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Mechcables Jukebox Custom-Sleeved USB Cable

Mechcables Jukebox Custom-Sleeved USB Cable

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Quality is a little less than desirable.
I ordered this thing 3 months ago. WTF! Are you hand crafting the material needed to manufacture these? By the time this thing ships, USB type B will be obsolete. I will never be ordering from this seller again. I could have walked this thing home from china by now ffs.
Well if you're going to be using Massdrop, this is just how things work sometimes. I've seen a lot worse.
But my K-Type needs USB-C
The cable costs $19.99 but the shipping fee is $13.25. Not a good deal for me.

I hope there is a GB to offer this kind of Sleeved USB cables with all color themes: Jukebox, Godspeed, Chocolatier, Laser, etc. So that I could to buy several cables in one order to share the shipping fee.
I need type C :(
I want this again :( Is there an online store they make these @ or are they only doing this via massdrop?
Come again, please!
Why are you paying $20+ for a 3' USB 2.0 cable? Ridiculous -_-
It is for aimed at the enthusiast with matching color schemes, besides keyboards don't send a lot of information so USB 3.0 is unnecessary unless you are planning to use your keyboard as a desk lamp to make use of the extra power USB 3.0 offers.
Cause the cable looks great :)
Is this Mint Green and red or baby blue and red? I can't tell if my monitor needs to be calibrated or if someone mis-commented below.
I can try to take some pics later of it with my set of Jukebox.
Thank you. In your opinion though, what color is it? haha.
Wow, great timing. I was just wishing I had bought a second cable the first time around since I got a numpad today.
Wait I did not think they charge until the drop ends?

If the price drops to $19.99 will they refund me the difference?
The charge when joining a drop is done as a payment authorization. For credit card, the authorization is a small amount (I think $1, but I might be wrong); for Paypal, the authorization is for the current price + tax + shipping.

When the drop ends, we do a payment capture for the final price + tax + shipping. If the drop reaches the lowest drop point, the final price will be $19.99 per cable (+ the options that you choose).

So when the drop is still active, you will see a temporary authorization, but no money is actually charged to your credit card or Paypal until we do the payment capture.
Thanks for the clarification. Just odd to see it.

Edit: Not my first drop