Mistel MD870 SLEEKER Aluminum Mechanical Keyboardsearch

Mistel MD870 SLEEKER Aluminum Mechanical Keyboard

Mistel MD870 SLEEKER Aluminum Mechanical Keyboard

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it would be an insta bbuy if it didn't have a big MISTEL logo above the arrow keys. :((
Aluminum case... check
PBT keycaps... check
Original Cherry MX... check
Media keys... check
USB-C cable... check

Specs look perfect. But reality may be different. Image of diabolic Nixeus Moda Pro keyboard from recent drop is still vivid in my head.
anybody know what font they used on the caps?? fucking love it
$165 at mechanicalkeyboards.com flat no matter the switch, and MX Clears are an extra option. How is this a good deal?
> Compatibility: Windows/Mac OS
No Linux? :(
Stabilizers rattle very badly, it's super annoying. Makes the board feel cheap. The USB-C cord that came with didn't function properly. Overall very disappointing for $160.
Is it possible to get a keyboard like this, with the numbers over on the right hand side?
The Uniqey Q100 is the only metal fullsize board i know that can be purchased off the shelf.

it isnt cheap, but if this is what you want.. it is available.

Adding to bob123's suggestion, you could also look for the iKBC MF108
Like BGAndrea said a couple weeks ago it it the same price on mechkeyboards.com here: https://mechanicalkeyboards.com/search.php?keyword=Md870

And there isn't a price hike for certain switches. Some are in stock and the ones on pre order are planning to ship before massdrop.
Just got mine. I’m new to mechanical keyboards but couldnt stand the flimsy thing I was trying to type on previously.

This is not flimsy. It’s a solid hunk of aluminum that can kill someone. Nice!

Layout is exactly what I wanted as I’m on a Mac every day, Windows keycaps included in box is nice touch.

Its going to take a bit to get used to the travel and the sound, considering the terrible keyboard I’m coming from. I got the Cherry MX Brown switches but I may want to quiet them down a touch. Nice to have options.
You can try adding 1.5mm O-rings on your keycaps stems. They help reduce the "clack" sounds that comes from the caps bottoming out.

I specifically recommend 1.5mm so as not to affect the switch's travel. Thicker O-rings reduce travel noticeably.
I did get o-rings and am very pleased.
Compared to my Code with MX Clears I am...not impressed. It's an okay keyboard, but I was really expecting something better for the price. I do appreciate the out of the box Mac mode though.
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What switches did the wasd keyboard have because browns aren't even good switches
Both of them have MX Clears. Browns are too soft for me and blues/greens are too loud.
Would it be possible to get just these keycaps somewhere? I've looked everywhere for something exactly like these keycaps to no avail. I'd be happy with black or white caps, tbh. Edit: Actually, on second look, these aren't exactly what I'm looking for, as the legends are not translucent. But the keys are appropriately labeled.. Anyone know where I might find a set like this?
On the QMK firmware, there's no support for the fn key to behave like the fn key on an apple keyboard. Does this keyboard support that in mac mode?
This it the exact same price it sells for at (mechanicalkeyboards.com). I'm starting to lose faith in Massdrop. The last 5 or so items I've been looking at have been that same price OR EVEN CHEAPER on alternate sites, and at normal everyday prices. SAD!
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Not to state the obvious but if Massdrop is watching/listening, things like this make customers (at least me) think twice before ordering an item on Massdrop. I first have to double check if it really is a good deal, which adds time and sometimes in that time I realize I am just making an impulse buy and decide to not buy the item anyway. Another drop, a Caran d'Ache wooden colored pencil set is hundreds more than I paid for the upgraded set on Amazon about 2 months ago. Very disappointing. I want to see an item, be able to assume it's a good deal, and buy. This is what the job of professional buyers was/is. Maybe they outsourced them.
It is a shame as when I first started using MD they did tend to have lower prices than retailers on mass produced items like this. Anymore though they seem to inflate the MSRP to make it look like a decent discount while selling the items right around the going retail price. Wouldn't be so bad if they got these mass produced items to buyers decently fast, but absolutely not worth it when you gotta wait for months on your order. IME nowadays MD is only worth buying custom produced items such as key cap sets & MKB kits from.