Mellow Sunset PBT All Over Dye-Subbed Keycap Setsearch

Mellow Sunset PBT All Over Dye-Subbed Keycap Set

Mellow Sunset PBT All Over Dye-Subbed Keycap Set

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I got my blank set today. Just finished putting them on my keyboard. I'm happy with them. The colors pop a lot more than it looked like in the promotional picture. Here's a pic for anyone wondering what they look like on a board.
Here's what the XDA blank set looks like in tray from the previous and only time MD ran the drop before now (couldn't be assed to put on a keyboard for demonstration):

My opinion? I'd pass - graphics are too close to each other and look like they've been hydro-dipped (or undergone a similar process) such that the scene/graphic doesn't look coherent or continuous. (Btw, if anyone's curious, manufacturer is Pheilcia.)
It’s really frustrating that people have been asking for photos of the blank set for the last few times this has dropped, and yet there’s still no pictures and so a lot of people will miss out. We can’t buy something we haven’t even seen!
I really love this, but I'd like to know what the extra four keycaps are in the 108 set as I have a non-standard board (Leopold 980)
Is there a photo of the blank version somewhere?
I'd for sure get it if it was blue
The font is killing me
I, too, am all set to purchase if I could see a picture/render of the blank set. .
That’s a shameless rip-off of the Firewatch wallpapers. Do you have permission using these?
Show me the exact Firewatch wallpaper that looks like this? If there isn't one, using the same colors for a nature scene does not make it a ripoff.
Cool keyset to go with a Firewatch wallpaper!
is there a photo of the blank set? this would be an instant buy, but i dont feel comfortable buying until i see them.
Does this have the 1x width windows and menu caps in the 108 key set?
Why is there no picture of the blanks? Who is in charge of this drop? Do they want my money or not?
Agreed. On the fence about those unless I can see 'em...
Love the design, but even with blanks, without an ortho version I wouldnt use it.

Reminds me of firewatch.
Can I edit my shipping address after the end date? I plan on moving in the next month and really want these caps so any address I give now will be out of date very soon.
I personally don't know, but what I would do is set up a P. O. Box and have it shipped there so it gets held there for you, and you can just go pick it up
Does anyone know what the extra 4 keys from the 108 key version look like?

I don't have a 108 key board, but I may as well get the extras if they look nice.
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Just received my set; might as well post a picture of the 108 key version (with legends) in case anyone else is wondering about the extra four keys.

The four extras look nice and are blank. The images don't fit with their neighbors and don't look like they're just blank copies of any other keys.

Ty sooo much! You are a saint!