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Last box of iconic i opened pulled a retail value of about $240 after foil glimpse the unthinkable and thoughtsieze. This box is $50 cheaper then that one...I have high hopes
Update: pulled another foil thoughtsieze and a mana drain. Well worth it
This is literally $.01 cheaper than my LGS
Nice, but it is like $8 cheaper than eBay. I guess it's not a bad deal though
you can get on ebay 129.99 free ship lol
For less than $2 more i can buy it on ebay right now and get it within 1-2 days. Considering the fees ebay/paypal charge i find it hard to believe a service like massdrop cant beat that price by more than $2. I kinda feel like an ass complaining that the price isnt lower but it just doesnt feel like a good deal.
I also feel its worth noting after the ebay bucks its only a better price by $0.51. It just adds to the feeling this isnt a genuinely "good deal"
Wow, this is the cheapest I have seen this anywhere($131.99). I think this set actually has more modern staples then Masters 25. The price of these cards are going up now and the expected value of a box is close to $200.
All I see here is an overpriced product that is being sold for a better (still not fair) price. I'd wager most people won't get mroe than 3 cards worth a damn in the whole box. Only do it if you DESPERATELY want that Mana Drain or trust far too much in the God of Foils (I got a foil Consecrated Sphinx in a single pack i bought for $10)
MTG is really hurting themselves by making these junk sets. Only 14 out of 249 cards are worth more than $10. And only 5 out of the 14 are worth more than $20. Most of the rares in this set don't even break $1. I can forgive regular packs selling junk, but Iconic sets were selling $10 each. Paying $10 for a pack to get a set of cards that equal $1!? Shame on you MTG... Now look Iconic Masters, originally going for $249.99 a box, it is now currently selling on Ebay as low as $124.50. It deserves to be lower than that honestly. I'll wait until it hits $100.
That's now, Wizards didn't release them that way. I made a good bit of money opening packs on release date, even discounting the foil mana drain. On release it was worth the 200.
Due to all the lowered booster box prices, the secondary market has been flooded with stock. This hammers prices down and makes the overall EV of the boxes terrible.
Lemme know when they go under $100, since that's how much "value" I got out of the cursed box I already opened.
Hey Massdrop, you wanna give me back the $35 you overcharged me the last time this dropped?

in fact these are sold on eBay for under $130 now
I’m sorry but this type of post drives me crazy. The price on these products fluctuate based on demand. if you had displayed some patience you could have gotten it for less. Would you be asking massdrop to charge your card $100 more if the set took off and the prices all increased?

i overpaid for m25 because I gambled on a preorder thinking the set would be better than it was. I got burned. i take personal responsibility for my decision.
I got a box for $130 with ebay's $15 flash deal. I'd wait for another one of those to pop up instead of buying from here.
Price still too high here. About $20 too high.
Welcome to walmart are you here for the Iconic Masters draft?
Hi. I would like one dumpster fire fuel please.