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Nice desk / nightstand clock. Like that it gets progressively louder and changes noise pattern. The button dials on the back are a bit difficult to turn, but that's typical for these types of clocks. Don't be alarmed :-) if the alarm sounds when you set it -- if you're setting the alarm within 45 minutes of the time, the alarm will sound. Would make it a bit difficult to take a nap. If this is dropped again, might spring for another one in a different color.
Beautiful product, but be warned it's a fair amount smaller than the pictures lead me to believe (think 3"x3"). Still a great item though! *not sure why I expected it to be bigger, haha - satisfied customer*
Can anyone offical clarify if this is the one with the sweep seconds that stops at 59s, or regular tick tock seconds?
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I can't say officially, but I did some investigation on the movement:

I believe this is the variation - and therefore not the 'sweep alarm movement'. But I'm no expert - I just lined up the turn knobs on the back with the various Wellgain SAL 368 Quartz Movement variants.
On mine - received yesterday - it is a sweep hand, with completely smooth rotation (no jerks at each second position), and does NOT stop at 59 seconds.
I looked up the Wellgain SAL 368 Quartz Movement, and it looks like it takes an AA battery, which should last 1 year if the movement is the standard quartz alarm movement. If it's the sweeping hand version, then the battery lasts 6 months according to the manufacturer.
Lookingat the price and the picture of the back of the unit, I’m gonna make an educated guess that it accepts either a single AA or AAA battery.
In addition to needing battery info, can you please elaborate on whether the alarm function needs to be primed daily? I'm assuming it you must remember to re-arm the alarm each night?
NO mention regarding battery info......come on MD.....relevant info is important since one model of a Mondaine desk clock needs to have its battery changed by a jeweler. Weak.
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Being confrontational has nothing to do with buying stuff. I'll be fine. And troll comments should be confronted. You made it like not giving battery info was some cardinal sin. If they don't tell you something about a product, just ask.
You can see the battery cover in one of the photos!
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