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Mondaine Classic Day Date Automatic Watch

Mondaine Classic Day Date Automatic Watch

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What is the rated or quote accuracy of this movement?
How much were these going for on Massdrop? Not sure if i should wait for another drop or not. Really wish they kept the price on here
it was USD299.99
Thanks man
same price in amazon with prime

Mondaine Unisex A132.30359.16SBB SBB Analog Display Swiss Automatic Black Watch

It's $10 more, but ships immediately.
Price:$299.99 Free Shipping for Prime Members

copied and pasted from Amazon USA Sold by Perfect Timing a 5 stars 99% positive feedback vendor
What’s the general opinion on the quality of this movement?
Cue the numerous comments begging for Stop2Go... 😄
I'm in. Not much a sale, but I've been eyeing on Mondaine for awhile. Thanks, MD!
Hey all, there seems to be some confusion about the day wheel on the dial.

The day can be displayed in either English or German. If it automatically advances at midnight, it will jump twice to preserve whatever language it is set to.
Can you tell from what country is it being actually shipped when 'shipped by the vendor'?
Also what's the language of the days on the actual product?
The day wheel can display both German and English.
Probably french "samedi -> saturday"
French or German I guess, but the closeup seems to be in English. Odd.
What day is SAM?
It's German for Sat. The watch has both English and German days of the week I think.
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