Mellow Sunset PBT All Over Dye-Subbed Keycap Setsearch

Mellow Sunset PBT All Over Dye-Subbed Keycap Set

Mellow Sunset PBT All Over Dye-Subbed Keycap Set


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Love the design, but even with blanks, without an ortho version I wouldnt use it.

Reminds me of firewatch.
Can I edit my shipping address after the end date? I plan on moving in the next month and really want these caps so any address I give now will be out of date very soon.
Does anyone know what the extra 4 keys from the 108 key version look like?

I don't have a 108 key board, but I may as well get the extras if they look nice.
Too bad it doesn't seem like it'll work with RGB lighting, otherwise I would've considered dropping for these.

Also it doesn't specify on which is CTRL, ALT, CMD, etc...
This statement makes no sense as the combination of things done on this set will never happen with shine through caps.
Double shot PBT on a new keycap set, doesn't exist
Double shot ABS XDA sets don't exist
Double shot ABS with dyesub doesn't exist (can't dyesub ABS)

You will never see the product you are looking for for sale.
Question about the "blank" set: Does it include the graphics, like the leaves, etc? I dig the background and the novelties, but don't want the font.
is it really gonna take 3 months to arrive ?
How is it that I can't choose 108 keys and the ISO pack? I should be able to order both.
Does the blank set still have icons on the other keys, like space and backspace?
That palette on SA ABS with old school type would be pretty much perfect to me.
Anyone know if it's just the ISO key or is there a few extra keys? I got 3 more letters in the alphabet, so if there is only one ISO key and not a few more, it could end up screwing with the design?
Anyone have a pic of this set with rgb backlighting?
aww come on. Please show us what you advertise at least. Just a few simple pictures of the blanks should be easy enough -_-
I have the CM Storm QuickFire Rapid - Tenkeyless. It has cherry mx browns but I'm not sure if it's 104 or 108 keys. Does anyone know which I should get? It's an ANSI board.
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Okay, thanks for letting me know. I know it's tenkeyless I just didn't know what the 4 key difference was between 104 and 108 so I didn't know if one of them would fit and one of them wouldn't.
No problem. It's just that the 108 keys has an extra 4 kets in the F# number row above the keypad
For those who wanted to know what the keycaps looks like on my Rosewill keyboard. In the picture the manufacturer provided, the i and o are upside down. Overall, I thought that these are a great set of keycaps and a little on the pricey side but still satisfied.
Edit: I got the OEM profile
Any pictures of the blank set?
Just got these (in XDA) and popped them on a board- I'm really impressed, this is a great looking set.
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I think the coloring on the O is correct, it lines up with the slope on the side of the I in the photo. It doesn't look strange in person, since you can see the sides of the caps but I understand now why the top-down photos looked so odd.
Ohh I see it now. How does the P line up with the O, though?