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Matrix M-Stage HPA-3B Balanced Headphone Amp

Matrix M-Stage HPA-3B Balanced Headphone Amp

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This looks nice, but the specs are quite behind the THX 789. Any other reasons to choose it?
How does this compare to Liquid carbon x ? the internals on the matrix looks much more convincing...
Sorry miss spelled Aune as Aeun meant Aune X7S
Can anyone tell me how this amp compares to the Aeun X7S which I ordered and then realized doesn’t have balanced inputs but is otherwise balanced, ie should I sell the Auen and join this drop?
I'd like to see a deal on the classic, 3U or them make a balanced dac/amp.
I have no intentions to join this drop since I bought it directly from Matrix (did not want to wait for the drop).
It's a nice amp providing plenty of power.
How powerful it is? Well... at the moment I'm sitting down with my Fostex T60-RP (absolutely awesome headphones, by the way) on my head with a balanced cable plugged into the amp, and the volume nob is at 10 o'clock, on lowest gain setting (yes lowest gain setting of the available three), and the music is quite loud.

Some notes on build quality:
1. Volume knob could definitely improve to be more indicative.
2. Blue led indicating the power is on (I'm not pointing fingers at anyone, but I know some people out there are very picky about LED indicator colors).
3. Gain switch on the back is too tiny in my opinion. It feels like you could break it.
4. Power switch in the back as well (as you all can see).
5. Class A - gets hot as hell!

I have no issues with the sound at all. I guess I'm not very picky. Probably more "serious" audiophiles with better ears can share more useful opinions here.

Here is a pic of my setup for you...
As you can probably see, I'm feeding it with XLR cables from the Quattro II.
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Of course, not everybody seeks out such things. Just highlighting the possibility with this amp.

Just ordered mine a few hours back, hope to receive them soon. ;)
like me.. why its in blue? i guess we can change the LED yes?
any experience on swapping the stock opamp to Burson V5i?
I have the old Matrix-M-Stage 2010 v.2 -- is it worth upgrading to this? My sound card is the Asus Essence STX. My headphones are: Beyer 1990 Pro, Beyer DT880 and soon to come HD6XX and Hifiman 4XX. How do I run these in balanced mode, is it a big difference? What are some other good solid state amp choices for these headphones? Thanks!
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I own this amp and it is great amp. I also agree with everything you wrote. I like much better than the Jot. Its a shame this amp does not get more attention. I guess it boils down to the Chifi thing.
and the HPA-3B is built like a tank. You could literally use this amp for self-defense lol. There's a lot of quality parts put into this amp inside and out!
Lol anyone notice original 420 price???
Would this be better than an NFB 11.28? Or is it worth it to go balanced with this setup with the HD6XX on the way. Can't decide what DAC/AMP combo to get for the HD6XX.
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I recently bought a new NFB 11.28, and use it with My Senn 650. I have to say it is an amazing dac/amp combo. I do have the Jot dac, and it also sweet to my ears. I found no difference in sound quality between both. and I was using the xlr out to my senn's. the NFB is only 345 shipped, but I dropped 500 on the Jot,. I think that the NFB is much better value, and it offers clean, sound and powerful amp, and I also use it as a preamp to my Darkvoice and it sounds really good. .
People typically go for DIY bottlehead + crack for 650s (or 600s). See if you can fit it in your budget. I have the single ended HPA-3u+ unit and I don't think it pairs well with the 650. It makes the 650 sound analytical and thin and the highs sound a little weird to me. Works great with my HE560s though. If the 6xx is the only pair of headphones you're going to use for sometime it's better to pick bottlehead (apparently).
So has anyone ever compared this to the Jotenheim? That still seems like a better value with all the features; however, I would still go with the better sounding one.
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Presentation--it's less in your face and bright.
I didn't get the integrated DAC for the Jot and with a Topping D30 and SMSL SU-8 I haven't found it terribly bright. I think it's the DAC more than the amp. I've found Xduoo and other SMSL DACs and amps brighter in comparison to my two main DACs using the cirrus logic and sabre chips along with a Topping A30, a Magni 3, and the Jot.
I bought this one about two and a half years ago and matched this one with HD600 . I'm quite satisfied with the product.
Real quick. yes you can. Good dacs are low noise so if you amplify them they are less noisy overall.