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Hey guys,

Just spoke to vendor regarding some of the sub-par artisans some of you received.

Here is the full scope from vendor:
"It was pretty difficult to QC and manage 1000+ orders this time around, however - this is not an excuse, we will be replacing all unsatisfied orders. We did not want to disappoint you all and will make this right."

Please reach out to our community support team through your transaction page if you have not done so. I've already gave them a heads up regarding this drop and they are aware. From there, our CS team will consolidate the entire replacement order and have our vendor work on/ship out the replacements accordingly. Apologies for the inconvenience, thank you all for supporting this drop.

For this of you that are wondering when this drop will be coming back, we're in the discussion with the vendor - furthermore - reassuring QC so this does not happen again.

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we're waiting for everyone to receive their keycaps, and will set a due date for write ins after. you will be fine :)
Thanks for this post, I will contact them.
I like my Valley keycap, but I'm not blown away. Might just be an expectations thing?

Most flattering photo I could take of it:
With a torchlight under it, you can clearly see the mist:

Some possible improvements:

1) The fog effect is only quite noticeable with a light underneath it, and even then, it looks sparse, unlike in the description page. With the naked eye, you'll have to look closely to see the mist. It somehow looks better photographed, so expect very thin and wispy mists with the real thing. A possible improvement would be a variation in mist thickness/texture. A little thicker here, and little bit thinner there. Invokes a sense of mystery. Will definitely look more interesting.

2) In the first picture, the lower left side of the keycap, where the wood juts out of the white resin jarringly. Will be better if some of that thick fog covering the trees can be applied there to cover the abrupt manner in which the wood juts out there. Kinda spoils the look, looking as if the jagged rocks are jutting out of a lake of milk instead of a bed of fog. The empty white resin parts are actually where light will be able to shine through with a backlight, but they could be made more interesting. As is, these parts look a little empty, and jarring.

Otherwise, I'm rather liking mine. Haven't had a chance to stick it on a back-lit MX keyboard (that's a Logitech G Pro in the background with Romer-G switches.. hey it's not bad!), but I may update with more pictures when I can.
will this fit my keyboard? its the following please and thanks
When do I have my replacement??
Received mine today, one of which was fantastic, unfortunately my Lagoon cap seems to suffer from the same problems that many are experiencing. Already contacted support and hope that everything works out.
Just got an email today, Friday at 2:36 while I'm at work, that the Glacier cap I had ordered as part of the GROUP BUY, is out of stock...? Support operates Mon-Friday and they need my response by Monday or it will default to a full refund. So I cant ask any question, I just have to decide if I want to ruin my set of 4 or cancel my entire order, no questions asked or answered. Le sighhhhh I really want that fourth cap homie.
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Got my replacement key cap and it is sadly only half way there. I would rate it 5 out of 10. Literally half the cap has some texture and color although still not as good as valley should look. The other half is basically empty. Guess I will be writing support again.

If anyone is curious this was my first key cap:

I also got a great wall divide in my keycap, very disappointing. Still waiting on replacement (no ETA yet)
Bad than I expected.
Color, Shape: Non of them are same with Description Image.
I am sorry I just provide the SA samples to Massdrop,it is easy to make you Puzzled . My bad
Just got mine, it doesn't even fit on the stem properly; using Zeal R9 stems, and it sits above the rest of the keycaps. The purple is barely visible, and the blue looks like a grey.

For the stem feedback,I am happy to hear those advise,I bought a switch test box and test every switch,I adjust the stem's size today,I appreciate you guys point out those,it is really mean a lot to me.
And I see how great the Massdrop discussions,it is a lovely place,thank you very much!
Those voice means a lot to me,I will fix those things you point out in the future.
Hey, sorry if my post sounded a bit frustrated, it wasn't supposed to sound like that! I understand that it's difficult to QC an order of this magnitude, and some of the ones I see are beautiful, so good job on those :) It's great to hear that you're doing what you can to correct the ones with issues
What the .....
At First I am sorry,I need to put the resin and wood together the first step,and this is random,I know this is not the excuse and I have to check them carefully,so I will sent the replacement to you,I am waiting Massdrop's CS department to provide all the list to me,because there were no everyone received the keycaps,please be patiently.
At last,thank you for supporting BKD,this is really a important experience to me,I will avoid those issues in the future.
Meanwhile I know how important the follower whom wait such a long time to get a love Artisan keycap,so I won't let you down.

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