Nature Power Solar Panel Battery Maintainer 2-Packsearch

Nature Power Solar Panel Battery Maintainer 2-Pack

Nature Power Solar Panel Battery Maintainer 2-Pack

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How weatherproof is weatherproof?
I don't think people get what these are. They are "trickle" chargers, designed to keep a charge on a 12V battery (like a riding lawnmower, boat battery, tractor battery, etc) when not used. And this is a very good deal compared to comparable units from Battery Tender or Goal Zero .
Can you use these to maintain the sub amplifier battery in a car? In cold weather the amp battery drains quickly and the radio won't start until its charged by the alternator. Would I also have to buy a solar charge controller?
I'm curious about the solar controller portion of the question. Neither the spec sheet nor the manual seem to indicate there's any type of overcharge protection.
Can you combine the two panels together for more effectiveness?
Yes, you could wire them in series for twice the voltage, but that would only help you if you were charging a battery with a nominal voltage greater than 12 (if the panel's output voltage isn't higher than the battery you're trying to charge, no current will flow). You could also wire them in parallel for twice the current. The most effective way to combine them would be to run their outputs into an intelligent charge controller designed for this purpose with "maximum power point tracking" (or MPPT), but that's kind of an advanced topic. Google around with a phrase like 'solar panel MPPT' and you'll find lots of info and probably some devices you can buy if you're interested.
Massdrop, please check your specs. I realize you may have copied and pasted them from the manufacturer, but this one is clearly wrong and very misleading: "Amperage (amps): 110 A"

110 amps is an enormous amount of current that this tiny, inefficient panel wouldn't be capable of even if you shot it into the sun. If the 12V and 1.5W specs are accurate (and they seem plausible, though probably a best case scenario), then the current delivery will be 1.5 / 12, or 125 milliamps. It seems likely that someone forgot to add a small 'm' in the spec (e.g. 110mA).
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modern phones can drain up to 500 mA from USB in a "base mode" and up to 6 Amps with QC 3.0-4.0 (depend on current).

Panels above is just trolling and waste of money. Better to get car jump starter power bank and let car generator to do the job
From what I can tell, these aren't intended for charging batteries, just maintaining a charge.
2 panels for 30 USD????????
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