Nemesis Mar Private Reserve VG-10 Titanium Lockbacksearch

Nemesis Mar Private Reserve VG-10 Titanium Lockback

Nemesis Mar Private Reserve VG-10 Titanium Lockback

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This still running on nylon washers?
Beautiful blade, not as sharp as my Boker UT's out of the box however, not a big deal. The scales on the other hand are pathetic, with sharp corners, poorly finished.

Better off with another Urban Trapper at this price.
I received this today and my first thought was why would I order such a small knife? This thing is tiny. I suppose the blade is technically 3.4 inches but the actual edge of the blade is about 3.2 inches. I probably should not of ordered this knife. Does mass drop normally measure this way? I have ordered several knives from them with 3 1/2 inch blades and they are all much larger.

The knife itself looks good but the action is terrible. Using a nice strong flick of the wrist, it consistently does NOT open. Having recently received my Kaiser textured titanium and Boker Gent (both fantastic), this thing feels like garbage in comparison. I have a similarly shaped Kershaw AM4 (also Al Mar inspired). . that cost less than half and it feels much better .

Please excuse all the extra spaces, my iPad does not like this form it seems.
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It is indeed much smaller than what I expected. Here it is along an Ontario RAT 2 :
And with a Boker Kwaiken, a Kizer Begleiter and a CRKT Crossbones :

And as for your deployment issue, mine is smooth as butter without lateral blade play. Your pivot might be too tight.

Still, the knife is already growing on me, it has such a nice, precious line. Great little EDC/gent folder .

Hello MoonStan. I had tried loosening the pivot, to no avail.

I played with a bit more today. Removing the pivot pin and blade I noticed one of the nylon washers looked like it had been partially captured by the pivot pin as it was slightly crushed and the pivot did not want to be removed. Put it back together and the action improved slightly. But if I give it a flick like you do in the video you attached it only opens a bit past the halfway point. I was wondering if the pivot itself might be a bit to large for the blade, then noticed some wear marks where the blade engages the lock. So, not sure, but think some bit is off just enough to cause the problem.
I am not sure how I feel about this one.
On one hand, I really like the profile and blade shape.
On the other hand, I think the handle/scales are pretty ugly. The pattern to the milling feels like they were trying to fill empty space, rather than fulfill an artistic vision. And the pocket clip sucks. Way to small. I would recommend just taking it off.

Oh, and obviously don't use this for heavier tasks. There isn't much to stop your hand from sliding down the handle and on to the blade.
IDK how this could look any more like a Benchmade 940
These pictures don't do the knife any justice; check the video on this page, it rightly shows the knife to be way more gorgeous :
Beautiful indeed
I wish this knife was made in Seki City. (I must own 150 knives by now; this would really just be bought for the collection). I don’t care if chinese quality is “equivalent “. I want the history of Seki!
Nice knife, I'm not a fan of how part of the blade rests on a bar when folded though.
I'm not sure if I understand. The tang rests on the lock just behind the pivot but I don't see where the blade comes to rest on any other part along the rest of its length.
Allrighty then.. It shipped. With USPS.. So i already know that I will have to pay import fees + 21% taxes on top of the $92.99 ....
Thanks Massdrop for making a good deal a bad deal!

(Last time I will use Massdrop with their crappy shipping policies...)
I ordered one. Hope I get lucky with the delivery in the sense that it goes through another European country first (tax/import friendly). Love this design...
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this knife. Nutnfancy did a youtube review and there are 2 articles introducing MPR-1 and MPR-2 on Please see our website for a full explanation, but these knives are not offered in any way by Al Mar Knives, Inc. and are from previously unseen designs that the Mar's once owned. Jeff
Jeff I love your knife designs but have not been able to buy any of your knives other than the Martix and Heat Seeker by Meyerco. I wish I had the $ to buy one of your customs.
I get a lot of great feedback on the Matrix from my fellow knife friends even though it is a very inexpensive knife and they know it is
Thanks for being part of Massdrop
Thank you! Your kind words and enthusiasm are appreciated and motivating. The 5 designs for Meyerco was a fun project. One of those designs returns via Nemesis later this year.
I was always a fan of Al Mar knives and found out their headquarters were near where I live in Portland. I reached out and got to spend an afternoon with the owner, Gary Fadden. Super nice guy, really enthusiastic about keeping the Al Mar knives line alive. I own a few of them and they are hands down some of the most finely finished knives I own. Beautiful designs and incredibly crafted. We had a long conversation about why he uses AUS-8 for his blades, he said he spends more on his heat treating than anything else. The Al Mar knives are recognized for what metal can be when it's heat treated correctly. I'm really happy to see these collaborations coming out and keeping the designs of Al Mar alive.
ok looked it up, nemesis knives mpr-1 ...99.95 on knifecenter .com so with their shipping and compared to the shipping here your saving maybe 20 bucks, its on nylon washers, here's a link to a review
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My reply was ment for the other post i think you posted at like the same time so it changed who i was responding or i hit the screen on accident, i agree with what you said, if it was s35vn would be more and prob even less people interested at the higher price point from a compony not many have heard of
Ah, my bad. Yeah, I also concur with your statement above. The washers are fine for functionality on a lock back. I hope i do t come across an extra $80 in the washer or sofa because I know where it’s going. 😔