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MSI GL62M Gaming Laptop

MSI GL62M Gaming Laptop

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The MSI GL62M 7REX offers good performance, a comfortable keyboard and a solid suite of gamer-centric apps for a reasonable price.
First off I've only had the PC for a couple days. Will update review in the future with any other notes. I got this PC since I'm always traveling and I can't take my gaming desktop with me everywhere. I was looking something for around $500-700 that wasn't going to be cheap and would perform some of the games I play with graphics around the high setting and not break my back carrying it around... and at 5.3 lbs it's surprisingly light. There's plenty of other laptops out there from Dell, Asus, and Lenovo that making gaming PCs but you will probably have to pay a little more.
PROS: - Laptop is super fast with this M.2 SSD. An SSD is a must in this era of PC Technology and this is my first laptop with an SSD. It does load times in a fraction of the time as an HDD and with 256gb, there is still plenty left for installing any other software/games you may need. - 8gb of RAM is plenty for moderate gaming & multitasking. - GTX 1050 graphics card for gaming. Dedicated GPU. This is important to have for gaming as you don't want on-board graphics as opposed to a dedicated GPU. - 1920 x 1080 full HD screen. For me this is a must when gaming. Having a smaller resolution just doesn't work for me. - Doesn't heat up nearly as badly as I thought it might...It's actually quite cool...and with the fan boost button this makes cooling it down quick and easy.
Pretty Laptop and full power to work and gaming.
It would become interesting if it was the old high-end model with the GTX1060 6Gb GPU.
With the GTX1050, it is the model that MSI discounts everywhere worldwide for about 800$.

Even with the new model with i5 8xxx, it is still useless to try gaming with a GTX1050.
Gaming on mobiles should always start with GTX1050Ti at minimum, and preferentially the GTX1060.
FWIW, we just bought this from Newegg a couple months ago for my fiance, and it games fine. Obviously can't go max settings on all games, but it can handle full quality on certain ones.
This is a DISCONTINUED product. You cannot buy this laptop new anywhere else... there is a refurbished one on Newegg for $813 --->

for and extra $40, there is a newer model with MUCH better hardware is $890 from Newegg -->

Massdrop... Please don't let manufacturers throw their extra old inventory up here unless they really want to cut a deal. I find it shameful to offer drops like this knowing its not a deal.
yep, if they are gonna dump old stock, it should only be at heavy discount
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