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Mionix Propus 380 Gaming Surface

Mionix Propus 380 Gaming Surface

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Seriously what is the point of a drop when I can buy it cheaper from the manufacturer and the best price is 4 dollars less than retail...
Over. Priced.
I love Mionix, I have the Nash 20's and the Naos 7000 which I love love love. But this mouse pad, the Propus 380 is questionable. It seems to do better with laser mice than it does with optical but even then, I have noticed times when there is pointer movement when the mouse or table, nothing, is moving. It seems to me that some refracting or reflecting or something with those shiny bits is messing up the precise tracking of otherwise great mice. I tested no less than 5-6 mice on here ranging from the Naos 7000, the Naos 8200, some generic Dell mouse, a Gamdias mouse, Ttesports 10m, and a Razer Death Adder, so yeah 6 and they all did this to a varying degree.
over priced. I bought this mouse pad at frys electronics for $25.
Tracking sucks with certain optical mice.
Wears out really fast
PSA: I've got one of these, it malfunctions like crazy with the 7000's from Mionix. I own a Naos 7000 and it cannot be used with this surface.

It's probably the specific sensor (3310) that is incompatible, my other mice works great with it (s3988, 3090.) I haven't tested it's longevity though.
I have had this mouse pad for the better part of this past year, and it started out pretty great. But the top layer of plastic starts to peel away with extended use, and the surface becomes covered in little scuff marks. It's a nice concept and pretty cool looking, but it has surprisingly poor build quality. I've recently switched to a cloth mouse pad, and I think I'll be actually using it for more than a year without it falling apart.
A local store is selling these for about $16. Is it worth getting for that price than say a SteelSeries Qck+? Personally, I've been more accustomed to just mouse mats as they feel more comfortable and are more portable. What's the advantage of this one compared to standard mats?
this mouse is too reflective for many optical mice. it feels great, but will cause lift off issues, tracking issues, and drifting issues on lots of optical mice. won't pair well with mionix's own optical mice either.
Great news group! We’re happy to report that this deal is the same as the one on Amazon!
My main mouse -- Razer Naga doesn't track at all on this surface. I also tried my Razer Mamba which is a little better but has other issues.

A piece of paper or magazine works great, but put it on this and my mouse becomes totally unresponsive. Not deadspots or flakiness, just flat out does not work.

Oh well
I feel like I wasted my money on this surface. I've tried a Roccat Kone XTD Optical, Razer Mamba 2012 TE, and a FinalMouse. All of which had MAJOR lift issues. I could hold my mice 2-3 inches off of the surface it they would still be tracking. (Just a review for those looking to purchase.)
Great news group! We’re happy to report that all of the orders have been shipped out from our warehouse and are now on the way to you! Please allow 24-48 hours for tracking to get into the shipper's system and start updating.

Thanks again for the support guys. Drop by the discussion board and share your experience with the Mionix Propus 380 Gaming Surface. The community would love to hear your thoughts.

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Never even got mine and mass drop has not replied
Great news group! The vendor has let us know that the group's order was picked up and is on its way to our warehouse in New Jersey now. Based on the tracking provided these are scheduled to come in 8/12. Our warehouse team has been forwarded tracking info and will be standing by, ready to get these packed up and turned around as soon as they come in.

Sometimes shipments get delayed en route, not to worry as we will keep the group posted throughout the process and notify you all if anything causes delay.

Thanks for your patience and expect an update from us by the end of the day Pacific Time on 8/13 or sooner if something comes up.
Thanks again for joining this drop! With your help we were able to make it successful for the community. We've just submitted the group's order with the vendor for the Mionix Propus 380 Gaming Surface and they are working hard to prepare it for shipment.

As soon as the group's order is ready at the vendor's location, they will send the bulk shipment to our warehouse in New Jersey where we'll break it up into individual orders and ship them directly to you! The current estimated ship date from our warehouse is 8/20.

Rest assured that we we will provide you all with updated information regarding the status of your order throughout the process. You can expect an update from us by the end of the day Pacific Time on 8/10.
I had this mousepad for a while. I liked it initially, but it wore in such a way that my mouse (Logitech G9 at the time) started to not track very well. More importantly to me, it was just not big enough as I tend to play games at low sensitivity and I needed a bit more vertical room. I went back to a large cloth gaming mousepad after this.
cool mousepad but i need something like corsair mm200 extended with a cheap shipment
Why is shipping outside the US so expensive on these small items. It really seems like there is an inverse correlation between the size of the item and the shipping sometimes. Shipping on this to the Netherlands should be 6.70.
eeweew Thank you for pointing that out. That was an error on my part and I have updated the shipping cost.