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Just got a ship notice for this drop - thought it was supposed to be in March. Not complaining mind you, just wanted to know if anyone else got one.

I would like to see this board by a manufacturer other than mistel. Still a little miffed about the quality of the "artisan"/novelty keycap that broke with out any use.
I'd say the quality of the keycaps is fine for this product. The only concern is the longevity of the on-board memory since all keyboard macros and backlight changes are recorded in the eerprom which, it seems, is fully erased/rewritten each time you change a setting, severely limiting the functionality of the device once you've exceeded the maximum number of rewrites on the device.
I'd really like to see a board like this in a wooden or aluminum case that could be connected together magnetically.
gonna have to wait a while ;)
tldr; look up dygma raise
Yup, Dygma Raise may be what you're looking for! Aluminum build, PBT keycaps, fully programmable with an open-source GUI, and magnetic attachment between the split as well as the cable.
I've had this keyboard since late 2016, its fantastic except it has major electrical/embedded flaw, uses eeprom to store user data which has very limited writes, and worse it reads and rewrite the entire memory (fw based on holtek). My keyboard stopped memorizing any changes on power cycle, then it stopped working completely until I replaced the eeprom chip followed by a firmware flash. I used the following smd deadbug style due to layout: 24C64. You can lookup some reddits post regarding backlight memory issue on unplug and replug somwhere I can't seem to find anymore, so I don't think I'm the first.
How frequently did you change settings prompting eeprom reflash you think?
I used leaflabs maple microcontroller kit, it has stm32f103 mcu, anyways it has an option for external eeprom with custom bootloader, so i simply connected the kb to the mcu parallel, dumped content from eeprom via a flashed program w/ output to serial in real time, so far on each kb power up, the firmware reads the entire eeprom, wipes(necessary as its the nature of eeproms), and rewrite, same thing with changing any setting. I know this might sound weird but you can try switching to second layout while quickly disconnecting the usb cable, you will notice it will revert back to the previous layout on next powerup or reset to default.
I guess the reason why they did that is that implementing check-before-write is rather slow and can introduce bugs and on each setting change it will have to rewrite everything anyways. Bear in mind, eeproms don't support wear leveling, and has 100,000 life cycle on each gate. Depending on firmware, if one is down the firmware will simply ignore or malfunction. In my case it forgets on power cycle, or stops working completely until I reset the keyboard without power cycling with their update software. (boot loader mode)
Using cheap nands would be expensive due to the lack of a flash controller on the holtek mcu. maybe a cheap SDIO storage would work. (e.g cheap sdcards, overkill) Altho it would be magnitudes more expensive than eeproms when in batch.
I'm following this and planning to modify and release custom fw, no promises tho:

V60 mini and Pok3r has the same exact MCU. Pok3r firmware flashes fine with OpenOCD jtag from a raspberry pi 2. Keyboard layout is messed, and obviously would have to implement high speed i2c or spi for the second split to sync and read. Might aswell throw a teensy with tmk and forget it, but the replacement is working fine for now.
It looks like this is only slightly cheaper than prices elsewhere, but I can't find one with blues in the ~170 range, anyone know where to find one? (Or with greens, if that exists)
Seems like this website called Massdrop is a good place to pick one up. They're selling Blues for $150. You should check it out!
I'm just impatient :B
I have had this board for about a year now. I actually really like the layout and its ability to separate as it does. My board came with the LED for the letter "T" messed up. It only flashes purple, green, or yellow. No shades or any colors in between. So it looks funky when I want to put a solid color that isnt one of those exact colors. Also, the rubber feet under the legs came off pretty quickly. I tried contacting them about getting a replacement but they never followed through. So I have to say the support is awful. Crossing your fingers for a perfectly working board is the best you'll be able to do because the support is practically non-existent.
weren't there some replacement rubber feet in the box?
Just a heads up, I've had the non-LED version of this board for a little over a year, and while the board is good, the support isn't great. I've spent the better part of my time owning the board, trying to get it fixed to no avail. When I start my computer, one half of the board isn't recognized. I have to unplug and plug it back in. This has been tested on multiple computers.

That said. It's a great start into split layouts since the QWERTY (ANSI) we know is still there.
ISO would be an insta-buy, but lack of makes me sad. I thought this PCB supported it as well, so it's even more disappointing. :(
ISO exists, you can find it on, and as far as I'm aware
So this drop seems to only feature the qwerty layout and although ive seen pictures online with nordic layout, i cant find where to get them.. does anyone have an idea?
This is the closest I could find
Select the left one under size that says " 日本語配列 "
You can find the Nordic ISO at Maxgaming which has stores for most nordic countries and a europe and international one. Keep in mind that the Nordic RGB model has ABS keycaps rather than PBT. On the Nordic board PBT is only for the non-RGB versions.