MSI 27/32" 144hz 1ms Curved Gaming Monitorssearch

MSI 27/32" 144hz 1ms Curved Gaming Monitors

MSI 27/32" 144hz 1ms Curved Gaming Monitors

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

My monitor from this drop just showed up with a dead pixel. Contacted Massdrop support and they tell me to contact MSI. I contact MSI and they say I have to fill out an RMA report and pay my own shipping to them for them to repair it and send it back. Does this sound like normal practice? Why should I have to pay the shipping when the product is defective?
I'm glad I decided to buy from Amazon, free 30 day returns... yikes! Never buy high end items like this off Massdrop... noted.
dangit I missed this drop!!!! please bring it back soon!
No you didnt, I was apart of it and it got cancelled after we waited almost 3 weeks past the estimated ship date. No worries.
The MSI Optix 32-Inch AG32C's Spec is wrong here. It is actually a 1080P panel instead of 1440P. Plz fix.
WIll Massdrop let me return this for a refund if mine arrives with dead pixels and I take pictures of the dead pixels to prove it? I'm thinking of joining this drop.
"For [most] products, we only offer returns/replacement for items that arrive damaged, defective, not as advertised, or missing components. When drops are completed, we submit the group's order to the vendor up front. This is how we’re able to deliver the best value to our members and is also why all sales are final. In the event that a product arrives damaged, defective, not as advertised, or missing components, please contact Massdrop Support."
Curious to see what people think about this one from MSI. There are cheaper Freesync monitors out there. I just ordered this one yesterday (which shows up in 2 days) for $190: I have no idea if it's really any good or not, but for something with G-Sync and Adaptivesync combined, I'm hoping it's all that I really need/want. I'm guessing the MSI probably looks better, but who knows.
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Yes, that's correct. I would prefer flat, 27", IPS, Freesync (G-Sync too, if possible), VESA mount, frameless, low refresh rate, great color accuracy and bright. My current 27" does all of that, except the Freesync/G-Sync, and the color accuracy could be better. It states it's 250 cd/m2, but it's very bright, so I don't see that as a very accurate spec measure. One thing I've noticed about the AOC monitors in general is that they seem to come setup as very washed out, so you have to do quite a bit of tweaking to get them looking good. Once you do, they can look amazing. If I could get these features in an LG under $200, I would prefer that.
I ended up ordering an asus vP279Q-P, but it came damaged. At this point I'm returning it.
How much would shipping be to South Africa?
Damn, I was hoping for the UW version...
I got an cancellation... anyone else?
Its been a week past the estimated shipping date, any new updates? My gf is starting to think that her belated Xmas gift being "in the mail" is just me bs'ing. But I'd rather not show her the receipt so it does not ruin the surprise of what she is getting.
Any updates on the shipping?
I would like to know too.
I got an email saying it will be late... now we hate wait up to 30 more days.
Says mine ships Jan 22nd, about how many estimated days from time of shipping to my house?
Come on massdrop you have to at least compete with Amazon and beat them out.
The AG32CQ model is $6 cheaper with Prime shipping on Amazon
what about warranty? is that us only?
How long for shipping to CA in US
Does freesync work over HDMI making this monitor useful with HDMI at 144hz?
HDMI wont support the 144Hz that this monitor can handle. if you want to have 144Hz, you'll need to use the displayport.
Best damn monitor on massdrop!!
Dayum, it only starts shipping on 26th. It'll arrive late Dec :(
For warranty wise, does this monitor have warranty in singapore?
Just wanted to say something so the comment count matches the sold count
Is the warranty cover Hong Kong region?
Are these ISP panels?
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Unfortunately you need to buy your own internet with this monitor.
No! Really! You don't say! Uncouth dildo😉
Every time I think it may be a well-priced g-sync monitor, it turns out to be a regularly-priced freesync monitor
Try again, Charlie Brown!
Looks like nvidia changed their stance on freesync. After Turing debacle, they had to do something to get people on their side lol
These are all priced at the same prices as everywhere else haha
At $45 ish shipping to my country, I want to say thanks to MD for not ripping us a new one for shipping. What's your international shipping method and does it cover import duties/taxes (0% and 15% respectively here)
Damn, this is pretty much exactly what I was hoping to see, but the prices for 1440p(I can’t decide between 27/32) aren’t any lower than they are elsewhere. That’s very disappointing.
Which monitor choice for this drop would people recommend for general office usage and occasional movie watching. I want to hook this up to my macbook pro 2017. Thanks!
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Don't buy this for general use. This is a gaming monitor. You can buy a regular 32" for less than $200.
Macbook pro 2017. Just buy a decent 4k tv with 120hz and hook up your laptop. Samsung makes some good 32inchers. And dont post about macbooks anywhere there are gamers.
Did anyone add the mounting arm on their purchase and not receive it? I ordered the monitor + the addon for the mounting arm but only received the monitor today on my delivery.
I got the 32-inch and I need to tell you that you should not buy the monitor arm.


After doing some research, I think the other have this issue as well, but I can only prove it for the 32-inch.
There is a metal bit on the back where the stand mount locks into the monitor that prevents the vesa mount from attaching.
The only alternative is to use a VESA mount adapter for this piece! This will cost you another ~US$20-30.
The mount is incompatible, do not buy it.
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Nope, it did not fit
I grabbed nylon bushings and longer screws with the same thread and it works like a charm. only like 2.00 for everything at your local hardware store
first time buying on massdrop, can someone help me out with this question. The price it gives me at checkout, is there potential for that price to increase? Or is that the max price and if more people join, it will go down?
No, the price stays the same regardless of the amount of people joking the drop.