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Nico Nerini Tassel Loafers

Nico Nerini Tassel Loafers

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Judging from the pics it doesn't look like the color/dye jobs are very high quality. The cognac looks spotty, and not intentionally so.
Close, but no cigar.
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My apologies. Great explanation. Carry on. :)
As you know I will ;- )
How wide are these shoes? Also how comfortable are the shoes from this brand? I have wide feet and I am wondering if it would be similar to the Allen Edmonds I have?
As a lady who resorts to men shoes for a favorable intersection of style, price, and quality - please consider size 7s in the future.
On behalf of all shorter men, screw this drop for starting at size 8
I hear your pain and trust me that we're trying to address it -- We are working with their other brand Luca Andreoli, and those start at US 7. Be on the lookout for more drops from them in the meantime.
Please refer to Randy Newman.
The Tan model shows an elastic band. It is absent in the Cognac and Black pics. Can someone with a pair verify if it is there?

Idk whether to order the Tan or Cognac color. Please share pics if you all have any.
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Appreciate you and djaung sharing your pics! I just received my pair in Cognac. A little tight, but not uncomfortable for my 10.5E feet. Very happy they fit because they are gorgeous! Now I'm waiting for my Loake Buckingham and hoping they bring back the Carminas!
I just noticed that on my 6 month old pair. I'd bet these are seconds!
I am interested in these, but a little worried about the leather quality. Could anybody please tell what kind of leather they use .
I have these in tan, and overall I am impressed. The leather quality is pretty good, but it is not on the same level as Alden or Allen Edmonds. It appears to be a full grain leather. Lexol and regular polishing has kept the leather in good shape. The leather outsole is pretty good as well. It did seem to wear through a little faster than my Allen Edmonds. I'll be sending out for a resole in the next couple of weeks, and will be interested in getting my cobbler's take on them at that point.

For the price, totally worth it to me.
so what ended up being your cobbler's take? Can you please share a few pics? Debating between getting the tan and cognac.
Will a TTS fit be snug after break-in?
Anyone knows what kinda sizing these shoes have? I've totally no clue on how to pick the sizing.
I'm a 10.5 D on a Brannock, and a 10.5 D in a Allen Edmonds 65 last. I purchased these in 10.5 and they fit very well.
Hi, does anyone know how much the shoe costed when the drop closed? Thanks
I'm as impressed with these as I am with my wingtips. This company is truly a gem, and the best bang-for-your buck shoe company out there (my previous was best value regardless of price was Carmina).

Quality of materials and craftsmanship easily exceeds Allen Edmonds - even on sale / clearance.

I'll buy any shoe from this company without hesitation.
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This is based on the 15 pairs of AEs that I have and the 40+ pairs that I have had to return due to QC issues - poor pinking, poor/uneven burnishing, misaligned quarters, heels coming off with minimal wear, misaligned heels, crooked caps, cracked medallions, etc, etc, etc. But to your point - I would agree that raw quality of AE is still a bit higher, but Quality/Price of the NNs is much higher IMO.

For the last pair of Chilli McAllister's that I bought, I went through 5 pairs before finally getting one that was acceptable - these were "first quality" shoes

Needless to say, I don't buy AEs anymore.

I'll take a $125 pair of NNs over a $200 clearance + sale AE any day.
I have more than a dozen AE shoes including some factory seconds that I could hardly tell the reason why they are seconds. I have not experienced such widespread QC issues. I have returned/exchanged for 3-4 times due to QC or fit issues, but nothing as bad as yours, not even close. I would not have bought that many AE shoes if the quality is so bad obviously.

BTW, I still have not had a chance to try these NN shoes, since my shoe size is 7.5D US. Maybe next drop.