Monoprice 12" x 9" Graphics Drawing Tabletsearch

Monoprice 12" x 9" Graphics Drawing Tablet

Monoprice 12" x 9" Graphics Drawing Tablet

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How does it work on a Mac? Driver issues?
I have a tablet with the same digitizer as this, here's what I can say about it.

As far as feel and usability It feels better than the Wacom stuff I've used. Great tracking and pressure curve. A key difference is that the pen detects the pressure vs the surface, so imo it feels more natural. Consequently, the pen takes a battery though.

BUT its weakness is the drivers, they are much less versatile than Wacoms and some people have problems with them. I don't have issues other than mine didn't work with a certain mouse driver I had. I use a different mouse and it's fine, but you have to be on your toes about things like that. I do recommend having both the UC Logic drivers and the Wacom drivers installed, the Wacom drivers seem to help programs know you're intending on using a tablet, wheres the UC Logic drivers alone don't always seem to communicate that very well.
ive recently gotten into just doodling and cartooning and ive been looking for a drawing tablet, would this be a good tablet for a beginner?
Too bad it is not available outside the US... :-(
the monoprice graphics tablets are great for drawing and other intentions but do be aware that the graphic tablet does meet your screen resolution.
This can be bought from Monoprice's official store for $88 including standard shipping using promo code HOT15, btw.
I bought this last time it was offered and it works quite well.
Does this ship to Australia? Its defaulting to shipping to US for me.
Same price as Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch Small Tablet. Any pros and cons?
The active area is way bigger on the Monoprice tablet (~2x the Intuos Pen and Touch Medium, for less than half the price), but the online reviews are pretty mixed (~50% "OMG it's so good!"; ~50% "It doesn't work/is glitchy/etc.").

I don't have one though (Monoprice tablet), so I'd like to hear more from people who have one and see what they think.

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monoprice uses uc logic as their digitizer, which is as good and depending on preference better than wacom intuos pro line for a fraction of the price (do you want/use pen tilt, which is almost always no). however there are issues that come into play when drivers are concerned, and that is some people have a clean, nothing is wrong and it works experience, some people have a nightmare getting it to work.

if you have used a computer with win 95 or win 98 its likely you can solve the issues without contacting them about it at all... but just know windows tablet drivers and the uc logic ones conflict all the time and for some reason i can't turn windows internal off all the way for some reason.

now, the question you should be asking, is this tablet worth the price?
its a large drawing area tablet, and not everyone finds the large space comfortable as there is a fairly large disconnect between what you see on the monitor and what you do with your hand. i personally can not draw on a tablet, however photo work and painting, its a godsend, if its up to me, i would take the medium (huion 610pro or the smaller monoprice) over this, but im also in the market for a penable display because the disconnect isnt really there when you draw on the monitors themselves.

well... the long and short is, wacom small is a piece of crap that is to small by damn near everyone's definition, and is over priced to boot. this will serve you well if you look up how to deal with uc logic based tablets before even plugging it in.
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