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Morakniv Kansbol Knife

Morakniv Kansbol Knife

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Was about to jump on this with the multi mount but it's $40 on amazon...
I love Massdrop but at the end of the day I'm not spending an extra $10 to support you.
Just missed this one :( since there were not enough buyers.. next time please give more than 4 days for this item to achieve the 30 buyers goal..
Only saving 2 plus dollars from price on amazon.....
Not for international buyers which have to pay amazon double shipping rate relative to the deal here..
Pretty much, this would have saved me $20 to Australia.
The multi mount is realy necessary? I’m not going to use it for outdoor activities.. I intent to use it as utility knife inside my home, clean fish, cut cords, some wood carving for fun.. etc..
Difference between this and the bushcraft forest?

Love me some thinner blades
The Kansbol is a little lighter (134g vs 142g) and little shorter overall length (226mm vs 232mm) but both share the same blade. The handle is the primary difference and the Kansbol works with their Multi-Mount system, while the Bushcraft doesn't. I don't think you can buy the Multi-Mount separately yet, so if that matters to you, then buy it in combo with the Kansbol.
The Kansbol also has a 90° spine, whereas the Bushcraft Forest is chamfered.
How does this knife compare to the Garberg? It looks very similar minus the metal pommel leading me to believe that this may not be a full tang.
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Comparison pics:

Kansbol has a slimmer blade and isn't full-tang. Additionally, it's thinned out near the tip. The Garberg handle material is less grippy but much tougher.

Kansbol will be better for food prep, fine carving, skinning, and processing game — it's a better cutter. Garberg will be better for batoning and splitting, and for last-ditch survival.

They use the same sheath and have the same handle geometry.

If you carry a hatchet, get the Kansbol. If you don't ever hammer your knife through trees, get the Kansbol. If you come from the ESEE/Fällkniven/TOPS school of knives, you'll be happiest with the Garberg — compared to an ESEE, it's a lightweight cutting machine.
The Kansbol has a thinner blade, a 3/4 tang, is half the weight and half the price.
I literally logged on to request the Kansbol and here it is already.
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The Norwegian army uses this model. Got one with my gear.
So, essentially this knife is a mix of their standard stick-tang knife with the design language of their new full tang Garberg. Huh, alright then.
Why not you make it available for shipping to indonesia ?