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Mionix Castor Gaming Mouse

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still 3310 for $40 ? kinda not worth it nowadays...
I'd like to buy just the wrist rest is it not possible?
You can get it from amazon
This is a great mouse, as it is one of my favorites, but it is on the smaller side and had to give it up for that reason. I want one that is of the same form but bigger, but also wireless with low latency and rechargeable like the Logitech G703.
Just want to add a little warning here:

This mouse is great, but I've owned 4 Mionix mice and every single one has lost it's middle click within 1-1.5 years. Every. Single. Time.

Like clockwork, they just wear out. I don't even use my middle click that much, just opening new tabs and the occasional click during some games. I know some people bind middle click to much more, and for them, lifetime will be even less.

I really wish they fixed this but after 5 years of buying their mice and having this happen to all of them (2 7000s, 2 Castors) I'm just done supporting bad quality.
Just want to respond to this warning and say I've had a Naos for 3 years now and I even use the middle click as a keybind regularly in gaming (for reference, for the past 8 months this keybind has been my pickaxe in fortnite so it gets thousands of clicks). Still works great and I love the mouse. Really excited to use this mouse as well. Not to say this guy is wrong or making it up, just sharing my experience so we see both sides.
Does anyone know if this drop is the latest revision? maybe 2017?
Yes this: MNX-01-26004-G
Finally a pink mouse with no tacky rgb lights ūüĎĆ
instant buy!
I was really happy to see a good grey without the RGB lights. I still don't understand the fad.
What are the dimensions for the wrist wrest? Is this the "Long-Pad" listed on their website or old stock?
Our Mionix Long Pad is 440 x 100 x 10 mm hope this helps!
This mouse is a great mouse. I used the original version of it over a year or 2 ago, and reason why I changed was because it is on the smaller side in terms of size. Shape is comfortable but aesthetically speaking it's not too special but obviously that could be something you like her nice to have if you have a minimalist set up.
wireless naos and castor. castor colors are nice but naos with colors and wireless would be the dream.
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yes, my main gripe with the castor is that it is a bit too small for me. It is by far a great mouse though. Hoping that you guys will make the castor wireless as well but still below 100 grams.
Thanks again, we love it when people tell us what their problems are and what they really love about our products, its only now that we can actually take into consideration what features are missing. We're driven by the community and feed back and so I'll add your request to our feature request form :). Feel free to message us on any of our reddit/facebook/twitter channels if you want a survey to fill in
Would be cool to see some unique colorways for the avior as well
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Would love to see the Castor in a light color like white or cream. I'm sure that it would be popular.
If you message our support via mionix.io I can send you a survey and you can provide more feed back :)
So none of the colored versions have LEDs? That's a bummer, love the grey version.
Also, if that is the case, why is it the same price as the one with LEDs?