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So i was expected this as rather flat sound sig but it definitely has V shape with a lot of bass. more vshape than m50. the sound is good tho btw.
I just received my Portapros in the mail right now. They sound EXACTLY like I imagined. They are not Hi-Fi but man...they sound very powerful. The sound signature is towards the bassy side. The lows are between loose and tight, sub bass is non-existent, mid bass is somewhat muddy, the mids are a bit muddy also...and highs are subdued. 😒

To my ears, they sound “veiled”...not like my Sennheisers...but there is a thin layer of something covering the sound. Obviously, that happens when one downgrades to lesser headphones. It’s just the brain/ears noticing the reduction in sound biggie! But if I place them almost off my ears, the sound enters my canals better and they get a bit brighter. 😏

Honestly, I can hear everything I hear on my Beyerdynamic DT880 600 ohm or Audio-Technica’s all there...just not as impressive, sparkly, or 3D. There is no funky sound signature...thankfully! I am surprised that these are analytical not in the audio engineering sense...but in the audio enjoyment sense. That’s so new to me. It’s like they let me get inside the music and hear everything without any fear of harshness. They sound right to my ears. I’m having great fun right now listening fearlessly to my favorite tracks that sound bad on my monitor headphones. 🙂

Are these worth the money? Soundwise, I say yes. They sound good, not great, but this good is 100% someone says they sound great, it’s not a lie. They get SUPER loud on my iPhone 8 Plus and do not leave me wanting more...well...a bit more sizzle would make them better. 😃

So yeah... I get why people love these. I TOTALLY understand why folks get giddy and excited about these...I really do. The sound is not amazing...obviously...but they punch above their weight. God bless you all! 😇

PS: They are tiny. Pictures make them look bigger. They even came with a very nice, also tiny carrying pouch.😁
Got mine. Sounded great. Then the next day when I went to put them on, the left side popped off and now I can't get it back on. Very disappointing build quality.
Same here, down to the side. Maybe it was a batch issue with the components?
Could be. Have you contacted support yet? They asked me to confirm my shipping address, so I did, and now it's been radio silence for 3 days. Little frustrated with them right now.
Still waiting for mine to arrive after a month...contacted Massdrop support, said it was lost in transaction. Requested for an attempted resend, no reply...
headphones are top notch!!!!!!!! but for real, fuck this pouch. due to the cut/shape of the pouch its very time consuming to put away. i am definitely going to buy the hard case bc aint nobody got time.
Finally got it 2 days ago, it took about 16 days to ship to Singapore which is where I am staying. My first impression would be that it looks really really small at first glance, I was even wondering if it would fit on my head but luckily it did after expanding the strap to almost its fullest. Whenever it felt a little loose, I would just push on the side foams so that it would tighten the band on the top of your head. Sound is amazingly clear, really surprised by its quality and the dynamic range it provided. It comes included with a pouch so you can fold it and bring it wherever you go. This are actually my first On Ear Headphones and it really left a great first impression on me. Too bad it does not come with extra replacement cushions, even a pair would be amazing.

Solid purchase, highly recommend it.
These have quickly become my favorite daily driver headphones. There was only one thing - I had issues with the button/mic even after Massdrop sent a replacement, so I ended up recabling mine. The mic kept engaging SIRI on my iPhone and pause my audio randomly. Plus, the button/mic was kind of awkwardly bulky for such small, portable headphones. After a new set of cables, these are slim and sleek and perfect for every day use.
Hello guys, I've just post a video of Koss Porta Pro X unboxing.
I just got mine today and I have to say this is by far the best Porta Pro yet. Love the new cable/connector/strain relief/"Y" splitter/mic. I also love the MD color scheme. Best looking Porta Pro I own save for the 25th Anniversary pair. This MD deal was so good I snatched another pair only minutes after mine were delivered.
Any glasses wearers using these who can tell me if they affect the arms of your glasses at all?
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Yeah I'm sure. lol
Can anyone explain what's the point in this deal when you can easily get Porta Pros on ebay for $25-35?
This edition doesn't even have a fabric cable (like the 25th anniversary edition Porta Pros had), so why everyone is so excited with it?
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Do you know if they have the same driver?
The version of this Massdrop Porta Pro sold on Amazon and on the Koss site is $59 and is the latest update to the line. I got mine because I love the color scheme, and I've been collecting special editions of PPs for a long time now. I can also tell you that when you buy what I would call the "classic" Porta Pro from Amazon you are getting a lesser quality pair. The sound is the same, but the quality of the cable is poor (not as supple and never really loses the kinks), the "comfort zone" sliders don't work well or one side works while the other doesn't, and the screw that's on the left ear frame is replaced with a plastic plug (even though the Amazon pictures show otherwise). There are also a lot of fakes on eBay (especially the 25th Anniversary Models) so you need to be careful when purchasing.
These headphones are absolutely amazing.

I still can't really believe how nice they sound, being pretty clear and having just the right sound signature. Sure, that's subjective, but for someone like me, who likes a laid back and warm signature similar to the Sennheiser HD650, they are just perfect.

When I let friends try them who are not into audio that much, they are just blown away. And the Massdrop version even looks pretty good in my opinion, contrary to the standard version. Build quality is better (they seem more durable with the thicker cable and thicker connector) and the mic is a nice extra too.

I have to say, these headphones just have incredible value. Good job Koss and Massdrop!
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True, still great value at this price. And Massdrop's color scheme is just gorgeous.
The Massdrop version is a great buy, and I love the look too.