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Mionix Zibal 60 Keyboard

Mionix Zibal 60 Keyboard

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Some pics I took of this KB. It does look and feel good despite the shortcomings.


I don’t suppose this has any kind of programming capabilities, does it? Specifically the ability to remap keys and run macro’s.
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I got one at a promotional price during the last year and I see it's still available to buy. it's not that bad but you can see that it's quite dated and there are some annoying issues with it: * for some reason Fn in in the left side, instead of the OS key and it can't be remapped (there's an OS key but it's on the right side of the space bar) * the LEDs are green so your best bet is to keep them turned off * the keycaps are complete trash, just your run of the mill OEM ABS caps with laser etched legends * passthrough feature is useless and just makes the cable bloated
Other than that the build quality is pretty solid, the black switches are OK and it works. Oh, and the stabilizers are Costar, in case anybody wonders.
Front bezel looks decent, maybe they should show it without the wrist rest in some pics.
Note: the left win key is actually a Fn. key, so if you use it for windows shortcuts or use this keyboard with OSX, expect problems.
Yeah, I have this KB and if you use the left hand for OS shortcuts you're screwed. There is a Windows key on the right side but since all the other KBs have it on the left side you will find yourself pressing Fn instead of Win quite often.
can the lights be turned off?
yes, you can turn the LED's off, and also note they are SUPER dim, even in a dark room.