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Liz (Mass Drop) ...did this Namisu order get stuck in Customs too (like the Orion) ?

Actually, yes, but it got cleared at the same time. We're working to get it out asap, but latest will be early next week right after the holiday.
I purchased the Titanium version in the last drop and have been very happy with it. The Bock steel nib is very smooth and I was impressed with the quality of the machining. For this price, if you wish to own a metal bodied pen of this style I would recommend it over the similar Kaweco models.
Unfortunately, I am not as happy with my second unit. The Bock medium nib has excessive tipping which is not properly aligned to the tines. It does not write properly, very dry in several directions.
I think there is still an error with this drop - surely the regular price on this pen isn't $40 more than the Namisu Orion? For $102.86 I'd be expecting the Titanium pen. In the interests of 'truth in advertising', I think this needs to be checked and corrected.
I own the all titanium version, from kickstarter, its a nice pen, and worth the money. Mine arrived with hairline scratches and when I message Namisu they promptly gave me the option to exchange, but I didn't want to deal with shipping, and the scratches will make it to the pen eventually through use. the Ti nib is a mix bag, on one hand it has great "feedback" and some flex, but the "feedback" can be more like a rough scratchy nib feeling, and the flex isn't quite enough to be "expressive." its a great daily pen but the lack of the clip means it will roll and roll and roll but its a joy to hold because it is perfectly smooth.
How do I cancel my order? Yesterday I joined the drop when it was a brushed titanium pen. It seems you've since changed the product from the one I ordered, and I'm not interested in another aluminum pen in spite of a corresponding lower price.

Same ole Massdrop...
you should be able to from the transactions page
Hi all,

Thanks to STINGFAN for flagging some errors we had on this page that carried over from the last drop.

This current drop is for the Black Aluminum Nova only, and the copy and drop price has been updated to reflect this. Happy shopping! :)
Liz: Thanks for the prompt reply and modifications to the copy and the lowering of the price.
I am a BUYER of BOTH Namisu drops..
Best Regards,
Hopefully this drop will get sorted correctly. I picked up the stonewashed Nova titanium with a EF titanium nib and it is one of the nicest pens in my collection.
All sorted! We have updated the copy and drop price to reflect that this is for the Black Aluminum version.

Ok, so if this Pen is actually the Nova Black Anodized Aluminum version (despite what the description says) then The Reg price is normally actually LOWER than the Orion Reg Price, making the best MassDrop price of $64.99 really really high...

The Nova Black Anodized Aluminum version is normally LESS than the Brushed Titanium version...

This entire NOVA offering seems to need to be reviewed and corrected...description, images, price, titanium nib price etc...

Thanks for flagging these discrepancies! We've updated the copy, and lowered the price here.
Liz: Thanks for the prompt reply and modifications to the copy and the lowering of the price.
I am a BUYER of BOTH Namisu drops..
Best Regards,
MASSDROP: The Image does NOT match the description...Image is clearly of a BLACK Fountain Pen, but the description says the offering is for s Brushed Titanium finish...which is correct?
Here's a link to the Namisu site which shows the brushed Titanium finish

Also, why is the Titanium nib an extra $45 in this Nova drop, but in the other current MassDrop Namisu Orion offering the SAME Titanium nib is $40..?

Also the savings in the 2 Namisu drops is also significantly different...
Orion reg price 74 pounds - MassDrop best price is $44.99
Nova reg price 79 pounds - MassDrop best price is $64.99

Thanks in advance for your response..

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Actually your reply is incorrect...the nibs are the same..the ORION and the NOVA take #6 nibs...same nib

from the Namisu website:
Orion: "The fountain pen comes with  #6 Stainless Steel nib (sizes EF, M, B).  A semi-flex titanium nib (sizes EF, M) can also be added to your order " -
The Titanium nib on the Massdrop offering for the Orion is $40...for the Nova $45
Thanks for flagging this - we've lowered the drop price here and updated the copy.
I don’t see a photo of a brushed titanium finish pen as mentioned in the description. I see what seems like an aluminum pen with some black coating. Can someone clarify
In case it helps, Namisu states:
  • Please note that the pen is designed to be used without posting the cap.