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Damn, can’t believe I missed these! They are so gorgeous...
I look forward to getting one of these. I was SO tempted to get all four. Glacier was my favorite so it's what I picked up.
I went from wanting one, and not being able to pick between lagoon and valley, to deciding on both. Then, a few hours before the drop ended, I decided I needed all four.
Living the dream there! April can't come soon enough. I hope you love them. All for are stunning, I can't blame you for grabbing all four. Definitely sat on the idea of getting all of them for a few days as well.
Which profile would you suggest for a Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 keyboard? Escape key. Thanks!
Sorry if i missed this, but I can't tell if this is a set or an individual key. Which is it? How many caps would you get with your order?
Really want to get one of these. Currently have the tai hao miami keycaps on a white pok3r. Was thinking of going with the northern lights and pairing it with the purple space 5 spacebar from the outer spacebar set. Any thoughts?

Was also toying with getting the glacier or lagoon with the same keycap set and pairing with the space 1 spacebar I also have.
Material spec states ebony or resin -which is which?
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Thanks, francishyfu mzipf . Just did not realized they are fused into one keycap. In for a SA>
There are many videos on YouTube of stuff made with this technique. The base is ebony wood scraps with resin poured over.
Upgrading from my old Blackwidow to a Masterkeys Pro S - which profile would be best? Just replacing the escape key. Thanks!
Is this a limited edition? As will it be up again or is that nor confirmed yet?
Well it's an artisan. It's less about being 'limited' in some way, and more about there being no guarantee it will pop up again.

Although it wouldn't exactly be gone forever even if there wasn't a second run, as you're likely to find just about any artisan on the aftermarket such as /r/mechmarket.
Yeah, I have ordered the SA Glacier and maybe it goes up in price
Wish there were more photos of each key cap with back lighting. I noticed that some keys have more light shining through them than others, but of course each key is made uniquely...
That's my issue. I want a Glacier, but if there's no shine through it just doesn't work for me. So I'm probably going to pass.
Is one of the profiles SA Row 1?
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it says it is a esc key
Yep Row 1 (esc, f's)