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Max Keyboard Ultimate Sampler Tester Kit

Max Keyboard Ultimate Sampler Tester Kit

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Can you buy the PCB board?
I would like this with the red aluminum plate.
Wondering why anyone would want to switch Gateron Blues for MX Blues, can understand upgrading the other way around. ;)
Max Keyboard doesn't even offer custom keyboards any more (according to email response a few weeks ago). The Nighthawk and Blackbird (non RGB) are discontinued. Why buy sample switches from a company that doesn't offer and products that use them?
You can get used samplers on /r/mechmarket and GH forums for much cheaper, with a wider variety of switches.
You can still use different switches in this, maybe some people like the way it looks
This is great for finding the perfect switch that comes on a typical preassembled board. For all those people saying "oh it doesn't have this switch or that switch"
Check out
what was the price on this?
23 dollars plus shipping.
I bought one with 8 keys, this wasnt enough, so I bought a big one and I dont use them at all. Why?

IMHO the main problem is that having >50 keys to type on a specific support is totally different from having one key to test on another specific support (=sampler tester kit): not the same feeling, not the same "click", not the same sound. Maybe a big improvement could be to have one row of 4 same keys so you can test with 4 fingers and have a closer feeling of what you'll get on a real keyboard, but right now I just feel like Sampler Tester Kit are useless.
doesnt even have mod switches
"Ultimate" Only includes Cherry and Gateron.
"Mainstream" might have been a better name.
Let me buy the PCB you fucks!
Maybe be a bit more polite, like "Could you please add an option for the optional PCB?".
Okaay quick question... WHY THE FUCK is it going to take soooo god damn fucking LONG to ship or whatever??????
Jul 14, 2017 was the date of purchase, so its not even planning on shipping for a whole month and a half after that date?? And that means what, that it probably won't be at my door for like another weekish or so after that???

Please let me know if this is incorrect, and I'm just tripping, that my math and shit is all messed up as well???
Not worth the price
I'm inclined to agree. After tax and shipping, came out to $27ish, barely better than $29.99 regular price.
OEM bottom row for anyone wondering
thanks a lot for posting this! also, what keyboard is this, if you don't mind me asking? :)
Magicforce 49 key. Bought it off this fabulous site!