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Massdrop x Koss Porta Pro X Headphones

Massdrop x Koss Porta Pro X Headphones

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I used to have the Koss Porta Pro Junior headphones. They sounded fantastic for the money, but the thin plastic breaks easily at the hinges.
I received mine yesterday and been listening for hours. I hear an imbalance between my left and right ears even I position it properly in my ears. If I position it improperly to find the balance then its fine. Is it only or anyone else here have this problem ? Or maybe a problem in the headphones itself ?
These sound very surprisingly good, but I feel like the cable could have been one foot longer.
Awesome except unfortunately I was greeted with a €19 import fee upon delivery (to the Netherlands).
I was turned onto Koss via the KPH30i and they have become my go-to mobile headphones for radio and podcasts. I like the way Porta Pros sound for mobile listening, but I found that they caused discomfort on the ear after 20-30 min of wear. The stock pads for the KPH30i seem thicker than the Porta Pro (but I have not measured).
I ordered ear pad replacements for the Porta Pro from Yaxi Pads, for $12 with free shipping to the US from Japan. They are a worthwhile upgrade, IMO, they distribute the pressure and buffer the contact points between my ear and the speaker. I'm sure the additional padding affects the sound in some way, but listen-ability for me comes from being able to wear them comfortably first.
And yes, they also come in black!

Next time please consider using the upgraded cloth covered cable.
I might not have ever tried the Porta Pros if not for the $20 Massdrop KPH30i. Those started my obsession with Koss. Now I have four pairs of Koss on-ears 🙃
I did a video comparing three of 'em, including the Porta Pro. The PPs are the warmest of the three, most bass, but still pretty solid mids and highs. It's a more laid-back listen than the energetic KSC75, with the KPH30i landing somewhere between them.
My only complaint with the Porta Pro is the handband that won't keep its size adjustment. I won't complain about the looks of the headphone, I think it looks awesome and it's a great conversation starter. Fun to put these on someone's head and surprise them with the sound out of something that looks clearly 40 years old.
Is Lifetime Warranty possible in Poland (this country have official distribution)?
First saw the Porta Pros when headphone shopping in Shinjuku a long while back. Didn’t think much of it because of it‘s looks. So I thought, what the hell, and had a listen...
Rest is history.
Aren't these cheaper on Amazon? or is there a difference with the x?
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They're not always cheaper on Amazon; keep that in mind. The nice thing is you can buy these that come with a bit better cable, and go on Amazon and get the hard case, almost for the retail price of the regular one that comes with an inline mic, which is usually $59.99.
Here, add $37.99 for the Porta Pro X to about $14.99 for the hard case on Amazon and you got yourself a sweet deal.
This the Koss version of the MD PPX. It's also available on the Koss site for the same price ($59.99). So the MD PPX is like a $22 savings.
I really like these - the sound, the size and weight, and even the look. The only issue I have is that my ears hurt quite a bit where the pads touch after about 30 min. of listening. I think it might just be the pads, because I use the KPH30i for hours at a time without any pain or discomfort.
Anyone try any replacement pads?
i hope these are coming back. i've been wanting my partner to have higher fi headphones than what she owns and these might just work with her hearing equipment.
Sure you know they're back, and they drop all the time.
I just received my pair Porta Pro made possible Massdrop, i really blown away with the soundstage and quality of the sound.
Happy and glad to part of this community
Thanks Massdrop
Found this article on another forum. I believe the article was written around 1984 when the PP's were first released. Though some of my fellow PP fans might be interested.

This is much better than original.
Will the mic work with language program apps, where you have to speak as part of the testing and training?
Does it have a bit of noise cancelling? I wonder to buy it because it does all I want (good sound, lightweight, foldable) but I don't want people to ear my music, and I would to cancel exterior noise too. :/ do you recommend it even tough? I guess we can't use it in car or flight?
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sound quality is amazing. one of the best bang for your buck headphones. there is not too much bass. for the price, quality, novelty this is an easy buy
Thanks for your answer. I was wondering about buying the AKG Y50 or The Porta pro, but Maybe I'll take the step and try this one. I hope is not too old against all those '' modern'' headphones. :)
Verrryyy nice headset, I use it mainly at work, and it simply delivers. Really light and comfortable, it packs a solid bass, for either hip hop, smooth jazz or heavy metal!
Definitely recommend this buy! There's a warranty and all!
Your other headphones will be jealous ;)
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Well for Sennheiser I *was* referring to the folding compact PX-100 II, but it seems it's since been replaced with a new lineup that so far might not be quite as good. The Grado SR60e (made in Brooklyn NY!) is the other one, which is not as portable but has a similar long history of afforable performance, looks that haven't changed in 25 years, and moddability. They're twice as much as PortaPros ($80), but you're also getting twice as much headphone. For another $20 you get another $20 worth of headphone from the SR80e. Don't get them from Amazon though, you only want to get Grados through an authorized retailer in order to get the warranty.
Thanks so much, those Grados have a tight look...
seriously this small thing can beat 80% of the over the head cans here...
These seem comfortable and supremely portable. One of the headphones that won't look out of place with my uniform, too! However, I just got the Thinksound on ears... Decisions, decisions :|
How do these compare with Porta Pro (no X) available on Amazon at the same price?
The drivers are the same. Only differences would be the carrying case, colorway, and robot cable on the massdrop edition
Just here to say again that I fucking love these headphones. Long time user of HD 598's. Never going back. Music is just so undeniably ENJOYABLE through the Porta Pros. I can't get enough. Run through a Dragonfly Red and it cleans up the mids and highs a bit, I don't miss "audiophile" headphones one bit.
Just got mine and they sound incredible for the price. However, they're so light that they feel a bit fragile and the headband might be uncomfortable for bigger heads. I'm not confident in the long time durability as I'll have them in a backpack, but so far so good. Sound great withy my LG V30 and the built-in dac, but you'll want an amp to get the most out of them. I also wish they came with a hard case even if it cost extra.
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That's really helpful, thank you!
Your welcome :)
This is by far now the most favorite audio gear I have. It melts away on your head so you don't notice it. It's portable enough to fit in a pocket. And the bass is good.
I think I'm cheating on my Senn Urbanites with this.... Urbanites got style this got none.
If anyone at Koss is monitoring this board, have you ever considered a MD version of the UR42i?
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Just got my first ever porta pro from amazon. I may give them away and get the porta pro x for myself. I really like them.
I got my first pair in 1986. Still have a distant relative of that original pair. I think I warrantied broken pairs about 6 or 7 times over the years. I used to be really hard on my headphones. Easy exchange living in a Milwaukee suburb. I give away lots of Porta Pros to customers and engineers that I deal with at work. Much better than just a business card. I started giving out the KPH30i too since their cheaper. The PPX is a great version the PP. The price is easy as well. I just bought my 5th pair.
Shipped on Monday, north jersey to Pennsylvania, back to north jersey (after sitting for a couple of days) then finally set for delivery today after they changed it from Friday, in south jersey. Funny thing is, at no time during this entire fiasco was this package anymore than a two hour drive from my residence. Whoever created fedex smartpost has to be a frickin idiot! I say that with the utmost respect......
I'm from Richland NJ, in Buena Vista Township, right outside of Vineland. I got my first Portapros years ago at my new residence in NM. I love them!
How are these for commutes/travel etc? Do they bleed sound out everywhere?
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I can second this. Podcasts leak almost no sound at all, music is a very quiet hum.
If they bleed sound everywhere you are playing them at a level that wil damage your hearing. Of course the more your hearing gets damaged, the louder you will need to listen! Hope it's not too late.
Never understood why a portable device has higher than norm impedance.
They work fine with phones but I amp them with a Fiio for kicks.
-2018 -koss porta pro ...
The design is outdated but the sound sig is pretty good for modern day especially for the electronic music.
So mine arrived last week....I just can't believve how good this is......I'm simply blown away by these lowpriced amazing sounding headphones.
Welcome to audiophile 101 aka Don't Buy Beats
Haven't bought beats in my life.