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Mini Iceland Wood & Resin Artisan Keycaps

Mini Iceland Wood & Resin Artisan Keycaps

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Hey guys,

Just spoke to vendor regarding some of the sub-par artisans some of you received.

Here is the full scope from vendor:
"It was pretty difficult to QC and manage 1000+ orders this time around, however - this is not an excuse, we will be replacing all unsatisfied orders. We did not want to disappoint you all and will make this right."

Please reach out to our community support team through your transaction page if you have not done so. I've already gave them a heads up regarding this drop and they are aware. From there, our CS team will consolidate the entire replacement order and have our vendor work on/ship out the replacements accordingly. Apologies for the inconvenience, thank you all for supporting this drop.

For this of you that are wondering when this drop will be coming back, we're in the discussion with the vendor - furthermore - reassuring QC so this does not happen again.

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Yeah, that'd be great if peeps want to share :)
Quick update on the replacements --- the new keycaps are finished and ready to go. BKD is currently setting up shipment with our courier contact in China. Will be en route to our warehouse very soon.

Thank you everyone for waiting so patiently.

Vendor is wrapping up the replacements for those who reached out to us. Our CS team is tracking the ETA closely with me.
Apologies again to those received a defective unit. For those who are curious, the defectives were mainly coming from the OEM batch, the SA is most likely safe. Since there are more than 1K of requests in queue for this drop and vendor is ready for the next round. We'll be bringing back this drop with SA profile only. Strict QC will be reinforced. Thank you all for your support guys.

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They are wrapping up the replacements this week.
Thanks for waiting :)
Any ETA on when the replacements will be shipped? Thanks :)

Hi guys,

I had finished all the replacements,I have to say sorry to all of you wait such a long time.
There were many works(polygon mini iceland,MT.Fuji,Mini iceland R2,and make the new Design) and those keycaps really not easy to make.The issues come to this drop really mean a lot to me.I will provide better keycaps to everyone.
Here were some pictures to you,and I will sent it today.
Nothing here yet... Should we have received them by now?
Obviously reviews are a worry. If I was to join the drop and the cap isn't up to my expectations, would return shipping be covered by seller? Some reviews state that even the replacements are horrendous and my concern is that return shipping isn't covered and I'll have to pay for shipping multiple times.
For the first round, we didn't have to send the dud caps back, so I'd assume it'd be the same (hopefully no more issues though :P)
Considering the images and reports of sub-quality caps, I wonder if the images are just renders not shots of actual caps. I would love to have Lagoon in OEM--shit I'd probably even take it in SA--but I've yet to see any versions which look remotely as good as the images on the drop.
Pretty sure they are real photos, since you can spot a few imperfections. But they were probably taken under favorable lighting conditions, and a few adjustments to the contrast and saturation sliders can do wonders, too.
As you say, I've not seen a single picture from a user that even remotely looked like those from Massdrop...
Indeed. Thanks for your thoughts. Well, I think I'm just going to give it a shot and hope they've learned from their mistake. It really is a beautiful cap which would match my board perfectly if it comes out good enough.
will these turn yellow over time?
Not letting me join drop in OEM profile. Only lets me join when I select SA. Fix?
the only option is SA and its an extra $2? the heck
OEM isn't available since they had a much higher failure rate.
Where's the option for an OEM profile?
How about you finish resolving all issues with the previous drop before doing a new one?
Gotta sell all those cancelled orders.