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What is PU? And final sale on apparel? >_>
Are this boots certified to CE.
There's no way these are CE boots. Just got mine and they're incredibly flimsy.
I really wish you could offer larger sizes like 14+, at least with the made to order after the drop situations. Maybe take a poll to see how many might be in the category.
Thing is, I'm not even supposed to need anything beyond 13, but since no one other than maybe converse makes shoes to size, and all the toes seem to be pointed, I have to go up a size and sometimes a width.
Am I the only thing one who’s bothered that these are advertised as motorcycle boots? Kevlar is great and all, but any motorcycle boot should protect my ankle from being crushed or broken. These are fashion boots with a shift pad for style.
I was super excited to see motorcycle boots on Massdrop but the lack of metal plating in the ankles is a deal breaker. These are NOT motorcycling boots - they are indeed just regular ol' boots with a shift pad.

Shame on MotoBailey for selling "motorcycle boots" without proper protection.
Where are these made? And will there be sizes below 10?
Any way we can get some larger sizes for us larger footed guys? (I'm looking for 13.5 US)
can i get a size 9?
yes yes yes no no no
This is a great boot, but definitely pay attention when they say to order half a size larger than you'd normally wear! I wasn't paying attention and order my regular size. And true to their statement, they were too small. My fault for not paying attention. I couldn't use the boots; but my father who also rides, fit the boots perfectly. He absolutely loves the boots. They look great new; but they start to look really cool when they get some wear and tear on them.

As for what I could personally tell, before giving them to my dad; the fit, finish, and quality were all top notch. These boots will give years and years of service; and look good doing it.
Anyone know if these are waterproof/resistant? Also how are these comfort-wise?
I don’t even ride, but they make me want to get a bike.
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I'm living there now, and yeah.

But that's true almost everywhere I've ridden--California, Missouri, Illinois.

The only place where I didn't worry about the weather was when I was living in the Australian NT. It was going to be dry and somewhere between warm and HOLY #@$% that's hot. Except for a short while when it was going to be wet and hot.
Hey Alexdre, so the boots are actually built to sit just above the ankle, but they're designed to look lower to the eye for style. They are water resistant. We recommend using mink oil to treat the leather, the same as a military combat boot. I hope that helps! :-)
Is the shifter extra leather near the toes replaceable? it will wear quicker than the rest of the top of the boot.
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Made it in for the trip! Thank you very much!
That's great news!! I hope you have an excellent trip and the boots serve you well!!! 🍻
I usually wear a size 9.5 or 10 depending on the shoe/boot so I think a size 10 might be just right. What can I do if the size 10 is too large?
I apologize for the delayed response! We have a 30 day hassle free exchange and return policy, so if you need to exchange for another size, just shoot us an email at