Milky Way PBT Dye-Subbed Keycap Setsearch

Milky Way PBT Dye-Subbed Keycap Set

Milky Way PBT Dye-Subbed Keycap Set

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Will these fit on my Logitech G710+?
No. The G710 (and +) have a very non-standard bottom row. It's one of the reasons I got rid of mine.
I'm always glad to see this getting dropped. Gives me hope that one day I'll actually have the money when it comes around lol. Quality looking product from everything I've seen
I think these look great with the orange backlight.
If anyone in EU is looking for a set. I've got one here.

You don't need to deal with long wait times and customs.
A noob question :) ..... will this set fit fine the vortox race 3 ???
Got my set for $13.50, but I don't like them. They only have the 3 supports instead of 4 so they wobble a little when you bottom out. Glad I didn't pay anymore then I did. Pretty shady how they had a bunch on Ebay, but now that they're dropping here again they're "out of stock" there.
I got them for $24 on eBay and feel the same way.
This set is not $100, anywhere.
The drop price you gave us is the same as the previous drops and still way over pricing elsewhere.
Just for who doesn't know, this was like $15 new on ebay and now should be like $30
I think Massdrop drops it at this price regularly as well. "flash sale"
Also is out of stock on the ebay store right now, all bought, it was actually $13,49+shipping at the end lul
(that was from the mail so i can't change the language on the pic)

Just a thought to let you guys realize what you are buying by joining this, 13.5 bucks was definetly too cheap, but all the others were priced $30 and this was a "ok-price". Definetely not worth $59 or $99!

Cheers :)
Any reports of pixelated sets on this drop? Mine is a bit, More noticeable as time goes on :( Just got it in the mail yesterday.

Mine is pretty pixelated too. It's pretty noticeable especially on the spacebar. The set is very pretty but I'm still not particularly pleased with the pixelation.

Yeah most of my F keys are pretty bad as well. Just seems like a low quality image was used maybe, not sure. kind of a bummer.
Nov / 3 / 2017 - 6am they arrived and went straight on! ( sorry if the quality isnt that good, 6am lighting isnt perfect indoors :P )

Love the feeling of them, they have a bit of a rough texture to the tops of them unlike the standard smooth keys
that came standard on my keyboard. In terms of pixelation i saw there is a little, but from normal sitting distance
its not very noticeable unless you like lean in to actually look for them which most people dont lol
Other than that im quite happy with them and they arrived much earlier than i expected which was a extra bonus ;)
I'll take some better shots later in the day when the lighting is better

Any update on the shipping and hows that coming along ?

Edit: just got the email with my tracking info :D
Any shipping update?
Do they start with Gateron or NPKC blanks? One might have to choose from broken stems to loose stems.
Wheee, glad this is back in stock! Coworker of mine has this on his Pok3r and they really look good. The pixelation is NOT that noticeable unless you get up close --- which anything will pixelate if you are that close to it.

Besides, if you're a touch typist, you won't be staring at your keyboard anyways ;)

Take my money, Massdrop!