Massdrop x Tokyo Keyboard Tokyo60 Keyboard Kitsearch

Massdrop x Tokyo Keyboard Tokyo60 Keyboard Kit

Massdrop x Tokyo Keyboard Tokyo60 Keyboard Kit

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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//update: 3/14/18 @7:40am
How do we only have 2 days left?
Thank you every one who's joined the drop so far! To clear up a few things about the color-ways - all the color styles run in this drop will be exclusive for this round. Specifically, rose gold will not be coming back, and the 'core' colors of black/silver/gray will not be coming back in the exact same way or shade!

I hope this can make each round still accessible but exclusive in it's own non-douchey way, and for everyone who joins each round, to know that what they're getting will be special and limited :)

Also shout out to Chokkan aka u/stoic-lemon for his super fun interview he shot with me last week!
Catch it on his YouTube channel here:

//update: 2/24/18 @ 11:57pm
Hey Everyone!
There's been a few questions about what keysets/keycaps you'll need to fill out a tokyo60.
I put this graphic together which will hopefully help make things clearer!

Keyboard Layout Editor Link here:

Most GMK Kits will fit. XDA, DSA, SA, MT3, Tai-Hao you'll likely need:
- 1x 1.75u Shift (R4)
- 2x 1.5u Modifier (R4)
- 1x 7u Spacebar


//How thick is the plate?
1.5mm - we tried 4.5mm and preferred the 1.5mm version as integrated makes it pretty stiff already.

//Does the PCB support PCB mount switches?
YES! It will have the cutouts to support those snap in pcb legs.

//What shade is the Rose Gold?
It will match my samples so will have a more copper like tone as in my profile pic.
//Where are my HOLY PANDAS?
Will we ever hear that wutang album? May or maynot be @YanboWu's official response.

It’s happening!
Thank you everyone who’s been patiently waiting and thank you everyone who’s given their time, love, and energy to support this project.

Charles and Ray Eames famously remarked that good design is what “makes the best for the most for the least.” And with that I couldn’t be more excited to work with MD and @YanboWu to make the tokyo60 as accessible and available as possible. No raffles, no outrageous prices, just a focus on quality through simplicity.

A lot time was spent fussing through all the small details to make it just right. I hope you guys will enjoy the tokyo60 as much as we’ve had fun designing it!
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Hey question for you though, as you stated that all colorways are unique and will not come back, how will this affect a future drop when the previously mentioned bottom glow addition comes up? I imagine this is handled by design but it would be a shame to have such a wonderful keyboard that have pieces slightly off in color. Regardless, can't wait to get my hands on this.
any idea when this will drop again?
Hey everyone,

We’ve exceeded the minimum order quantity needed for this drop and, in order to hold our production spot with our manufacturing partners during the busy post-Chinese new year, we are processing transactions on 2/28 @ 10:00PM PT for members who are already in the drop.

Those members will still be able to cancel their order for a full refund or make edits if they want to select different options until the entire drop closes on 3/15.

We want to thank everyone in the community for the interest in this drop and we can’t wait to get the Tokyo60 in everyone’s hands.
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Credit where credit is due, I did just find the email you posted in my "promotions" folder in Gmail. It's odd, usually the only massdrop emails that end up in there are the daily ones that show a few of the new drops. Everything else (joining/leaving a drop, comment replies, shipping information) all ends up in my normal inbox. You're right though, they did indeed send an email 👌
I think they should send an email before they even "end" the drop and restart it so that people can be prepared, not just surprise people with a failed payment email.
If you've chosen rose gold (and GMK Olivia) don't forget to look at Novelias: for color matching all the way.
Any chance someone can sell me their spot?
What's your Reddit username?
How could i miss this keyboard? T__T
Why did i miss this drop i hate myself sometimes...
I just keep finding you everywhere lol
I'm thinking about picking up the Serika-flavored USB sleeved cable to go along with my Tokyo60 but it doesn't seem like the USB connector type was specified. Anybody happen to know?
Plate, pub, or screw in mount for stabilizer??
thank you
Last time I asked Alvin, he told me it was genuine Cherry screw-in stabs.
YanboWu tokyocoffeenerd Any update on the Tokyo60 GB? the news has been relatively quiet ever since it closed.
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Sometimes people just don't want to work like that. Sure, there are group buys where the creators update every week or so, but they're not the majority or the norm. I'd rather have updates come at a leisurely pace that is suitable to the creator of the groupbuy rather than have him force to speak every week or so stating small, insignificant and minute updates.
Leisurely pace is totally fine, and I agree we don't really need weekly updates by any means. But I'm very specifically talking about this PCB testing that's occurring. It's a little worrisome to see a comment like this, where testing is apparently being done, when I bought into the group buy under the impression that this kind of stuff had already been sorted out. So an update on something like "PCBs are totally working and going into production" would be very nice to hear. This isn't a small insignificant thing, this is literally the main component of the keyboard. If things aren't working out, it would be kinda nice to know.

Again I'm not saying spam my social media or the discussions on this group buy with updates. I'm saying that plenty of time has passed on this drop to see at least one official update. The drops estimated length is 5 months from purchase to delivery, one update every four weeks shouldn't be hard to pull off. Especially if, as we can see, something pretty important is being worked on.