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Massdrop x Tokyo Cadet Mechanical Keyboard Kit

Massdrop x Tokyo Cadet Mechanical Keyboard Kit

Where's the price?
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Hey everyone, welcome to a fun collaboration between @Oblotzky and @tokyocoffeenerd
The keyboard will be the same as the Season 2 Tokyo 60 we are running as well. However, the colorway will be exclusive to this drop and we'll be working with the two designers to get the final anodization colors.


Please note that we will be collecting payment at the end of the August. This is to allow us to start prepping the the order to ensure smooth delivery. With Chinese New Year looming in 2019 - it's important that we get our production lines rolling so it doesn't affect the delivery of this drop. If this is an issue for you, please make sure to join the drop after August 31st.
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^ second this question. The answer is pretty much going to decide if I go with this or the default option.
It's a $12 option at checkout.
What I find funny is that only 17 sold but 94 request. Those 94 should have joined to make this happen.
Looks like this drop was canceled ("17 ever sold" is gone; makes sense since it didn't meet MOQ) and about 53 people have turned off their requests:
What a shame, it would have been a great looking board if you like this layout. I bet it would have done better as an option in the Tokyo drop that preceded this one, rather than this stand-alone drop.
Just 15 sold? Fifteen???!!!
Too many people jumped on v1 and/or are committed to v2. I think they should have either made this an option as part of v2, or not run these two drops concurrently.
Also, I’m new to massdrop. From reading the comments, I get the impression that if this doesn’t make it to 100 buyers it simply will not be made. Is that correct?
Yup. This will most likely not hit MOQ (minimum ordered quantity), and if so the drop will be cancelled. It is a pity, since the board looks quite beautiful!
Does this come with everything I'd need to assemble it without any soldering?
Yes, the PCB is hot-swappable so no soldering is required.
Since this won't probably hit MOQ, is there any chance that the case color will be added in the regular Tokyo60 v2 kit?
Man I should have waited for this instead of my regular tokyo 60
I feel really bad this is not getting enough attention. The old school keycaps emacs was written with are so cool with this keyboard.
Jeez, I wish I knew this was gonna be a thing. I would have waited for this instead of joining the version 1 Tokyo60 drop.
Dude, this looks pretty sweet. Gonna have to go in with my own switches and caps but a legitimately good looking board.
is there any chance that this key-caps set will be sold separately? i joined this drop but it seems it wont be sold after all. but i really want this set and since i missed the drop of the base set of this, this is the only way i could get them.
Sorry, the GMK Space Cadet drop was supposed to be for getting the keycaps by themselves!
looking for the alphas, if anyone is in on the drop and doesn't care for the keycaps let me know, Discord : Noc#3094
Lemme buy a fake hhkb for 270$ what a deal
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If we join this drop and it ends before MOQ, will we be able to configure and buy a different tokyo60 instead?
Perhaps the tokyo60 date should be extended by 2 days to allow for this? @YanboWu
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Any updates? Make it possible to buy the keyset only?
I've extended the Tokyo60 drop by 2 days so people here still have a chance to join the Tokyo60 drop if they so wish.
The keycap set was on drop last month and have ended already. So sadly if this one doesn't go we will not be placing additional keycap orders.
When SA? I Have to get them
"Designed in Tokyo" LOL
Why? "Designed" not "manufactured".. big difference.
Hopefully there is an option to buy the keyset only to help with the MOQ.
What will happen if keyset can't reach 100 moq?
it wont be sold
I can already see it...
The anodizing of the case will not match the keycaps.
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It's not supposed to be the exact same color, but one that compliments the caps. Trying to match anodized aluminum against ABS plastic would indeed be likely to fail.
If this keyboard was for a full 101 or 104 key layout I would get TWO of them with your key-set installed.
Just this weird layout is too small and not particularly efficient in any way. Maybe why it's so low in the sign up phase for this Group Buy.
Small key layout's are so boring, we need the BIG layouts which would attract a far greater following.
Ahhh this keyboard is so beautiful. Unfortunately looking at it reminds me that I don’t have a nice set of APL keycaps :(
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While they are close; These are not APL key caps ;)
Ah, yeah. But now you've reminded me of something I thought about a while ago ;)
What standard does those arrow keys follow?
The sublegends are mirrored from the original Space Cadet keyboard
any possibility to just buy the space-cadet hhkb keycap set by itself without the case?
I don't think there is a plan for that. For those unaware, they are available as a bigger base kit for a few more days here:
Isn't the case color s1 space gray? Or will it be slightly different?
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"What’s more, the keyboard features an anodized Cadet-gray case to match the caps.", "However, the colorway will be exclusive to this drop and we'll be working with the two designers to get the final anodization colors."
Definitely sounds like a custom colour rather than just the grey from r1.
Yep, it's a custom tone.
Please consider adding 1.5u Alt and 1u Super keys for the bottom row. It's a very common setup on MX HHKB boards.
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I focused coverage of standard layout, which is Alt Super Space Super Alt to my knowledge.
Would it impact the price drastically if you added the four extra keys? Or at least the 1.5u Alts — the left and right pointing hands can be used in place of Super, so it's only two extra keys.
And yes, correct, that is the layout that the original HHKB comes with. But I believe (and someone correct me if I'm wrong here) that Super–Alt–Space–Alt–Super is much more common on MX HHKB boards than the original layout.
What version of Tokyo60 will this be?
Refer to the picture, is there any support for stepped caps lock caps ?
Yes, the Tokyo60 supports centered and off-centered (stepped) control, and both keys are provided in the optional keyset!
Sweet, thanks !!
What will be the difference between this drop and the link below?
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"Thanks to the acrylic diffuser, the Season 2 version allows you to see the LEDs on full display, as opposed to the subtle glow on the last round. You can position the acrylic diffuser on the bottom or sandwich it between the aluminum pieces, depending on your style."
I should consider learning to read. Thanks.
Damn... this is amaaaaaaaazing 😲😲😲😍😍😍🤤🤤🤤
The keycaps or the case?
The combination of the two.