MAX Falcon-8 RGB Custom Programmable Mini Macropadsearch

MAX Falcon-8 RGB Custom Programmable Mini Macropad

MAX Falcon-8 RGB Custom Programmable Mini Macropad


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I recently got a Filco Majestouch 2 and freaking love it, however the one thing that bugs me is the lack of media keys. I know there's ways around it, however, something like this would be nice, but I don't need RGB and an open board.

Get one that's closed up and just has a simple backlit or non-backlit option at $25 and I'm in.
Does RGB really require that much space on the PCB? It's like double the size of the non-RGB model. Well, at least they removed the logo.
Can't believe this price. Guys, this item is $20 . It's been on MD many times, the only thing different about this run is the plate is bigger. Please do not spend $40 on an 8 key keyboard Without a proper case. Teach MD if they lower the price , they'll sell more.
Is there anywhere I can purchase online for $20 currently? Just asking so I can buy it, I would be happy with the smaller plate. Really just want a macro/numpad kit for cheap with underglow just for fun.
You must be referring to the mechanical key switches sampler test kit, not the macropad keyboard.
So if I were to buy this assembled- would it be plug and play?
Yes it is plug and play, you just need to download the software to program your macro key.
Ah look at that. Listened to the feedback and they removed the logo from the top.
I'm a little confused about the order.

When it says " You can also add a Numpad Backlit Keycap set with 20 keycaps for (+ $4)" does that mean it replaces the 8 button kit for a 20 button numberpad kit? Or do you receive both the 8 button kit, and also the 20 button kit on top of that?
You guys plan on making one with Type-C in the near future?
Can this be used for, say obs command binds/ Discord. I.E. mic mute, scene switch etc?
I just dont understand. I want a macro pad like this and i dont mind that price but i just cant be bothered with the open side and backing. Are you supposed to get a case to put this into or are people just having this sit on thier desk without a backing or sides. If thats "the look" you're going for more power to ya but it just doesnt look finished and I would need to buy a casing.
Seems like that will have a case soon, I am waiting for the case as well
I just want a PCB so I can put it in the existing switch tester I have... The plan of buying the tester on sale then sourcing the PCB later has been an epic fail!
Hi! Will this or the larger brother work with macOS?
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Thanks JBI_chi! I guess it'd be fun to try but I have no interest in assembling anything myself at the moment.

Thanks for your response!
I got one from the previous drop IIRC. Works on Linux and Windows, is not recognized on Mac, prevents BSD from booting.
Does this require soldering?
Yes, unless you add the $5 option to have them assemble it for you.
I have the Falcon 20 and I can't recommend it enough. The only issue is the lack of stabilizing feet. You can buy some in any home depot, or it will stay put on a desk mat.
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Excel commands. I have a navigation layer that has macros for changing tabs, page up, page down, page left, page right, etc. Then i have a paste special layer for paste formulas, paste values, paste formatting, etc.
Alt H V R, Alt H V V, Alt E S
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