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Mionix Nash 20 Gaming Headset

Mionix Nash 20 Gaming Headset

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the good stuff about these are the desing( (simple and mate, easy to fit on the good side , not so comfortable for long sesions (can be improved), and no removable cable ) and the affordable price, good sound for gaming ,not for music sadly, So its a good buy if you are a casual gamer, not recomended for listening music since there are better for almost the same price.
Got these end of 2016, it's now mid 2018, the mic piece broke off. No easy way to repair. For $50, it was an OK run, but I don't see an easy repair for these except putting on a mod mic on the side.
If you want to buy this headset they are currently on sale on amazon for cheaper.
no,. isnt
Love the design but no removable cable?
Looks like the Logitech G231
How does this compare to the Hyper X which one is better
Anyone know where i can buy one of those transparent headphone stands that looks like a human head?
Here is a link
I used to have one but it was very low definition so it looked like a horror movie prop. It lived on my porch for a while and you can actually see it in Google Street View still even though I haven't lived there since 2014...
I was hoping this was for the stand. :)
Bought Mine a while ago, but just to ask: Does anyone know where I can get replacement cups for my foam leather?
Mine seems to have started peeling off.
Orders finally just shipped 😱
Is everyone else also still waiting for their order? It's been a month and a half so I'm pretty anxious haha. I want to have faith in Massdrop though
Massdrop. My order forgot to send???
To whom send the order? As early as May 30
I'm glad a lot of people here in the comments seem to be enjoying their new headsets!

But, for what it's worth, I'm extremely disappointed with mine. This was my first drop and it was about 12/13 months ago. My first one was sent with a defective cable and I had to pay $20 to ship it to Mionix's California warehouse to get a replacement under warranty. The one they sent looked like it was a refurbished unit. It was clean and looked new except for the bent and damaged boom mic, making it so it wouldn't always activate when I put it down. Both the inner and outer boxes were in pristine condition so I doubt it was damaged en-route.

Anyways, not wanting to shell out another $20 for shipping it back, I bit the bullet... after all the mic did work most the time. And besides, these ARE stupidly comfortable, and sound pretty good both receiving and transmitting sound.

A few days ago, they crapped out on me entirely. I can not get *anything* out of them anymore, so it seems like it's an issue inside the headset itself instead of just a broken cable. To make matters worse the warranty expired three weeks ago, so I'm SOL. Even if I wasn't, I'd be reluctant to bring my total spending on these up to $100 just to gamble on them for a third time...

Best of luck everyone. I hope your experiences are better than mine, because, when this headset works, it works great.
That headphone stand is probably worth more than the headset.
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The Hardware Cunucks review is three years old - has the peeling issue been solved? Thanks!
I know it's a little late, but I got my set from a drop 1ish years ago and I haven't experienced any peeling. Granted I'm relatively gentle on mine, and they rest on my desk when not in use.
Thanks pal!