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Hi all -
With the positive community response around the first drop for the 58X (~1.6k units sold), we’ve been able to work with Sennheiser to begin production on those units and additional units without impacting ship time of the first drop. Because of this, will likely be able to open up a couple of limited quantity drops over the next several months.
This first drop will be live at 6am PT on 2/14 with a quantity of 600 units available (the drop will be live until 2250 total units have been sold). These units are estimated to ship in July.
Thanks for helping make the 58X a success!
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i do agree the 6XX has good bass for a completely open can compared to what else i have listened to. I am not expecting that level of bass though. I think a really good option for your second headphone would be the HE4XX or modhouse argon MK3s though( in the $150-200 price range). Sounds like the exact signature you are looking for, and planars are in a whole different level in terms of fast paced, hectic music.
I already have a pair of HE4XX on the way sometime in May. Oh I'm WELL PAST my second headphone. Along with HD 6XX, I have the Fostex TH-X00 Mahogany, DT900 600 ohm, DT880 250 Chrome,Sennheiser HD 205 for movies and three pairs of Audio Technica cans. All my bases are actually covered but since I just received my first REAL pair of Sennheiser I'm intrigued into that slightly different tuning that would accompany the HD6XX as my Beyers compliment each other track to track. Not genre to genre. Track to track. My headphone collection is remedial by many peoples standards but it's the journey that intrigues us into this hobby. I'm DONE for the year. No more audio gear. Well MAYBE just one more amp....
Legendary Line

As enthusiasts, we hope for a really great experience and value in what we buy.

Consistently (for the past 26 years), Sennheiser has been providing great value with a great musical experience in the HD580, HD600, and HD650/HD6XX.  They all use the same driver design and materials.

These models are community recommended “go-to” favorite headphones. Massdrop’s own version of HD650 (the HD6XX) has sold over 30,000 pairs during the past year.

The only real requests for changes we see have to do with color, comfort, a “veil” to the sound perceived by some, and the amount of amplification they need to sound their best.

For colorway, the new HD58X goes back to the HD580 Jubilee roots and is black with dark grey grills.

For comfort, the pads do soften over time and the headband can be “massaged” by slightly bending the frame to make less clamping force. There are instructions online explaining how to do this.

For amplification, these are a bit easier to drive.  Reports are coming back that these are about 4 decibels louder on portable devices like cell phones.

For the “Sennheiser veil” perceived by some...

New Driver Unveiling

What has not changed in the HD58X Jubilee?

-Still has 38mm dynamic drivers.  
-Still audiophile quality.  
-Same tooling, comfort, interchangeable 600/650/6XX/660S parts in the rest of the headphone.

What is different in the HD58X Jubilee?

-300 ohm resistance lowered to 150 ohms.  
-Voice coil material has changed, it has a lower electrical resistance.
-Diaphragm shape has been revised.
-Different damping scheme and acoustic baffle.

These changes were made to lower impedance (easier to drive) as well as increase the top end of the frequency range.  In the “air” treble region of 12kHz-15kHz, there is better extension as compared to the HD600/650. The bass rolls off a little earlier than typical for the line as a tradeoff for lower distortion in the area. We have requested an increase to bass extension if Sennheiser can do so without any negative effects by the time of production and they have agreed.

These new drivers have been characterized as clearer, faster, and more lively in presentation...without requiring specialized gear.  

Audiophiles like to say that the 580/600/650/6XX “scales well” with better gear.
The HD58X are designed to perform well “out of the box” with almost anything you plug them into.
They're great with your laptop or phone but as with all headphones in this series, you gain a lot by adding a dedicated amplifier.

This driver is closely related to the driver in the new HD660S. EDIT: Same size (both 38mm as confirmed by Sennheiser), same materials, there are some differences in the damping scheme and driver housing.

This is the newest evolution for the line, another beginning deserved by the line-up that started with the HD580 25 years ago.  Add these to your collection to complement HD6XX/K7XX/HE-350 or start your journey here.


The packaging will be simplified to reduce cost.  The 600/650/6XX come in hefty “presentation boxes” which may be piling up in your closet.

With our high volumes and less expensive packaging, we’re able to make this headphone available with a special price on the first drop: $149.99.

After the first drop, the price will increase in future drops. The magnitude of the increase is unclear pending production of the HD58X.

The Massdrop x Sennheiser HD58X Jubilee pays homage to the headphone that started it all and represents the start of the next chapter…
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There are all kind of songs that you can test the performance of the bass. Usually for sub bass i use "Program hostile" song from Crypsis, thickness with "Red water" song from Extize, and energetics + separation in " Eretox 2k" song from Heretik system. Ofc. your choice may differ over styles and personal tastes.
Thank you Sir Pig. I will try those on the PC37X for now until june/july.
Why is the drop inactive now? I just got an email on March 6th saying I still had 20+ days!? Is this product coming back, I'm not too familiar with this website or anything.
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So is there no way to now get them anymore? I would still like to purchase them, regardless of where that may be.
When placing my order “joined the drop” it stated that 1606 other members We’re in , & that this drip would be limited to 1700 units. I joined the drop March 16th. Maybe try messaging bradr and see if they can help.
Just joined drop! I think this is bargin for what they are offering. Plus Senniheiser is tuning the driver. Whatelse can you ask for at this price range. Cant wait until receive this and try it. 😀
Hey Massdrop here's a suggestion. Give us the option of a 10 FT CORD with 1/4" end. I'll never plug these into anything other than my main rig or secondary computer setup which BOTH have 1/4" plugs. I doubt I'll ever take these out of my house so the shorter cable is nice to have but prevents me from using them in my music room with audio gear on one wall and my chair on the opposite wall. Regardless of the lower impedance I feel MOST people would agree with me and would rather have a longer cord with the 1/4" end as included with the HD 660S.
Sennheiser sells those 10ft cables for less than 20$ from their service and parts premises. I live in Montreal Canada and I bought a couple of them at Sennheiser Canada's Pointe-Claire (borough of Montreal) service facility 16.99$ each if I recall.
Would this:
Go along good with these?
Yes, the Fulla 2 is good with most headphones, these don’t need much power.
A little late to the party, but would these be a substantial upgrade to the AKG M220 Studio massdrop collab, or would it better to try and jump to something a little higher up? Just running a basic tube amp/DAC right now, but I’m on the drop for the mass drop/thx solid state amp as well
imo these should a be a huge step up.
Can the Astell & Kern AK70 drive these headphones?
with ease
Thank you for the reply!
Hi folks,
I already made the drop and need to know(wanna go balanced!)which cable is used here ?
Is it a new one like HD 660s or from HD 600...
A real answer would be fine,cause funny,neither Sennheiser nor Massdrop
Helping-Center couldn't help me here!

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The connectors are identical in all those headphones.
Dear Horten,
thanks for clarification!