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Naztech Xtra Drive Mini for iPhone

Naztech Xtra Drive Mini for iPhone

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Ok I just got one of these from the last drop. To bad it does not work. Still waiting to hear back from Naztech sent email, made 3 or 4 calls but only get message to leave message. Ok so I also got one of their backup battery's a few drops ago went to register but could not due to their website being a mess forgot completely about it until I went to register the Xtra and realized I could not because it still had the same problems and it will run you around then tell you the page is not available. Tried to contact them on the contact us web page, filled it all out wrote my comments hit submit and what do you know the same page pops up and does not submit. Ok the battery works good and seems to be well made but I sure would have like to register it. My Xtra Drive mini does not work as shipped and it does happen, what gets me is how a tech company can have such crappy customer care and how their website can be such a complete mess.
How is this a drop when it is already available at B&H for $36 ?
this is on amazon for $28.28 with free prime shipping with the 16gb card.
For US buyers, $36 at B&H with free shipping, right now.
Does anyone know if this works with an iPad Air 2?
Works on all Apple device with lightning Input
Good to know. Thanks!
I was eyeing this as a solution for me to play my video files from my SDCards. Played around with the way the XTra Drive app behaves as a player and was quite disappointed. It's so vanilla. If the player is able to do the basic feature of 'Resume from Last Stopped', this would have been a good purchase. Hope the Naztech people are reading this. Get that app updated with good player features, please.
Performance ?
max MB/s Read and Write ?
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Just stick an SD card in there... Why do you need this bulky stupid thing?

2018, buying a phone without expandable storage... when you need/want expandable storage. Dumb.
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So ditching the iPhone could be a better value than buying a device like this to account for its current memory shortcomings? I get that. Doesn't solve the "same platform" thing, but I get the idea of not buying something to help fix current issues, but instead get another phone that does everything better. After, all isn't that what we all used to do every year or two? I guess I'm like that group in the Geico commercial, "but there's otherwise nothing wrong with this iPhone, why would I get rid of it?", LOL. Yes, I am my dad.
Thats a very narrow minded statement. And considering we're on Massdrop there's a good chance the extra money needed for more storage is going towards audio goodies.
Not sure if this makes sense, but I would be concerned about plugging in an object that has the potential to torque up and down, and sideways on the charger port. I damaged the charge port on my last iPhone probably because it was full of lint and I jiggled it in order for it to charge (my bad). I think I would prefer a short cable hook up.
So guys, I’m going to be getting an iPhone X soon and don’t want the 256gb version. Will this device also store music and can the music be played from the device? I use ALAC files for my audio codec.
this device is only recognizing about 1/10 of photos on my iPhone 8... any ideas
Hi all! I know nothing about this product, didn't even know something like this existed until I just saw it here, now on MassDrop. So, I see you folks have a lot of great questions. I just found this video from a guy about a different model of Naztech drives:

My hunch is this new, smaller, sleeker one will work very similar; so I'm guessing that when you plug it in, you will get a prompt to download an application to make it work.

Using this I think you can avoid iCloud storage, and keep physical backups of your pictures/etc. as opposed to in the cloud.

Only stores up to 256G, but that's great; good start, will likely go up in time.

I'm going to buy one, and will try to circle back with an update in the future.

Be careful comparing cost to prices listed on Amazon, its very easy for someone to use the Amazon marketplace software and advertise any product at any price. I don't want to order stuff from China directly, it takes forever, packaging is 'iffy' and if something is wrong (shipped wrong item, something is broken, etc.) I have very little recourse. Items that come from one of Amazons distribution centers is usually good-to-go. I see prices change a lot, that's sneaky. I've heard that if you go to purchase a plane ticket, every time you go back to check the price of the ticket from the same computer, the price goes up; probably because their data analytics suggests that you are more likely to buy that ticket now or in the near future. Amazon has some of the most developed customer analytics in the world, so (I'm guessing) if several of us are checking the price of a product because there's a deal with another retailer, they may automatically price-match. I'm beginning to suspect that some of the deals at Massdrop start off as better than average deals, but other (big-box) retailers are doing price matching. There's a website that tracks the price of some electronics over time from various retailers; and you will see a huge fluctuation, then over time the prices go way down. Prices drop because of Moores-Law (things get better at a consistent rate), because of increased competition, and new things are novel.

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Haha yeah, I was expecting a general review of the product but I think I get your message!
i have the one in the video, and it works great. use it with both my iPhone and my iPad with no problems. likely my next smartphone will not be an iPhone, but that's what i have for now, and this is a very helpful device.