MTG Foreign Grab Bag (12-Pack)search

MTG Foreign Grab Bag (12-Pack)

MTG Foreign Grab Bag (12-Pack)

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Fortune Favors the Bold

For the Magic player who has everything (can you really have everything?), there’s the Foreign Grab Bag, packed to the brim with exciting miscellany to grow your collection. Each bundle is made up of 12 total packs from a variety of different sets, in a variety of different languages. All packs are randomly selected from the list below. There will be no more than one duplicate of any pack per bundle.

Note: This drop is limited to 60 Grab Bags.


Rivals of Ixalan

  • Japanese 60 Packs: 7.14%
  • Korean 60 Packs: 7.14%


  • French 60 Packs: 7.14%
  • Korean 60 Packs: 7.14%

Hour of devastation

  • Japanese 60 packs: 7.14%

Eldritch Moon

  • German 60 packs: 7.14%
  • Korean 60 packs: 7.14%

Magic 2015

  • Chinese 60 Packs: 7.14%
  • French 60 Packs: 7.14%
  • Spanish 60 Packs: 7.14%

Journey into Nyx

  • Japanese 60 packs: 7.14%


  • Spanish 60 packs: 7.14%
  • Chinese 60 packs: 7.14%
  • French 60 packs: 7.18%


  • Wizards of the Coast
  • 12 randomly selected packs from the list above
  • Randomly inserted rare and premium cards


Domestic orders will be shipped by the vendor.

Estimated ship date is July 24, 2018 PT.

After the drop ends, payment will be collected and the group’s order will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all sales final. Check the discussion page for updates on your order.