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Mountainsmith Slingback Chair

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I'll keep sticking to my Crazy Creek. These chair setups that require poles or a sleeping pad do not seem up to snuff based on many reviews.
Don’t waste your money no mattee how I use it just not comfortable
Looks and sounds like a great idea/product. Has anyone actually used this before or something similar? For example, I tried out the "Monarch" chair that requires you to "balance" yourself and didn't like it. The helinox chairs...are not comfortable even for someone small like me.
Man, I'm gonna need like 5 sets of trekking poles to set up my trekking pole supported tent, my trekking pole camera tripod, my trekking pole bear bag system, my trekking pole broadband receiver, and my new luxurious trekking pole supported chair. Integrated poles are for suckers.
(but seriously, this is a good idea. sorry for being snarky)
I feel your pain ... :)
Does anyone know if this can work together with a seating pad like the on in link below? I am considering using the slingback chair on a shoulder season trip in the arctic circle and the ground can get chilly so sitting on an insulated pad will make it a bit more comfortably at camp with a hot cup of coffee. My concern is that the two would slide over each other once you sit on it, since your weight/center of gravity will be hitting the seating pad at an angle cause the pad to slide away?

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Yes, the chair has a built in pocket underneath the seat.

I use the Klymit V seat and it works very well. And it's less than $10
Fantastic, Thanks for that info. They should put that in description. Even reviewers on blogs YouTube have not mentioned this feature of the chair. I am ordering them now and perhaps will throw in the Klymit seats as well.
How much pole length do these require?
Asked the curious young woman looking at her crotch.
I wish these came with their own poles as I use my trekking poles to set up my tent. :(
Lol! Me too!
How come shipping for one in the US is $3.50 and two are $7.75?
This doesn't sound right
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I've seen this weird anomaly before... I placed two separate orders to get the "right" shipping and they still showed up in the same box :)
Nice! I was thinking that maybe having both together puts them over some weight threshold, but I like your idea!
I have an original model from the 80s. One of the adjustment buttons finally broke after more than 25 years. I make due with a piece of dowel. Looking forward to seeing if this compares. I tried to get parts or service for it years ago and was sent 3 service personnel to be told not only did they not service it, but no one had even heard of it due to the age, so it was not serviceable. I’ll try them side by side and compare.
Edit: I see this model does not come with the integrated poles as the older model does.

On a side note we drove from the Western slope to the original shop in Golden in the late 80s and met the owner. Back then he was super nice and showed us around. Bought one of the original lumbar packs which I still use, albeit infrequently.
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Here on the Western Slope, it is high desert with hard ground, or Sub Alpine. I always use a ground cloth. I believe that has made the difference.
thanks! Yeah, I live in low desert, but backpack up the SoCal mtns. I'm thinking using the snow baskets for the trekking poles, may help more then with just the stoppers, or a couple small squares of canvas....
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