Mettler Silk Finish Cotton Thread Box (5 Count)search

Mettler Silk Finish Cotton Thread Box (5 Count)

Mettler Silk Finish Cotton Thread Box (5 Count)

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5 Spools of Tangle-Free Egyptian Cotton Thread

This drop is for one box of five spools of Mettler Silk Finish Cotton Thread in a single color. Each spool of 50-weight thread, made of 100 percent long-staple Egyptian cotton, unravels to more than 500 yards. Gentle on the skin, the natural fiber offers a soft sheen thanks to the silk finish. Also thanks to the silk finish, it boasts a high breaking point as well as high resistance to heat and shrinkage. And thanks to the twist-balanced design, the thread won’t tangle as the spool unravels.

Note: At checkout, choose five colors: Apple Seed, Black, Blue, Blossom, Ghost White, Imperial Blue, Eggshell, Fire Engine, Old Tin, Roseate, Summer Sun, and White.

Color Options

Apple Seed
Fire Engine
Ghost White
Imperial Blue
Old Tin


  • Mettler
  • 50-wt thread
  • 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton
  • Each spool unravels to 547 yds (500 m)


  • 5 spools of thread


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