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Mondaine Square Desk Alarm Clock

Mondaine Square Desk Alarm Clock

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I bought this square desk alarm clock and it is very nice... no noise... the second hand has a very fluid movement... not like the quartz clocks usually have.

One question : i didn't get an invoice. How can i get it ?

Thanks for the answer.
Got mine yesterday, can confirm it's indeed a sweeping seconds hand but not the "stop2go" movement
The plastic case is also dipped in "soft touch" material which makes it less slippery to handle and gives it a more premium feel.
Nice little nightstand and travel alarm clock.
$65 on eBay and you don't have to wait a few weeks for it.. Not really that great of a deal. Also.. it's absolutely tiny.
How do I attach this to my wrist? The lugs are really well concealed. Thanks, ynu
Is it swiss made?
had the same question; pls look at picture #5 in the description
China. Thanks
Gross, I got my clock today and it looks like it sat on someone's shelf since the 80s. The pictures here show a white almost silver case, but mine is a nasty splotchy yellow/cream color like you get with old sun damaged plastic. Compare the case to the clock face in the attached photo and then look at the massdrop one, or even the box next to it.

I opened a Massdrop support ticket, this is pretty janky looking and I have no interest in a splotchy yellow clock.
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Was interested in this, but not so much more due to your post. Thanks for the feedback.
MD had me send it back and they provided a full refund. Disappointed I couldn't get a non defective one, but they at least have good customer service about it.
Maybe I just don't get it, but why is a tiny alarm clock $60?
Also, who in their right mind would pay the better part of $200 for a tiny battery powered alarm clock?
So does this have the sweeping seconds or the ticking? Wish it came with an AC Adapter instead of just battery.
Not sure about $60 for an electronic clock with a plastic cover...

And the dial is made of what, paper? also plastic?
Nice desk / nightstand clock. Like that it gets progressively louder and changes noise pattern. The button dials on the back are a bit difficult to turn, but that's typical for these types of clocks. Don't be alarmed :-) if the alarm sounds when you set it -- if you're setting the alarm within 45 minutes of the time, the alarm will sound. Would make it a bit difficult to take a nap. If this is dropped again, might spring for another one in a different color.
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You're welcome Jack!
Beautiful product, but be warned it's a fair amount smaller than the pictures lead me to believe (think 3"x3"). Still a great item though! *not sure why I expected it to be bigger, haha - satisfied customer*
Can anyone offical clarify if this is the one with the sweep seconds that stops at 59s, or regular tick tock seconds?
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I can't say officially, but I did some investigation on the movement:

I believe this is the variation - and therefore not the 'sweep alarm movement'. But I'm no expert - I just lined up the turn knobs on the back with the various Wellgain SAL 368 Quartz Movement variants.
On mine - received yesterday - it is a sweep hand, with completely smooth rotation (no jerks at each second position), and does NOT stop at 59 seconds.