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Mondaine Evo Big Quartz Watch

Mondaine Evo Big Quartz Watch

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This model is $119 right now on eBay so you save $10 here.
Keepin mind, no manf warranty
I know 'real' watch enthusiasts sneer a bit at the Mondaine, but I love it. So very legible and simple. It's pure, uncomplicated.
This is a total bargain. I have the original Mondain Automatic (pictured), and a quartz stop-2-go. Each one of them cost approx £550.

Fun facts: Modelled from the train clocks in Switzerland. I haven’t yet been to Switzerland, but in Amsterdam train station, the clocks do the same whole stop-to-go thing every minute, check it out on YouTube.
Any limit to the quantity this time around.. I'm still mulling over it and am waiting for another drop to arrive. As usual, tracking DHL shipping is tedious, it has been delivered to country of destination but somehow it's 'missing' for the time being, ie. no more tracking info 😐.
This is an absolute bargain on MD!!! I already own the silver one which I scoured all over London for when I was there for holidays 2 years ago and lowest shop price I found was about AUD $310. I'm so tempted to join this drop but already have to spread my time (sorry pun 😂) over 8 daily watches ...

Only issue so far is flat battery (I think) which I've yet to replace. Its stopped moving about 2 months ago. Need to work out how to open back cover.

Here's mine for comparison:

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I have the exact same watch as you (great eBay deal with the 20% coupon...65USD) and LOVE it.
So legible, such clean look...truly reminds me of the train station clocks.

Somehow I find the SS version better looking the that black PVD one.
I too have that watch and I love it. Total Swiss Class for a great price. I have one in black too.
What country will it be send from? I am asking to estimate customs.
I'm thinking of getting this one as a consolation for missing the white stop2go. The price is good and the date is easy to see.
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