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Middle mouse click broke. Hardly registers anymore. Had I bought from European retailer I'd have gotten 24 month warranty instead of the 12 months from MD. This is the first mouse I have ever owned that failed.
Purchased this in January of 2015. It served me well until the mouse button started to miss clicks which is very annoying. Unfortunately I'm out of the warranty now so I've switched to my old steel series.
My middle mouse click is also failing. It's been about 21 months since I have received this mouse. Guess I'll be trying out some other brand.
Hello all, I just published my review of the SK version of this mouse on youtube at the following link. I hope it helps you!
Scrollwheel also died here after a few months, good mouse otherwise. (Too lazy to sent it in for warranty stuff it's not over yet anyways...)

Unfortunate that it's a common issue otherwise it's a very nice mouse.
I ordered back in Feb 15 and the middle click is kinda hit and miss nowadays...
I have this mouse. The wheel click stopped working, was able to rebind that mouse3 click to a side button. I had a naos5000 whose wheel click also stopped after long usage. The wheel squeaked really loud too. For both mouses, everything but the wheel was solid.
Hi, I am looking for some help from the MassDrop Support Team with the last drop this product had. I purchased it in June of 2015 and today it malfunctioned and is now broken. I would like to know if the drop that I was apart of had the 1 year warranty and how to go about getting it replaced.

Thank you!
I'd recommend going through Mionix' site to try to get that resolved, but I'm not sure. That's what I'm doing, though. Hopefully someone from Massdrop will be able to answer?
does the wheel click or does not click?
It clicks. I've been using one of these at home for ~2 years, and one at the office for 1 year, and they both still work great.
i have the avior sk version brand new for sale. email me at fadingfiction at gmail
Got this in the May '15 drop, currently going through the RMA process for a wonky scroll wheel button that has become harder and harder to click. Also, from early on I noticed that the wheel internals weren't even all the way around, as at certain rotations it would be easier to click than at others.

Still, I liked this mouse for general office stuff. (Palm grip, and I have small hands.)

And despite the complaints, this really just seems to be the way that consumer electronics are going, to beat an old drum. (had a Logitech mouse where the left button started doubleclicking on its own, and a Razer Mamba that developed scroll wheel button problems)
my avior 7000 from June 2015 drop just stopped working. System doesn`t recognize it anymore
"A request for the USB device descriptor failed." Nice timing... cause I took part in last avior SK drop so replacement is already coming...
Heads up: I bought this mouse in August of 2015 and it burned out already here in December. I submitted an RMA but I would seriously reconsider buying from this company if you are in the market for a mouse.
Not happy with this drop at all. Purchased the mouse during the August 2015 drop and received it on Aug 28. The mouse functioned fine, but the customization software and firmware updates never recognized the mouse. I contacted their tech support and after weeks of back and forth, finally shipped the mouse to Sweden for a replacement. I received the replacement a few days ago and... the mouse still isn't recognized by the customization software. I don't know if the problem is on my end or what, but their tech support doesn't seem to have an answer. The new mouse still functions (for how long?) but I could have saved money and headache just buying a mouse without LEDs. At least I'm stuck with blue.
Just got my mouse today! And i absolutely LOVE IT! Thanks Massdrop! :D
Mine is getting here today! :D
Mine has shipped and gets here tomorrow. Can't wait!
How is it possible that it was shipped so fast? Is it the real shipment or just generated tracking number?