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Was hoping the long pad was the same size as the Corsair MM200 or some kind of extended mousepad but 4"? Da fuq
Has anyone tried pairing these desk pads with laser?
Excuse my ignorance, what does " shipping to the non-contiguous US is not available for this drop " mean, i'm tired and that sentence made my head hurt, i'm from aussie land, can I get one?
The "contiguous US" refers to the 48 connected states of America (non-contiguous are Alaska and Hawaii). As to if it ships to Australia, I'm not entirely sure on that one
ship this to hawaii what the heck... lame
It's supposed to be food themed correct? I hope the shark is not meant to promote the unethical consumption of shark fin soup, which is banned in many countries.
I doubt it's food related. Check their Instagram.

Hey Imogene, a very valid question you've raised. I'm happy to confirm that no, although we hold several food items in our designs, it is not entirely food related. We support International Shark Awareness week and it can be seen over our social media channels, I do hope this clears any of your concerns regarding our stance :)
What a coincidence! Just did an unboxing and overview of all 5 of these desk pads on Twitch last night:

(I bought the Burger one for $30 from Amazon a few months back
but got the other 4 from this drop cos of the crazy good price)
What? A product from massdrop that comes at a reasonable shipping date and no $30 charge for shipping?! A GOD SEND!!!
I'd almost like to see an option to just buy the long pad.
Washable ?
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Any fabric on which your hands sit for countless hours will darken with skin oils and dirt. I was thinking more machine washable as in (clothes) washing machine, not dish washer.
Aww, man, I got excited for Flying Toasters!
No love for flying pigs ? :(
Well, the only flying object more iconic than the Flying Toaster...
If there was a taco version I would totally get it for my gf.
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Username checks out.