Massdrop x Koss KSC75X On-Ear Headphonessearch
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Massdrop x Koss KSC75X On-Ear Headphones

Massdrop x Koss KSC75X On-Ear Headphones

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Mic Drop The Koss KSC75X are considered one of the best deals in Audiophiledom. We’ve added more functionality by collaborating with Koss to create the KSC75X, featuring a microphone and updated aesthetic.

Flexibility, Performance, Looks
Sound:  Clear & balanced, the dynamic drivers have a titanium coating that adds rigidity and reduces distortion.
Fit:  No headband, doesn’t need to be stuck into your ear, and the earclip is silicone rubber with a metal wire that can be bent to suit your own use (with or without glasses, adjust clamp or to fit your ear). Looks:  Our aim was to create a more modern and sleek look, while still retaining the feel and heritage of the original.

Recognized Modding Platform Mods are amazing. They’re a compliment from the community, saying they love the product and care enough that they want to invest time personalizing the product. Over the years, people have experimented with: -Different foam thickness or adding a gasket for spacing to dial in bass -“Coin-modding” the foam by cutting a $0.25 coin-sized hole into the pads -Removing the grills protecting the driver (be careful not to push on the driver if you try this one) -“Kramer Modding”, named after a community member who removed the grill and drilled (9) holes plus increased (4) more in order to add even more treble extension.
Search the internet for “Koss KSC75 Kramer mod” to see how people have created lots of mods for these… You will enjoy these stock, but be sure to post your mods in the discussion!
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Grab some Porta pros instead.
Why not both?
I just got the and have been lightly using them for a few weeks. The cable for the right side is already cutting in an out. Other than that they have been great. Can you guys add a better cable or an mmcx connector? I will try to do it(add mmcx connectors) on my own to save these but if I fail I probably won't buy another set unless they have a better cable/mmcx/detachable cable.
Hmm mmcx connector + Mee Bluetooth cable.... Would that work?
I LOVE these!! I have a set of $2000 dollar headphones sitting 4 foot away from me and I am not even tempted to switch over to them. These headphones sound as good or better than headphones costing hundreds of dollars. I use these everywhere from biking, weightlifting, hiking or even sitting at my desk for extended listening. HOWEVER, the one thing I would change is adding a detachable mmcx wire. If they did this I would buy several pair.
Headband, kramer and mmcx mod for my KSC75X. I like KSC75 sound better than the KPP. KOSS has a huge following here in PH and i already saw a lot of people here that have done these mods as well.

Tutorial for MMCX mod please!!!
Id love a detatchable mmcx wire. I would buy one for all my 5 brothers if that were the case.
APO EQ config anyone?
Is the mic noise cancelling?
Love these already! They sound awesome and the dark purple aesthetic beats the hell out of the original look. However this cable is the most obvious failure point and I'd like to see mmcx in the next round
Removable cable and an optional headband that isn't shit would also be helpful... for those that can't tolerate the clips ;)
If these cost a little more but had a MMCX connector I would be so happy.
I had a pair of KSC75s for a few years, and I remember them having a buzzing bass distortion on recordings with heavy bass.
This has been a problem pretty much forever with the KSC75: once you push it past like 80 dB or so, its bass distorts. Simplest solution is to just not push it that loud.
I'm buying now, but next round add some MMCX connectors!
Give us a detachable wire option for god's sake
is there gonna be detachable wire version of this? like mmcx or 2 pins. or 2.5mm?
i know everyone saying the regular KSC75 cable is better than massdrop one, but the massdrop design sure looks more sexy! hopfully they change to better cables in the future, but i aint waiting, already ordered :)
Next massdrop edition: MMCX connectors! Do it.
After seeing ZReviews regarding this, I ordered 3. Would have ordered more if the cable is detachable, be it 2 pin or mmcx. Prefer it as mmcx though as it is more standard than 2 pin. So please, please make it detachable!!
Isn't Z also the one who said the male stereo jack solution on some Superlux models is a great idea because it detaches easily if you catch and yank the cable accidentally, and thereby saves the headphones? Imagine yanking the cable on these fragile little things with screw-on MMCX connectors not allowing it to detach. I'd just put 2.5mm stereo male jacks on them, with one using only the ring and the other only the tip for signal, so you can reverse the cable and still have them work right.
With some MMCX connectors these would be God tier. Sadly, with the cable noise they fall a little short. I also prefer the warmer sound of the ports pros. But, Koss, PLEASE update both with MMCX!!!
Everyone asking for MMCX is clueless. That’s a terrible connector with a very low insertion rating and extremely prone to breaking. You want 2pin because that’s a much more durable and far superior connector.
Yeah, or better yet 2.5mm stereo male, because it's easier to find cheap-ish cable alternatives without making your own. Some audiophiles/gear-philes too easily forget that the rest of the world hasn't heard of and doesn't need to deal with relatively obscure connectors like MMCX or vendor-specific ones like the Sennheiser 2-pin-whatever. This Koss is priced like a mass-market product, it's not just meant for rich nerds buying 500-1000 USD headphones, who may not be inconvenienced much by what type of connector is or isn't offered.
+1 for mmcx connectors please. I've had the standard Koss versions and love them! Bought three more for my friends at Christmas. mmcx would allow the use of a balanced cable...these will be more amazinger, more fantasticer etc. etc.
Really looking forward to these as I do like my porta pros. If they're half as good as Zeos says they're a steal. Now if only we could replace the cable using MMCX connectivity that would truly be something special.
Chiming in with the Z-Army here: Yes, these things do sound incredible for the price (and even in general, really) but the cable is an abomination. It doesn't even have a stress relief at the headphones but I guess that's because KOSS figured that the cable is so flimsy anyway that it's just as likely to break there as it is to break at any other part of it. Please give us a Version with MMCX connectors. I'd also be happy to buy another pair or two at up to $10 more each if they had detachable cables.
You already know what we want... MMCX!
I have had the KSC75 version of these for a long time and if you buy an MPOW Bluetooth 4.1 receiver (which you can get for about $7 or so) and plug the headphones into that, you can pair it with your phone and have instant wireless headphones.
Please put MMCX connectors one these.
Pls put MMCX connectors one these.
they don't have MMCX connectors.
I just watched the Zreviews on these and ordered them immediately. But I have to agree with Zeos. I would happily drop $25.00 on these (or even $30), if the had mmcx connectors on the end. I've sent KSC75s and Portapros back to Koss for warranty service and it's mostly because of the wire. If you can swap the wire out, that eliminates that problem.
Cable is Shit. Make them w/ MMCX or 2-Pins Connector and I'll buy a set at an Increased Price! Hell, I'll buy two.