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Missed the drop, what were the Hubba Hubba NX2s priced at? Considering waiting for it to come again.
I don't know how, but missed the DROP by apparently minutes.
I am heartbroken because I've been looking forward to this drop for awhile.
Hoping it comes up again in the near future!
Is there any chance that this will ship before the Aug 31st date?
Hello massdrop
please add a drop of ultra-light tents that are sent internationaly

Which Foot Print number matches MSR Hubba NX 2 person tent - I can find out what the different foot print numbers mean - is there different thickness options for the 2 person tent ?

Thank you
What is the packaged weight and air for this for shipping purposes? Looking at forwarding to Australia and need to get a quote.
3-person and 4-person are spec'ed as having the same weight. That can't be.
Nice tent (we have the 2 person). Just used it on a 5 day hike in the Sierra Wilderness.
How does it feel with two people inside, size-wise? I have Marmot Limelight 2p, and I like the size, but I feel like any smaller might be an issue. I think this one is 4 square feet smaller. I'm also pretty tall, so I need the internal height to be good.
It's just wide enough for 2 people but is tall enough for us to sit up with headspace to spare, and given the design of the pole (with connected side pieces at both ends and the middle, the headroom is pretty consistent throughout, save for the ends. Considering the relatively light weight, the height is pretty good. This is a pretty good backpacking tent. For car camping obviously I would use a larger tent, although it would be fine for one person for car camping.
Got this on last drop. Love it. Have a big Agnes which Is lighter but not as big. Easy to use. Ok weight.
Any chance this drop is coming back again soon? Took the wife camping and now she's insisting we replace my 12 year old, 6 lb Sierra Designs tent. I totally Inceptioned her.
10 hours remain
Why not International shipping!
getting the nx2 but not sure what size footprint?
I would love to join this drop, but it won't ship to Canada so I can't.
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That was the best piece of advice I've had this week! Checked Auspost and it's simple. Thanks!
No worries. Choice ran an article on some different 'freight forwarders' they call them. Shop around.
Oh please please open this drop up again ūüėę Section hiking the AT in June and want to bring this with me!
By popular demand, this drop is back! Madman242