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Mistel Barocco MD600 Mechanical Keyboard

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@XiK Just noticed that the survey's drop link sends you to a different, inactive drop.
Does anyone knows how to reset only the keyboard colors (RBG Version) on a specific layer without resetting the whole keyboard? the PN + F4 / F5/ ESC don't work. I don't know how to reactivate the light again :( Thanks
Anybody's seen the MD650: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FK7TH64/?coliid=I16IE98YBH9OZG&colid=3L8C3RD8DXBTE&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it? I would prefer this one since I like the 82-kay 75% design...
I loved this keyboard but it broke on the night of a giant migration my team was doing (see: consecutive 17 hour days of sweating and anxiety). The column of XSW2 just stopped working. I've had other people I've known had this board stop working in various manners. I don't know if it's just unlucky but I would just like to throw up my caution. When it works it's fantastic. It feels amazing to have my spacebar as a FN key since I like using VIM motions in non-VIM environments.
However I wonder why boards like this keep making drops here since it is really is just the retail versions at a slight cost reduction.
honestly guys. the pricing is almost the same as the retail amount. Mistel sells it on amazon for about $155. They're lying about the $189.99 price tag.
This was my favorite keyboard for about a year until it sort of broke. It still works, but it doesn't remember any custom key assignments. The moment I disconnect it, all my customizations are lost. I contacted Mistel, but didn't hear anything from their customer support. It seems like they don't care much about customers outside of Asia.
Your spi flash is probably dead, you can replace it if you have some smd soldering skills, see my note at the end: https://github.com/pok3r-custom/pok3r_re_firmware/issues/25
YOU MADE IT HAPPEN! This is one of the most requested options from the [New] Split Mechanical Keybaords poll created by tuckerchapin. Thanks to everyone who voted for making this drop possible.

38 out of 484 votes....
how would i get custom keycaps for this; saw the spacebar in half?
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Good to know that this keyboard comes with good keycaps.
The Mito Canvas drop had a custom cap option for weird spacebars. I got it for my incoming Z70 Pro I'm getting from InputClub. Though the only measurement I paid attention to was the 2.25u bar I wanted. But like others have said, you'll just have to keep your eyes open for custom drops or group buys with sets that offer sets of "weird" measurement caps.
How practical is this for gaming?
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Very practical, in fact I prefer it to all my keyboards. Unless you need specific macro keys, I love it for FPS. I can tilt it so it's comfortable and gives me so much room for my enormous mousepad.
It's just as good as any other keyboard EXCEPT for one detail. The ` key is replaced by ESC. I've hit ESC multiple times while trying to hit 1 in various games. You can re-map that key on one of the layers of course, but it's a gotcha if you haven't run into it before. Other than that, it's great for gaming in general because of the space saving you can get from it.
Edit - I should mention the ESC/tilde issue is across most 60% keyboards or rather, any keyboard without the F-key row. So no biggie, just a heads up.
Enough of this one. When is MD dropping the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard?
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What? Dev/tty is high profile
True that. I own this and love it, but I mostly bought it because production on UHKs is so slow. I really want the multiple modifier layers of ergodox on a standard staggered split keyboard.
Great, no LED MX Brown option available with either color. Every gd drop the most popular combination is always sold out. This is really just overstock.com eh?
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yeah i might. keeb.io is getting more stock this weekend though, so I might hold off amd build an Iris.
oh probably do that then
I got one on the last drop and I'm really digging it! multiple layers are really handy, plus I mapped the right spacebar to Fn so it's MUCH more comfortable using arrows, PgDn/PgUp, etc. with it!
Is it possible to map Fn+WASD to arrow keys with this board? If so, I'm in!
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yes! I did that with mapping WASD to debugging commands!
Yes! I do prefer Fn+JKLI though. I remapped Fn to the right spacebar to make it easier. I highly reccomend it.
This is a great keyboard for the money, but positioning the 6 key on the right half of the keyboard was a poor design decision. Mistel should change this if they want to be competitive in the split keyboard market.
Do the halves just fit together, or is there something holding them together?
They sort of fit together. I think the case on the right sticks out 1-2mm from the case on the left. It's pretty snug though.
Available from Amazon Prime for $154.99, with discounted, "basically ASAP" shipping. (Link: https://www.amazon.com/Mistel-Ergonomic-Mechanical-Keyboard-Switches/dp/B01KN6LBDU/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1521643724&sr=8-11&keywords=Mistel+Barocco+MD600 )
Edit for transparency: this isn't an Amazon affiliate link, I'm not the vendor, and I don't get any rewards if anyone visits the page or buy's this product .)
I love this keyboard so much. Only one on the market right now I can do THIS with:
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My ducky has that setup and mouse on WASD+FN (Q-E for clicks R-F for scroll) and it's easily the best setup I've used.
Nah, I probably could have, but for me the more-obvious, more-graceful, less-effort solution was just getting a second set of VESA mount arms for the kb halves. Excessive, yes; perfect, also yes. So, a total of four VESA pole-mount arms from Amazon (one per stick, one per kb half) combined with any desk with at least two hefty front legs and ANY chair. Position the VESA arms so everything’s within easy reach while sitting back, and you’ll be transported instantly to the comfort zone.
Here’s a better view:
Has anyone ordered custom keycaps for this board? I'm a bit of a dullard, so was hoping to find a set that still had the cheaters for the FN functions on them.
Generally speaking, you won't be able to find any custom keycap set with alternate legends for the functions. They're different on every board.
The biggest hurdle to finding a custom set that will fit this board is the split space bar. I haven't found a set that has a 3.25u spacebar.
same sentiments. i wanted to have a SA Set however the 3.25 space is limiting me
Just got a ship notice for this drop - thought it was supposed to be in March. Not complaining mind you, just wanted to know if anyone else got one.
just got one as well
I would like to see this board by a manufacturer other than mistel. Still a little miffed about the quality of the "artisan"/novelty keycap that broke with out any use.
I'd say the quality of the keycaps is fine for this product. The only concern is the longevity of the on-board memory since all keyboard macros and backlight changes are recorded in the eerprom which, it seems, is fully erased/rewritten each time you change a setting, severely limiting the functionality of the device once you've exceeded the maximum number of rewrites on the device.
A possible fix for people who bought it already in the future, the flash can be replaced. https://github.com/pok3r-custom/pok3r_re_firmware/issues/25
I'd really like to see a board like this in a wooden or aluminum case that could be connected together magnetically.
gonna have to wait a while ;) https://www.massdrop.com/buy/mistel-barocco-md600-mechanical-keyboard/talk/1924334 tldr; look up dygma raise
Yup, Dygma Raise may be what you're looking for! Aluminum build, PBT keycaps, fully programmable with an open-source GUI, and magnetic attachment between the split as well as the cable.

I've had this keyboard since late 2016, its fantastic except it has major electrical/embedded flaw, uses spi NOR flash to store user data which has limited writes, and worse it reads and rewrite the entire memory (fw based on holtek). My keyboard stopped memorizing any changes on power cycle, then it stopped working completely until I replaced the spi flash chip. Keyboard also worked fine (without saving changes) when the SPI was removed. P25Q80H is the new spi flash Older is GD25Q41 Edited for corrections.
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lol, ok, thanks for the details. So your problems with losing firmware were not related to changing the flash chip?
No, i did not know it was the flash chip, I thought I encountered firmware bug and updated over VM. VM crashed when updating as the keyboard restarts with another usb pid, so that bugged out VirtualBox and bricked my keyboard. Used VM for Windows as I was on Linux
It looks like this is only slightly cheaper than prices elsewhere, but I can't find one with blues in the ~170 range, anyone know where to find one? (Or with greens, if that exists)
Seems like this website called Massdrop is a good place to pick one up. They're selling Blues for $150. You should check it out! https://www.massdrop.com/buy/mistel-barocco-md600-mechanical-keyboard
I'm just impatient :B
I have had this board for about a year now. I actually really like the layout and its ability to separate as it does. My board came with the LED for the letter "T" messed up. It only flashes purple, green, or yellow. No shades or any colors in between. So it looks funky when I want to put a solid color that isnt one of those exact colors. Also, the rubber feet under the legs came off pretty quickly. I tried contacting them about getting a replacement but they never followed through. So I have to say the support is awful. Crossing your fingers for a perfectly working board is the best you'll be able to do because the support is practically non-existent.
weren't there some replacement rubber feet in the box?
Just a heads up, I've had the non-LED version of this board for a little over a year, and while the board is good, the support isn't great. I've spent the better part of my time owning the board, trying to get it fixed to no avail. When I start my computer, one half of the board isn't recognized. I have to unplug and plug it back in. This has been tested on multiple computers.
That said. It's a great start into split layouts since the QWERTY (ANSI) we know is still there.
Did you get new firmware from the web? The Amazon reviews make it sound like newer firmware helped this connection issue.
ISO would be an insta-buy, but lack of makes me sad. I thought this PCB supported it as well, so it's even more disappointing. :(
ISO exists, you can find it on jimms.fi, maxgaming.se and amazon.co.uk as far as I'm aware
So this drop seems to only feature the qwerty layout and although ive seen pictures online with nordic layout, i cant find where to get them.. does anyone have an idea?
You can find the Nordic ISO at Maxgaming which has stores for most nordic countries and a europe and international one. Keep in mind that the Nordic RGB model has ABS keycaps rather than PBT. On the Nordic board PBT is only for the non-RGB versions.
New to split boards, I'm interested in this but would prefer arrow keys + f1 row. Does anyone have suggestions for split boards with those features that are about this price/less than $200 and are fully assembled? Doesn't need to be RGB. I looked a little at like ergodox (?) ones but they looked to be significantly pricier from cursory glance. These split boards look a lot more comfortable to type on since you can adjust them to be shoulder width. Thanks!
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Re-map the left spacebar to FN and use 'hjkl' or the included 'jikl' as your arrow keys. I made the switch and it's so unbelievably fast and useful. This remap alone is why I like the split keyboard.
However if you're sure on your desire for a TKL then there are a few options for you. The 'Kinesis Freestyle Edge' is a new gaming split TKL board and the Matias Ergo Pro which runs 200$. Of those two I would suggest the Matias due to more options for tenting/adjusting.
I have backed the Dygma Raise because it's ALMOST a perfect keyboard for me. It's on kickstarter and won't be available for a while but I'd like to spread the good word.
That's awesome! thanks for the suggestions and tips, I'll keep it in mind when I get a split board
UPDATE: I'm back on the project. Just got my setup more or less together, though I seem to have misplaced a few items in the shuffle. Here's a peek at what I'm working on!
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Thank you! I cut/pasted together a model from full length SA spacebars, filled and buffed out the join lines and made a silicone mold of that, which I then resin cast into what you see here.
I'm still trying to get the process consistent enough to sell them, but work has demanded most of my time lately..
I would be interested in getting one if you figure out a way for production/distribution. I do love my Barocco, but being able to switch out caps would be really cool. I have the Industrial SA caps from pimpmykeyboard on my Poker II at home. Really unique feeling to them. This of course lead me to gaze longingly at other keycaps for my work board, the aforementioned Barocco.