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Mistel Barocco MD650L Mechanical Keyboard

Mistel Barocco MD650L Mechanical Keyboard

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This is very tempting but I'm not sure saving $20 is worth the wait. I'll most likely just order one direct. I don't have an issue with the ML switches as someone else stated once you lube them they are fine. The issue I have with the cherry ml boards you can purchase all day on ebay is the key pitch is way to small which causes my typeing to slow down. For this particular layout I just wish they had put 1u keys on the left hand bottom row so they could add one more key other than that it looks fine.
I have one of these and it does not work as advertised. I am not able to remap keys and Mistel has not replied to three requests for support. If you are in the market for a programmable split keyboard, there are better options out there. They cost more, but they more than make up for the added cost in value.
I really hope Mistel can add a two columns F Function keys on the left half. Then this will be a solid god design.

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I have this keyboard through MechanicalKeyboards.com. It's my daily driver right now. When I first got it, I was definitely put off a little by the scratchiness of the keyboard. The people who are saying you need to hit it dead center are right. I loved the layout and how well built the case was so I tried lubing the switches with some Krytox lube. I didn't do it "the most correct" way of taking the switch apart. I just painted some lube on each side of the switch that rubbed against the housing. It definitely takes some time but it makes a world of a difference. It's much, much, much more smooth now.
I'm ok with people putting up whatever products they want, but NEW Cherry ML switches? Isn't that a little deceptive? Even if they were "new", Cherry's actual new low profile switches are not ML. This plus my original Barocco dying after 2 months has really soured my opinion of this company.
Dream keyboard layout for me. I've always wanted a keyboard that was split but still had the arrow cluster. Sadly, the Cherry ML switches make this a hard pass for me. The day they have some Cherry MX switch options, I'll be glad to drop some money on this.
Mistel made this keyboard with MX switches literally years before they added the ML switch variant, look on Amazon or MechanicalKeyboards.com.
Do these use standard Cherry 19mm x 19mm footprint or do they use Choc 17mm x 18mm spacing? I've seen both on Cherry ML boards.
I nearly joined but noticed the switch opions. Needs better switch options... I'd love an MX version of this board...
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Those are actually the MD600, which have the [6] key on the right half. Also, I believe the case is plastic but I'm not positive there.
Oh wow thanks, I'm wrong - those are definitely different boards - entire right-hand side is different.
I've tried typing on this keyboard with these switches...terrible. Buyer beware.
Is anyone aware of a split keyboard configured similarly to this, but that includes F keys? I am being driven crazy trying to find such an animal; I’m getting very close to designing and paying whatever it costs to build my own.
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V.ea clone :)
That's a total nightmare. Ok, you've convinced me not to ever go down that road.
What's the PN key?
It's another layer key, similar to FN (sort of). On the original split, PN was used to change LED colors/effects. Here, I'm not sure what's on that particular layout.
I purchased this keyboard through MechanicalKeyboards.com. The PN key is used when you are programming keys. You can program any key to be something else. The PN key can't be remapped though.
would it be possible to desolder the ML switches and replace them with MX-style switches?
No, ML has a different pin configuration than MX.
I find it hard to believe that 48 people have purchased this keyboard so far. Do they not realize that this board has Cherry ML switches? They're lower-tier than membrane.
Buyer beware on this one. Keyboard remapping doesn't work. I've attempted to contact Mistel three times in regard to this issue and have not received a response.
Cherry doesn't make tactile switches... at least by comparison. Kaihl box switches (retooled new version), and Hako royals are by far more tactile if that's what you like. The Cherry MLs will be utterly disappointing if you are looking for a tactile bump. The board looks awesome, I've been wanting one, but I already know the switches are not for me. Would have been sweet with some option. Also, it's pretty much the same price as amazon... Like literally if you took $7 off... Hopefully, they release a version that is not with the low profile switch, and has options at least. Hot swap would make this an instant buy. O well, guess I have to wait for my Tofu and Preonic for arrive :/
I mean...I suppose 4 from the bottom is one of the most requested...out of 12...sure.
That aside, I have this board. The board is great, but the switches are not new, nor really great at all. It is out of my rotation.
I'm pretty sure the poles don't matter much. They go with where they can make a profit. If they can't, they won't have it on MD. It's a business so I don't begrudge them, but the idea that MD is a super community orientated, listening to polls, type of company is the allure that gets people on here.
I saw the pictures of this board in my email when the drop started, and I can definitely say that my heart sank when I saw that it came with Cherry ML switches. Hard pass for me.
One of the most requested Split Keyboards??? Hmm.... It actually came as the least desirable keyboard as per the very polls you are talking about.
I bought the keyboard somewhere else and I was so disappointed with the Cherry ML switches.
In typing tests I was constantly pressing hard against unrelenting keys and still missing letters. Every key was stiff and scratchy, every key felt a little different. If you didn't press right in the middle it would actually be harder to press the key at all, which resulted in missing letters every time I tried using it. Unless you hit a key in the dead center, it requires more than 45g of force to yield and register a keypress.
Everything else about this keyboard is good. I like the inclusion of the arrow keys. I like how it has 0° tilt. I love the look. The aluminum is solid. I wish the switches weren't trash.
Would love to buy this keyboard but I'm disappointed in the lack of switch options :(. I'm gonna wait until there are more options.
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Keep posting these charts.
Wow, when you put it like that... I mean, I know they can't make deals with every company we'd like to buy from, but these charts are like a punch in the gut. "I know you guys all want this awesome KB, but here's some generic crap, and you won't save money or time buying from us! PS our customer service is great..."
I would buy this just so I can bring it to work and pretend that I can break a keyboard in half.
I hope you guys know you can't dyesub ABS
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Not to mention that dye-subbed legends must be darker than the keycap. (Unless these use the very-uncommon reverse dye-sub process — dye everything except the legend).
I don't believe for even a second Mistel is using reverse dyesub. This is most likely laser infill.
I would really liked to have seen this compatible with other standard switches. I have a set of Kaihl box Navies that I've wanted to use and have been super into this board for a while. :/
DUDE!!! The navies are awesome right?!?!?! Super duper tactile. I have the Hako Box Royals which you might want to try (on KBD). Not clicky, but have a super satisfying bump. Box royals (purple, clear, true) are my favs right now. I feel like new KBs should be hotswap by default. I almost don't want to buy any that are not any more, because of situations like this. No one wants the crappy low pro cherry brown wannabies. Or put it up as a kit, so the consumer can decide. O well, I can always grab this later on Amazon.
I will admit that I bought this board through a certain online retailer. I want a travel keyboard with a split space bar, but I type Dvorak so options like the Vortex Core are a no go for me. This was the best option I could find for something that I don't mind getting tossed around in a backpack. One major bummer so far is that the remapping doesn't work as its supposed to. Does anyone else have this board and have experience programming it?
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It's too bad, there's a lot too like about Mistel's boards, but they're going to need to step up their game if they want to be a player in the mechanical keyboard market.
This should have been a hotswap, with switch / kit option, then they would have sold a bunch.
IMHO this kind of split is a half measure. Still is better than the standard one-piece keyboard, but if go split, it is better to stick with an ergo board having straight columns. Row staggering is a relic of typewriter’s era.
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"IMHO this kind of split is a half measure."
On purpose? LOL
Buyer beware: I have the previous model (with the cherry mx switches) and the official firmware has NO Mac support. So I would check if they have changed that.
I am using Karabiner instead, which is fine, but it was a bummer to be unable to unlock the full potential of my Barocco.
I would buy the keycaps. How do we make that happen?
This is bearly worth 30$. Not $139.99999999999999999999999999 (feel free to fill up your screen with 9s)
Seconded. I have no idea why any manufacturer would sell a Cherry ML keyboard when Kailh Choc exists and is so much better. ML is a fairly shit switch, and the cheap ABS keycaps and Mistel reputation dont make this better.