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Massdrop x Tokyo Keyboard Tokyo60 Keyboard Kit V2

Massdrop x Tokyo Keyboard Tokyo60 Keyboard Kit V2

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Hey everyone, dropping a note here while @tokyocoffeenerd is still sleeping in Japan.
I'm excited to get this keyboard going again - especially after we worked out the various manufacturing issues during our first run. It took a lot of back and forth and a lot of samples before we were able to consistently produce the Tokyo60 PCB without issues.
There are 2 new colors been offered this round (and a surprise guest that I'll announce shortly as well) and the new keycap set looks pretty awesome as well. Moreover, the addition of the acrylic diffuser means this PCB can be used in all its glory - the number of light modes by default is actually pretty significant so I hope everyone will get to enjoy it. I've had a chance to use the completed Tokyo60 keyboard the past couple days and I have to say the HHKB layout is really growing on me. I still make some mistakes with the Backspace location.
Please note that we will be collecting payment at the end of the August. This is to allow us to start prepping the the order to ensure smooth delivery. With Chinese New Year looming in 2019 - it's important that we get our production lines rolling so it doesn't affect the delivery of this drop. If this is an issue for you, please make sure to join the drop after August 31st.
August 26 Note: Regarding the diffuser and keycaps - I will have to setup a secondary drop for those that joined in Season 1. This will make the options not as crappy to navigate for everyone. I will update here on when we can expect to have that secondary drop up.
September 18 Note: I've extended out this drop by 2 days in case the Tokyo Cadet drop does not succeed and those members still want to join the Tokyo60, they will still have the opportunity. This will not affect the fulfillment timeline.
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I got the V1 of this but managed to mess up the threading where the screws go. As such, I cannot assemble the board and I am sad. I might be able to take a drill press to the thing, drill out the existing standoffs, 3D print some housings, and push some standoffs in those to screw it all together properly, but do you have any extra aluminum cases that you can send me? It would mean the world to me. Thanks!
Do you have a friend that's good with helicoil? I haven't had to on a keyboard, but I've fixed all sorts of stripped things by tapping it larger then installing some helicoil to narrow it back down to the proper threading.
annnd we’re back! Hey extrmely come excited to have this launch so soon after we figured out the r1 manufacturing. Hoping this means we can get more out, better, faster! it’s just been a crazy few days with everyone’s units arriving, launching this next round, and also wrapping up the Tokyo Mech Keyboard meetup! I’ll try to get to everyone’s questions below or just @ me somewhere in this thread.
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@tokyocoffeenerd The cases and boards are top notch, and assembly was a breeze, but is there any way to get the "Hyper", "Meta", and blank Function keys that were advertised with the drop? I really liked the look of the keycap set as shown on the drop page and was expecting to get what was shown.
will look into getting hyper back on!
Hey everyone! There's been a few questions on the keymap so here's a quick graphic to show where everything is on the Fn layer.

AND, here's my rough build guide on the easiest way to put the keyboard together - pics coming soon!
1) Install Stabilizers onto PCB 2) Place 3-4 switches into opposite corners of the case for pcb alignment('esc' + 'z', `]' + 'fn' etc.). 3) Turn keyboard upside down and place pcb onto switches, making sure none of the switch legs get bent. 4) lightly screw in the pcb to the top case. 5) Turn keyboard back over and install remaining switches 6) Tighten pcb screws and screw in bottom plate. 7) Add rubber feet to bottom of keyboard. 8) Install keycaps 9) Start typing!
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THANK YOU for these instructions. They made building my two Tokyo60's a breeze!
Thanks! i got it figured out. this is a great keyboard, now i'm trying to figure out how to use the QMK configurator thing
Is there anyone who isn't going to keep theirs? I am interested and most likely will buy from you!
I just received my gen1 Tokyo 60 (from the recap sale a week or two ago). Will it be possible by chance to purchase an acrylic spacer for the gen1 after this drop ships? Thanks!
I'm sharing a picture of Canvas XDA on a Round 1 Space Grey Tokyo60, just because I can.

Just wondering, is it possible to install leds?
I can see from the pictures but just want to make sure - the USB type for this PCB is USB-Mini, right?
@YanboWu any plans on future drops for this keyboard?
Of course! @tokyocoffeenerd is working on some updates for Season 3!
I desperately want to give you my money. When will the 3rd round happen?
There is a re-store happening right now. Some Tokyo60 still available. Check the drop page.
Thanks for the heads up! I actually just grabbed a Massdrop ALT keyboard and installed MX Green switches today. I must say, that didn’t stop me from half considering buying a Tokyo60 a moment ago. It’s so pretty, I would love to see it in person.
Are the normal LEDs on the PCB in parallel or serial and does every LED have a resistor?
Hey all, I've been using my tokyo60 since September now, and it's been great. Unfortunately, upon arriving at work this morning, my keyboard wasn't working. I've dismantled and examined the PCB, but there's no obvious damage. Has anyone else experienced anything similar, or have any suggestions for debugging? I've got in touch with massdrop, who have given me the option of returning the keyboard, but since I'm such a big fan of it I'd much rather figure out a fix. Cheers, Tom
Massdrop service has solved my broken pcb and i finished assembly today. I should have known better, HHKB layout isn't mine :), therefore going to sell mine in Europe.
Chassis Color: Rose Gold Keycaps: Tokyo60 Season 1 Dye Sublimation Set Add 60 switches: Halo True - 60G Tactile (Salmon) (+$29.99) plus Season 2 Acrylic Diffuser (Mar 4, 2019!)
No marks or dents, tested and fully working. No profit gain, i've paid €265 including tax and fee. If you're interrested, leave me a note!
Cheers and have a nice day.
I will miss this because I am broke right now. Do you guys know if there will be another one anytime soon?
There is a re-store happening right now. Some Tokyo60 still available. Check the drop page.
how do these cherry style keycaps compare to gmk? Not feelin the SA profile and it would be awesome if this tokyo set feels like gmk.
These keycaps are the same cherry profile as gmk which are also cherry profile. The difference is that these are PBT plastic so they have a different texture to them.
thanks, I like pbt too
What is the hardware information on the keyboard? teensy 2.0? there isn't information about it on the website (Tokyo60) or the qmk readme file or the specs section on massdrop..
Ordered one :) Can't wait to receive it :)
Can this be assembled without the diffuser if we don't want the RGB feature?
Yes, the diffuser is an addon that costs $12 actually. You don't have to include it if you don't want it and save yourself some coffee money :)
is there a fully assembled option available?
Probably not from Massdrop, but they really are a breeze to assemble if you're careful and mind the pins. No soldering or technical know-how required.
If you're in dire need of a fully assembled unit, keep an eye peeled on r/mechmarket or the other online sources for resale.
HELP! I really like it but I need some help. 1. What is Season 2 Dye Sublimated Keycap Set? Is this the keyset come with the keyboard? 2. What is Acrylic Diffuser? 3. Add a pack of 61 switches? Wait so do I have to add the switches to the keyboard myself? And, btw, which switch should I get?
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Thanks! Btw, do I have to program anything?
The drop says that it comes fully programmed with the standard HHKB layout, but it is fully customizable with the QMK software.
Installing it has been really fast. It is really a thing having a hot pcb as soldering is a mess... photos of my black Tokyo60 with Oblivion GMK
I think that is the best one I have seen so far!
I'm very happy with this keyboard. I had a couple false starts getting it programmed with QMK, and I wish it had come with instructions. Once I found it was easy to program. The anodizing on mine is perfect, and I love the design and weight. Here's a picture of mine with dev/tty keycaps.
Hey everyone, did those of you who ordered the kit with the addition of switches get them all in the same package? I ordered Cherry Blues but have only received the kit, without the switches. Wondering if these are coming in a separate package?
Nope you should probably open up a support ticket
Why would you get this over the CTRL keyboard?
Cause typing on a TKL is a lot of work.
well if you like the layout also this comes in a kit so you have to make it yourself
@YanboWu are the zealios used here v1 or v2 switches?
Seconding this question. I ordered mine with Zealios and am wondering if I should order additional switches or if I'll be good with these.
Anyone know how the Silver case compares to the HHKB white/grey? Trying to decide whether or not to go with this or an HHKB 2 and which would look better with my rainbow/pastel keycaps. Hard to get a feel for it with the one small picture in the overview.
This is an mx stemmed( + sign on the bottom) board which is not compatible with stock HHKB 2 that is TOPRE stemmed( ¤ sign on the bottom). Just fyi. Check your caps!
Ah, sorry for not being clear: I have both topre and mx keycaps, just wanting a better idea of the color of the case. But thanks for the fyi anyways 👍
I was changing the keycaps for the first time. A bunch of switches were pulled out from PCB. One actually split open in half. I put it back together but it's not working anymore.. Some of the other switches pulled over - they now have either bent pins(connector) or the connectors are mis-aligned within the casing.
Has this issue happen to anyone else? I thought I posted this yesterday but not sure if deleted.
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what keycap puller are you using? i pulled my keycaps off just fine. do you think you might have caught the switch while pulling the keycap off?
it's unfortunate to see this
I use WASD key puller. Which switch do you have? For the purple Zealio it is apparant it’s more tight between the switch and keycap vs the switch and PCB.
Any chance of rose gold version coming back? The color looks amazing but I can't find it anywhere :(
I think that color was only run for the first season and is not likely to run again.
Would love an ortho board with the styling of the ink version of this. I would 100% buy this if I was able to type efficiently on a staggered board anymore.
Is there any where I can buy this built or as a kit so I don't have to wait until next year?
/r/mechmarket is probably your only choice outside of the v2 group buy.