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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Headphones

Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Headphones

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Legendary Line
As enthusiasts, we hope for a really great experience and value in what we buy.
Consistently (for the past 26 years), Sennheiser has been providing great value with a great musical experience in the HD580, HD600, and HD650/HD6XX.  They all use the same driver design and materials.
These models are community recommended “go-to” favorite headphones. Massdrop’s own version of HD650 (the HD6XX) has sold over 50,000 pairs during the past year.
The only real requests for changes we see have to do with color, comfort, a “veil” to the sound perceived by some, and the amount of amplification they need to sound their best.
For colorway, the new HD58X goes back to the HD580 Jubilee roots and is black with dark grey grills.
For comfort, the pads do soften over time and the headband can be “massaged” by slightly bending the frame to make less clamping force. There are instructions online explaining how to do this.
For amplification, these are a bit easier to drive.  Reports are coming back that these are about 4 decibels louder on portable devices like cell phones.
For the “Sennheiser veil” perceived by some...
New Driver Unveiling
What has not changed in the HD58X Jubilee?
-Still has 38mm dynamic drivers.   -Still audiophile quality.   -Same tooling, comfort, interchangeable 600/650/6XX/660S parts in the rest of the headphone.
What is different in the HD58X Jubilee?
-300 ohm resistance lowered to 150 ohms.   -Voice coil material has changed, it has a lower electrical resistance. -Diaphragm shape has been revised. -Different damping scheme and acoustic baffle.
These changes were made to lower impedance (easier to drive) as well as increase the top end of the frequency range.  In the “air” treble region of 12kHz-15kHz, there is better extension as compared to the HD600/650. The bass rolls off a little earlier than typical for the line as a tradeoff for lower distortion in the area. We have requested an increase to bass extension if Sennheiser can do so without any negative effects by the time of production and they have agreed.
These new drivers have been characterized as clearer, faster, and more lively in presentation...without requiring specialized gear.  
Audiophiles like to say that the 580/600/650/6XX “scales well” with better gear. The HD58X are designed to perform well “out of the box” with almost anything you plug them into. They're great with your laptop or phone but as with all headphones in this series, you gain a lot by adding a dedicated amplifier.
This driver is closely related to the driver in the new HD660S. EDIT: Same size (both 38mm as confirmed by Sennheiser), same materials, there are some differences in the damping scheme and driver housing.
This is the newest evolution for the line, another beginning deserved by the line-up that started with the HD580 25 years ago.  Add these to your collection to complement HD6XX/K7XX/HE-350 or start your journey here.
The packaging will be simplified to reduce cost.  The 600/650/6XX come in hefty “presentation boxes” which may be piling up in your closet.
With our high volumes and less expensive packaging, we’re able to make this headphone available with a special price on the first drop: $149.99
After the first drop, the price will increase in future drops. The magnitude of the increase is unclear pending production of the HD58X.
The Massdrop x Sennheiser HD58X Jubilee pays homage to the headphone that started it all and represents the start of the next chapter…
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I, too, was cornfuddled by that statement about the diaphragm size. 38mm is very probably smaller than 40mm, according to my understanding of relativity. You have, in fact, spoken to the crux of the biscuit.
ya, why massdrop why.
Hey, these are my first pair of good headphones and I wanted to know what kind of amp would be good to start off with.
Quick feedback about the delivery to France (Toulouse): Drop joined on October 2nd, delivered on October 8th. So, they crossed the US, the ocean and Europe in 6 days. Wow! Shipping cost was $15, and I haven't had to pay customs fees! Great service Massdrop & DHL!
En français: Commandé le 02/10 et reçu le 08/10 à Toulouse (frais de port de 15$), sans avoir à payer quoi que ce soit en frais de douanes. Hyper content du service =)
It's way too early to give any kind of feedback about the headphones themselves since I listened to it for like 15 minutes, but I feel like they will be great. I'll post a review and a comparison with my DT990 Pro 250 ohms when the HD 58X will have a few dozen hours of use :)
I really want to find some taller replacement pads because my ear touches the inside of the foam and It is a little irritating. Does anyone know of any replacement pads?
ZMF does custom ones
I just got the 58x's, I'm powering them through my smsl m3 and it sounds really bloated. I'm coming from an m40x's and i consider their bass to be more than sufficient. Is my unit defective or is it just me?
Can someone recommend a good carrying case for these headphones? Thanks!
How much of an upgrade would this be coming from a ATH-M50x, I was looking into getting these or the 6xx.
I've had these headphones for 4 days now, and the earpads already have a dent due to my glasses. This is pretty much my only complaint so far, and yes I know I can buy far better earpads, but I just don't have the money.
how long did it take yours to come in
9 days total, I live in Las Vegas.
These or HD 6xx?
they both have stregths and weaknesses, though more of the former than the latter...

i acquired both pair recently but have not burned them in fully. the 650 (6xx) has the best bass definition of anything i have ever heard, making for very 3D like an «rythmic» sound, but the response is pretty uneven and often instrument are missing or overly present. the higher bass hump is the most annoying thing in my mind, which you can equilize well, but in the midrange and in the very top there are part of the spectrum missing. they benefit a lot though from burn in. hd58x has a better equilibrated, sound more realistic overall, and poundering bass though not as tight or extendend, and the highest frequencies it outputs are a bit too loud, like cymbals, and it becomes fatiguing to MY ears, but the overal balance is better and you feels the presence of every (more) instruments in the song. it has also a tiny less bit of detail overall than the hd650. I prefer them to the hd650 for movies. The graininess i have remarked also, but it gets better, but not perfect as it burns in. Both have defenitly strengths belonging to a more elevetated market segment, but they also have their small quirks, which one may be picky (like me) or not about.
The general consensus seems to be that the HD58X are more casual; they can be easily powered by a smart phone and they have more of musical bass kick. The HD6XX will require an amplifier of some kind to reach their potential rather than playing off your phone or mobile device.
I'm still a novice so I can't really go into detail on the difference between their sounds.
I'm loving the earphones, except that I had to slightly modify my pair. The way they arrived, I couldn't comfortably wear them with the wires going forward under my chin, it was way too tight and felt like it was going to choke me. Thankfully I was able to cut away the rubber piece that gathered the two wires together, and then I could pull the wires apart from each other until it was comfortable. Other than that I'm loving the sound, it's a little more lively than my Audio-Technica headphones, and very comfortable (after my modification) to wear for long periods of time.
How loud is the sound for others around you? I like to listen to music pretty loud and I work in a quiet office, and I'd prefer not to annoy my coworkers...
Echoing some of the comments here - Out of the box, the build quality is pretty poor. Many micro scratches and a large ugly one by the cable as pictured. Thought it would be better because it's made in Ireland but my $40 Superlux 668B has better plastic finish.
Has anyone tried removing the foam piece that covers the driver next your ears? What has that done?
I acidentally did it thinking the sound would improve. But think I made it worse and they sound too bright now tbh or just placebo
The measurements tend to show that removing the foam is a placebo effect.
I actually removed the foam and replayed the same song on the same equipment. The response spectrum moved up the scale.
I found the easiest way to test, is to find a track that has too much base response, in stock form and then make the modificatio.
For comparison...HD58x Jubillee with HD600 headband and HD660s grilles....alongside HD660s with HD58x grilles....They only look even better....... Old school Tech-Ni-Cal!
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Soz...had 660s already. Just swapped em over. Look even better...all sound great!
I assume they should look something like this...
If so, I do like what it did for them. Sort of weird looking with that brown tint to everything though.
For the Sennheiser fans that want an electrostatic, hopefully this project can gain traction to revive the famous HE 60, aka baby Orpheus, with a better energizer. Hopefully it can get endorsed by the community :)
Audio noob here, just purchased these HD 58X Jubilees for playing games on the PC and watching movies on the PC.
My question: what AMP/DAC should I purchase that I could run off my PC for these headphones? I would be using a modmic 5.0 for Discord. Thanks!
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have not heard both but if i needed to something in this price range, i,d consider
1- hiface dac with stereo output (stick) 2-audioquest dragonfly red (also a stick)
topping d50 is interesting also, but i'm unsure about build quality.

But then again i don't know everything available....maybe others will chime in.
edit: i'm not familiar with «discord»...i'm not sure if it is compatible with an external dac, software-wise....

OK, thanks!!!, i'll check those out.
Discord is just a computer program where people chat with each other when they are playing games online.
So I would need to have the ModMic5.0 attached to the HD 58X Jubilee headphones, for in-game chatting (on Discord).
hello folks,
Just want to say that i had the 58x and 6xx recently, and with usage, the sound changes quite a bit. They will sound more detailed, smooth , easy to listen to, realistic and the bass will tighten up. So if you are a bit unsatisfied, you could let them plugged in a radio playing rock music, for instance, with a bit of bass boost for a few dozens of hours at least before making a final judgement. They sound amazing, truly but the build quality is relatively low. The pin on my right ear cup was popped out (out of the box) which makes the right cup unmovable (relatively) and scratches the plastic. The left pin is completely seated in the headphone and I can't find a way to push it in and I don't want to damage the frame.
Received these today, finally. These live up to the hype. They are very organic, they sound alive to me. Cover the whole spectrum for me. I have other headphones that may be more detailed(clinical) but in comparison these really are great sounding headphones. They are quickly becoming my favorite!
**DO NOT BUY** I just got mine today and they are horrible. The audio quality is amazing but everything else makes them unusable. Outside of the plasticy build, the ear-cushions are *super* tough. It feels like your head is being squished when you wear them.
I couldn't keep them on for more than one minute 0/10 would get a refund if they let us.
Edit: provides some good help with the issue. Still not perfect but better than what it was.
I found the clamp harsh as well, even after letting them sit on a bookshelf speaker to stretch out, but... swapped the pads for sheepskins memory foam and have no complaints anymore.
I'm looking for a good pad replacement if possible for these since I'm not a fan of velour type pads. Also looking for a good replacement cable for them to make them red, but would changing the pads ultimately change the sound? For the worse?
I swapped for sheepskins, there may be more bass, but generally still sounding great. They may get hot with sheepskins though.
I wish these Sennheiser x Massdrop items shipped to the Philippines. They would definitely sell a whole lot more units. For now people rely on Shipping Forwarders so why not make it easier all around?
Just got these today. They sound like if you were to strap bowers 606s to your face, which is a good thing. Pretty refined but not afraid to party. This is a great buy. If you have $150 bucks waiting to be spent on dinner and the bar these might be more entertaining fo' real.
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this drop currently going on. did you end up grabbing a pair?
yea hope mine come in this week
Hi guys im not a big audiophile but bought these headphones for higher quality sound and a better sound stage compared to my previous 2014 Astro A40's. I feel really stupid as I do not hear a difference in the headphones at all. Is this because im using the mix amp for both or am I just stupid. Is their any other ways these headphones can be compared/tested to show that my purchase was worth it? Many Thanks.
If you don’t hear a difference, then you don’t actually have the jubilees.
Maybe your mixamp changes the sound with DSP settings? Have you tried using another device to compare them to your A40's? Also try using your HD58x's exclusively for a week and try your A40's after that week. You should be able to hear a difference.
How do these compare to the 6xx or the Fidelio X2?
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how much more bass? We talking where its muddy and over powering over softer stuff
or just enough where its like okay, that belongs there.
I got X2's and i feel that its overpowering
Definitely not overpowering. I think these do a nice job balancing the bass with everything else.
Hello all,
This sounds like a great Christmas gift to myself (if they run this massdrop again during the holidays). I have had the Sennheiser HD-650's and now I use the HD-800's fairly exclusively. I just feel that any other headphone I put on is colored and the soundstage gets smushed and have yet to find an equal. I've tried the HD-598's and they are nice but in a rather colored way. That should be a reasonable expectation since I haven't bought any other cans that were that expensive and considered to be at the level of the 800's.
I wanted a new pair for using with my laptop at home. It's not an ideal DAC being built in, but it's one of those laptops that bragged about how good the sound is and it isn't too bad. I picked up some HE400i's last Christmas and I really like them but only if I don't do a direct comparison with the 800's. They have great crunch and decent bass overall.
To those who have their HD-58x's already and have owned these other headphones, can you tell me your opinions on how they compare? I'm just curious if there would be enough difference to make it worth having yet another set around the house.
What are some good pads to try with these? The pads on these and the 600 series don't come anywhere close to the HD598 comfort. Not sure why Sennheiser stuck to the same bad pads as on the 600 and 650. I can't wear these for more than 30 minutes after two weeks of use. Way too many many pressure points on my jaw.
The rear foam, with or without Summary: there is a notable difference. It's up to you, if that difference is a good thing.
Detail: Spotify --> Audio-GD R2R 11
I used the Spotify recording of, "I'm in the mood for love". By Julie London, Album,"Julie is Her Name". I chose this song because it accentuates the low end and has a female vocalist that has a smokey quality. Which should make it easier to discern a difference without the foam.
In stock form (on low/normal gain, at 10 o'clock), on the HD 58x, the bass guitar was excessive and the vocals were ok, but felt a little restrained/confined (when compared to the HD 6xx). On the HD 6xx (on high gain, at 10 o'clock) the vocals were distinctive and airy and the bass guitar had lost it's muddiness.
Removing the rear foam brought the HD 58x much closer to the sound signature of the HD 6xx. The bass guitar got out of that dark basement and the vocals became wider, with greater detail.
I would still categorize the HD 6xx as being a little less attentive to the low end and a just a bit more detail oriented on the vocals. When doing a comparison against the foam-less HD 58x.
When I get my Dekoni sheepskins (for the HD 6xx) I'll probably try the foam inserts in the HD 6xx, just for the sake of curiosity.
phillip really making a huge sell on these holy crap
Still no shipping to Asia