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Mionix Naos QG Optical Gaming Mouse

Mionix Naos QG Optical Gaming Mouse

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DO NOT GET THIS, If you have sweaty palms, the sensors will corrode as has mine in just about 2 months of everyday use.
Tried this in a retail shop today, fell in love with the shape. Please Mionix, make one with more buttons!
Great mouse in general with a few flaws. Good sensor and comfortable shape for palm grip or hybrid users, but hand size is possibly more of a factor than most other mice due to the general contours esp for the last two fingers. If your hands are slightly larger than average it should fit perfectly but over that and you might be suited to a safer shaped mouse. Buttons are decent and one of my pet peeves of sides buttons being accidentally clicked constantly is solved by the higher position and thumb groove.

Software is okay but not the greatest with getting custom key command bindings to work. Heart rate and skin response sensors are a bit redundant but are used to some games (http://store.steampowered.com/app/342260/Nevermind/). I would suggest placing some thick tape over the sensor if you don't use it as it emits a bright green light that can be a bit blinding once you take your hand off the mouse, though it shuts off fairly fast.

Regarding the materials the rubberized grip is smooth and very comfortable to touch but needs some care. I have sweaty hands but have not had any issues with heavy use over a month. Obviously not eating snacks while using this or otherwise just having clean hands would be a good idea, as well as periodic cleaning with wet wipes to maintain the surface. The general utility and comfort of the mouse outweighs the several minor issues I have with this and this gets 8/10.
You can turn off the extra sensors in the software if you do not want to use it. Probably easier than to put tape over it.
Paid £34 for this mouse on here. It took ages to get delivered & I've had to pay a customs charge of £21.73 so I'd rather of paid a bit extra off Amazon to get it next day than to wait this long and save about ten pounds. If you're from the UK this site is terrible!
Has anyone from the UK that bought this recieved there's yet?
DO NOT BUY THIS MOUSE. It's wider than most of the mice I've owned in my computing career. Can't really call it ergonomically-designed if I have trouble gripping it, and I have big hands. The software running this mouse was designed to be aesthetically pleasing, but mostly useless. Also I found a bug where if you have volume-up bound to the pageup button on the mouse, and you click it while the mouse is moving, it will keep triggering that action.
This mouse is terrible. Firmware update does not work, the statistics part of mionix hub where it tracks your heart rate doesn't work. The plastic cover turns sticky after use.
To update the firmware, you need to unplug all other USB devices from the USB controller that the mouse is attached to. All plastic gets sticky after awhile unfortunately :(
$6 for shipping for a mouse and it takes two weeks to arrive? I'd like a refund for the shipping. Literally the pony Express was faster.

B.hutch? Can you assist?
did you get a refund? FedEx is horrible in my area too
No no response from massdrop at all.
Just an update for anyone who is thinking of buying this mouse here is my opinion. I have pretty much all the Naos series mouses and I can conclude that the QG is not worth it. After using it for a while the 2 metal sensors that sit on the palm area have corroded and is showing the copper underneath. I don't really use the app that much but it is fancy showing how many clicks and scrolls you have done on the mouse.

IMHO if you have to pick a mouse regardless of price or features go and pick up the Naos 7000. It is pretty much a QG without the fancy heart rate and click monitor and doesn't suffer from any mouse acceleration.
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No it doesn't but for the price I can't justify it over the 7000.
Price is basically the same through massdrop (Naos QG) and on Amazon for the 7000 but with the QG you get a 3360 sensor which is better
I bought this mouse back in september and now the right click is messed up. It's not as clicky anymore and I have to press it harder.
This or stay with Logitech G403?
The G403 is pretty hard to beat. Great shape and size, and logitech builds very high quality with great materials and clicks and the G403 is no exception. I stick to smaller mice like the EC2-A and Roccat Owl-Eye but the G403 also feels very natural and comfortable in the hand even though its bigger than my usual preference. So if you are using it for gaming and specifically FPS or any games that require accuracy I would stick with the smaller and great shape G403.

That being said I have used the Mionix Naos briefly and it was very comfortable after a small adjustment period. I don't think I could ever personally use it for gaming but for general or office use it is very comfy and my hand never felt fatigued or sore which normally bigger mice cause for me. This model is unique so I'm sure you could resell it on r/hardwareswap or even this discussion page if you end up not liking it and have the money to spare to pick it up to try it out.
The shape looks awesome, but I really could do with a few more buttons...
I have a https://mionix.net/naos-7000 and it's a great mouse in every way except one: the scroll wheel resistance is not uniform as you spin it. It's comfortable to spin for almost one rotation, and then there is a hard bump, so you have to apply a lot more force to continue scrolling and usually I end up also middle clicking as a result. If they have an updated model without that big defect, I would definitely recommend.