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In watching these video card drops...and reading the additional info provided by Massdrop saying this cost trend could run until the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2018...I made an executive decision (sic) and bought a Gigabyte Aorus 1060 locally for $350 (upgrade from a EVGA GTX 780ti) to hold me over until either the prices stabilize or the Volta is released. Thanks for helping out with some honest info Massdrop.
so I just got an email from b&h photo video saying that this graphics card is now DISCONTINUED!!
Just contacted my bank and it turns out they haven't even started to issue a refund.

It seems these guys just want to lie and delay refunds until you can't escalate it with your credit card company.

I am now escalating this with my bank and I advise all people to stay away from MassDrop.

This level of lies and deception is just insane.
Okay so they have claimed to issue me a full refund 6 days ago which was supposed to be in my account in 2-3 days....

I still have not received anything.

At this point there is just way too many lies and delays from this company and I am growing increasingly concerned.

Please just send me a refund.

If I don't see it in my account by tomorrow I will be escalating this with my bank without question. I can't just keep delaying this anymore.
I know MSI is giving a $10 Rebate. Receipt from Massdrop is eligible for it ? they didnt specify and seller in specific.

I have still now received my two GTX 1080 Tis.... I bought these over a month ago and they have gotten lost in shipment.

They are worth double what I paid for them now, but at this point I would just be willing to accept a refund.

They have deleted my last comment, but still haven't responded to my emails.

Please just give me a refund.

Thank you,

Nicholas Lim
It seems that they are doing another drop, can you guys just send me 2?
Man, this sucks! I get the email and the drop is already done...was hoping to get a card for what they are supposed to be priced at, not $1300-1400..
Howdy Everyone,
This drop is live now....
Very Limited
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I ordered 2 of these GPUs and have still not received them.

I have waited over a month now, and furthermore I was told by MassDrop to just wait until the 25th and then contact at which point they would help me.

It is now 3 days past the 25th and I am concerned they just had me play the waiting game as part of a scam or something.

I have heard absolutely no response from MassDrop regarding this.

I would really like to get the GPUs, or even just get a refund at this point.

Thank you,
Nicholas Lim

What was the estimated ship date for your drop?

If you go to your transactions page, it should list when it's supposed to ship, as well as your tracking information if it's already shipped. Shipping takes longer if you're outside the US.
It has been shipped a while ago, I believe it was lost in shipment. At this would I would just accept a refund
my best buy is fucking sold out when a few months ago, GPU's were hardly being sold out
What the freaking hell on earth just happened??
the miners and consumers are fucking us
How much was it? I’m hoping for a 1070ti some day. Even if this didn’t sell out immediately I’m sure I couldn’t have afforded it
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we missed it because it sold out in minutes I assume
It was $849. I believe these used to go for around $749 or $799 price trends historically on MD.
In my dreams these cards are going to actual Massdropians who where quick to purchase these, and other recent graphics cards. But, they're more likely going to resalers.