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Any chance this drop is coming back again soon? Took the wife camping and now she's insisting we replace my 12 year old, 6 lb Sierra Designs tent. I totally Inceptioned her.
Why not International shipping!
getting the nx2 but not sure what size footprint?
I would love to join this drop, but it won't ship to Canada so I can't.
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That was the best piece of advice I've had this week! Checked Auspost and it's simple. Thanks!
No worries. Choice ran an article on some different 'freight forwarders' they call them. Shop around.
Oh please please open this drop up again ūüėę Section hiking the AT in June and want to bring this with me!
By popular demand, this drop is back! Madman242
How did I miss this??? *cries*
Looks like there's sales everywhere for these tents.
Maybe MD triggered a sale from MSR or the vendor MD is working with probably knew a head of time.
Just a heads up.

I found sale + 10% off + free shipping + no tax (California) deal.
Good luck
mutha hubba nx version V5 ? V6?
Anyone own the HH who has any personal comparisons with possibly the Tarptent double rainbow? I love and own the Double Rainbow, but having been eyeing the HH for a while.
Doom! NX Solo is gone -- so quickly. Please bring it back. Please.
You're in luck! The vendor was able to allocate more units for this drop.
Joined the drop! Thanks.
Can't ship to Australia. Why do I get emails of stuff I want that I can't get?/Why does it need to come up in my broswer?

Sort it out. Very dissapoining.
Hi, Anyone have length specifications for the 1-person and 2-person? Only area is listed. We are tall folks and want to make sure we fit.
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Thank you. That adds perspective that maybe the ends are a little too tapered. I might squeeze in at 6,1", but my son is 7'0", so looks like this is out for him.
Can anyone provide the weights of the fast and light bodies? These aren't listed on the MSR website or here, so it's unclear what the weight savings might be.
I just talked to an MSR representative. The new Hubba Hubba Fast and Light body is 13 oz. The original mesh inner is 1 lb 4 oz, so that's a weight saving of 7 oz, not including the weight of the footprint.