Namisu Orion Stonewashed Titanium Fountain Pensearch

Namisu Orion Stonewashed Titanium Fountain Pen

Namisu Orion Stonewashed Titanium Fountain Pen

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Got mine. very nice design and very well built. However, this is one heavy pen, and the nib performance (i got the M nib) leaves much to be desired. used for 3 days, but out of my rotation now.
Any news on shipment? Was hoping to get a feel of this one before I jump on the copper version. Ship date was set for today.
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Is this accurate? I think we all received an email that was a bit ominous about maybe longer than 30 days?
I got what I think was the same email, but it was for a bottled ink drop that happened about the same time as this pen.
I have the ebonite with the EF titanium nib. I do like the pen. Can't wait to get this one.
This will be my first FP, so bear with me. What if I want to change ink types? Do I flush out a used cartridge and refill using a syringe? If so, what do I need to flush it with? Any recommendations on inks that typically work well with these nibs?
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Youtube is your friend. Search "flushing fountain pen" Unless you leave the ink for months and it dries up. water is just fine. Do not mess with dish soap or ammonia under normal circumstances. Personally I flush the pen when I change ink. In terms of mixing ink, be careful. Put a couple of drops together on a plate and see if it reacts.

Flush the pen. Safest.
React, what do you mean by react, I have never seen anything suggesting. I've written some explosive letters before, but now I could have even more fun?
Definitely love the copper one.. but this is a good looking pen for sure.
Any thoughts on nib size? Compared to LAMY do they run similar, thinner, etc.?
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If this is the same as a Kaweko nib, then I definitely need Fine. Medium was just to broad and wet for me on my Kaweko.

Too bad Fine is not an option in this drop!

It it were, I'd be purchasing.
Honestly, I go with the EF Bocks. Even the fine Bocks are on the wet side. Which is not a bad thing; on Clairefontaine or Tomoe River paper I wouldn't have it any other way. However, for less FP-friendly paper it's a bit too much.
Too bad there is no Titanium nib option. I already have the aluminum version with a steel nib (a really good machined pen). A full titanium version of this pen has been on my backlog for a while now.
Liz any chance you can make that happen?
Unfortunately not for this drop. :(

We're working on getting the next Namisu pen we drop with Ti nibs available.
Me too. I have been wanting an Orion, but I want to get my first titanium nib on it.
I can't resist... still, will the cap post at the end of Orion pen while I write  with it? Thanks  . ORION  pen seems  like a keeper to me in any case .

Secondly what efforts are required to disassemble that nib section ?
I'm not sure that it's explicitly designed to post, though it does stay on just fine for me. My main concern would be marking up the end of the barrel over time since it's metal on metal, nut with this particular finish I'd imagine it wouldn't be too noticeable for a while.
Needs to have an option to put a titanium nib on it
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I meant I would've saved $10 if they charged an extra $50 for the nib option vs buying from Kara's Kustom which will cost me $60
Namisu just started another kickstarter if you're interested in taht
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