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I own this chair. It’s great. Some camp spots dont have any good seating, and don’t like lounging totally on the ground. When I whip out this chair, I see the envy in the eyes of my fellow campers. It’s pretty stable. I have dozed off in it. It does take some practice to find the balance and stability, but once you get your system of sitting/set up down, its comfortable. I also use it as a ‘place mat’ area to keep dirt out of my food ext.
I like the idea of using it as a place mat, although I don't usually try to mix eating surfaces with sitting surfaces. :-) I have a Helinox Zero, and love it, but i was recently at a lakeshore, where the little legs sank into the cobbles, and sitting in the chair was impossible. I know Helinox makes an attachment that I could use and not sink, but that seems like a one purpose item. I envision using this as "carpeting" in the vestibule and to simply lay out as a dry spot to sit when a nice log or rock appears on the trail (and to serve as another point of separation between ticks and me). Someone also said you can adjust it as a backrest while sitting on a log, and it probably would have worked when I sat on a mat of grasses on that lakeshore (thinking that I wish I had a backrest).
Great points ATPaddler. Additional feature: one side is waterproof/slicker and makes a great snow sledfor those alpine trips.
i have been looking at the helinox zero, and have tried it out. I like it, but for the weight savings, I think I’ll bring the sling-back. I had never thought about the cobble issue, so thanks for that lookout.
Can anybody tell me how this will work if you already use your poles to hold up a tarp/tent? I can imagine using this during short breaks on long hikes but even that seems like a little overkill for me.
I'll keep sticking to my Crazy Creek. These chair setups that require poles or a sleeping pad do not seem up to snuff based on many reviews.
Don’t waste your money no mattee how I use it just not comfortable
Looks and sounds like a great idea/product. Has anyone actually used this before or something similar? For example, I tried out the "Monarch" chair that requires you to "balance" yourself and didn't like it. The helinox chairs...are not comfortable even for someone small like me.
The original version of this chair (from before the days everyone bought into the trekking pole fad) was designed by Patrick Smith using integrated aluminum poles. Patrick used his incessantly when he joined us on the Colorado Trail for a few days a couple decades ago, though he always put his blue foam sleeping pad over it first. He gave me one, and I've never been able to sit in it comfortably though I've tried many, many times. This isn't a product that works for everyone's geometry, and there's a bit of a trick to getting oneself seated in it. If you choose to take a flier and try it out (and there *are* folks who LOVE these) practice on the ground- and on uneven ground at home before packing it for a trip.
someone during a group hike had one out to try - was not my cup of tea. I was better off leaning into a log in conjunction with a sit pad.
Man, I'm gonna need like 5 sets of trekking poles to set up my trekking pole supported tent, my trekking pole camera tripod, my trekking pole bear bag system, my trekking pole broadband receiver, and my new luxurious trekking pole supported chair. Integrated poles are for suckers.
(but seriously, this is a good idea. sorry for being snarky)
I feel your pain ... :)
Does anyone know if this can work together with a seating pad like the on in link below? I am considering using the slingback chair on a shoulder season trip in the arctic circle and the ground can get chilly so sitting on an insulated pad will make it a bit more comfortably at camp with a hot cup of coffee. My concern is that the two would slide over each other once you sit on it, since your weight/center of gravity will be hitting the seating pad at an angle cause the pad to slide away?

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Yes, the chair has a built in pocket underneath the seat.

I use the Klymit V seat and it works very well. And it's less than $10
Fantastic, Thanks for that info. They should put that in description. Even reviewers on blogs YouTube have not mentioned this feature of the chair. I am ordering them now and perhaps will throw in the Klymit seats as well.
How much pole length do these require?
I wish these came with their own poles as I use my trekking poles to set up my tent. :(
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Thanks g33kg1rl (cool screen name, btw). I saw a review on YouTube by Bungzy and he had issues with that chair. Not sure if it was a one off or a general product issue with trying to get it so light. I had kind of forgotten about though, but I might be wiling to give it a shot regardless and see if I have a better experience than he did.
Thanks garybolen. I find it a bit fidgety, and you do have to be gentle with it, but I haven't had the problems mentioned in the video, (I went and watched it). I would bring some extra spectra cord, bit it's weird that he had that problem with the carbon fiber poles. I actually use carbon fiber tent states, which get banged into the rocky ground of the Sierras, and never had one fail. Not sure, but I personally, have not experienced those issues. I do tend to be gentle with it. I use it with one of the litesmith pads, and it really helps my back problems. It did take a bit of time for me to figure out the best way to sit in it, and have the poles at the proper angle, but I did that before I hit the trail. I don't know the people at litesmith personally, but when I had an issue with another product, they were excellent about refunding my money.
How come shipping for one in the US is $3.50 and two are $7.75?
This doesn't sound right
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The idea is that many people won't notice, so a last minute change to 2 items without being scrutinous nets massdropp an extra 75c. Spread that over 50,000 orders and the profit starts to add up. I assume that's why massdrop hasnt fixed this issue 6 months on
For us Canuks it is $7.75 for one.