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Nau Stretch Motil Cargo Short

Nau Stretch Motil Cargo Short

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Random question but does anyone know what shoes the model is wearing in the photos? They are sorta like Chuck Taylors but not really.
I have a number of pieces of Nau clothing and have found them to be very well made. They're comfortable, pretty stylish and last very well (I have pieces made from their earliest days that have held up very well). My only problem is that I'm a 33 waist in their clothing (and they only have even sizes!).
I purchased one of their original wool jackets back in 2008. Really high quality product. The Boulder, CO store went out of business shortly after and I never purchased anything from them again. Interesting to see they stayed afloat somehow.
@massdrop, can we please get actual waist measurements? I don't know why this isn't standard practice on clothing items. Every manufacturer uses different vanity sizing. Especially since you guys are an online retailer with no returns, I would think it would be important for you guys to list as many actual measurements as possible. I was interested, but I'm not risking $65 on something that may or may not fit. Thanks!
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Good to know, thanks!
These have not been worn or washed yet. I just haven't had a chance to wear them but they fit very well on me (180lbs 5'10" who usually wears 33 or 34 waist on other pants/shorts). As you can see this size 34 Nau shorts are basically exactly 18" across at the waist. Actually to be super clear they are slightly large on me but good enough fit.

Damn sexy cargo shorts.
Cargo shorts always look horrendous typically.
Good job MassDrop for bringing something fresh in an old line.

Just for color checking.
Caviar is charcoal?
Vetiver is tan?
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Yes, it appears that the caviar is a charcoal color and the vetiver is more of a tan color. I do not own a pair myself but that what is looks like in the photos.
Cool and thank you.
Figured as much but needed confirmation.
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