similar at the cable junction, which seems to help.
Removable cables or some kind of improvement on the durability would be a godsend.
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As a human owned by a cable-nibbling cat, I would love this too!
You do realize all it takes to strain-relieve those wires and make them last is a bit of hot glue around their exit point, right? There's even a YT video on how to do it.
I wonder how these compare to the ATH-EM7Xs. I recent aquired a pair, open back headphones seem well suited for walking around and being at least somewhat aware of your surroundings... a shame this formfactor is so uncommon
Is it possible to transplant the driver into a Porta Pro?
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Thanks! I hate IEMs with cables looping over the ear and clip-on earphones. It’s great these can pop into a Porta Pro headband.
Ok. Got a pair to pop onto my Porta Pro band. I’m wondering if I should get another. But my Porta pros has lasted for quite a while.
Koss has beefed up the cable (y-split to jack) and added a spring to jack on the Porta Pro X which is nice. But the L and R wires are still that crappy thin affair. They should beef that up instead of having their claims dept handling warranty replacements.
$17? Seems to me they go on sale fairly often for $10. Great cheap cans though.
The current ones do not have inline mic and remote like these do. It's worth the extra $7 to me.